Love is our new reality

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Messages from the Angels via Ann Albers, June 6

The Unfolding Order

There is, in all things a greater order trying to emerge in the universe. There is purpose in all things, all actions, all events, even if you cannot see it at the time. There is a beautiful plan unfolding for your life if you will only trust your heart in each moment.

Dear ones, there are times when you cannot see around the next corner in your lives, when you don’t know how you will solve a problem, or when you feel as if you’ve done something that does not work out the way you want. Take heart! When you do not understand, God does. When you do not see a purpose, God does. When you do not know why you listened to your guidance, God does. Your life is occurring now. Make choices that make you the happiest, that feel right to you now, that resonate with you now. Trust that honoring the choice that feels right, right now, leads to your greater future later, one step at a time.

An acorn cannot fathom towering over the earth hundreds of feet tall producing thousands more like itself. It cannot imagine the feel of the breeze in its leaves, nor the songs of the birds that will call it home. It cannot forsee the glorious life that will occur within and beneath it, and yet it grows, one day at a time, trusting in the greater order and majesty that will emerge. You too, can choose to grow one day at a time, trusting that if you listen to your heart, using your mind to support the desires therein, you too will grow into a greater and more beautiful understanding of yourself.