Messages from the Angels via Ann Albers, May 31

Love Beneath All.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Celebrate the bright, beautiful, and magnificent souls that you truly are. You are God’s love poured in human form, having an experience of life on earth. You are here to remember love and your connection with love. You are here to see love, be love, and share love with the world. And Divine Love dear ones – as opposed to human love – does not always look the way you thought it would.

Divine Love it present whether you “feel” it or not, although you certainly feel wonderful when you are connected with this reality. Divine Love is not what you “do” although it is beautifully expressed in actions. Divine Love is not always “serving” others in the ways you learned to serve and Divine Love is not always agreeing with those around you.

Divine Love, dear ones, simply IS. Divine Love is the root of all existence. Divine Love takes shape in billions of forms – in universes, stars, planets, plants, animals, oceans, mountains, in you, in those you like and in those you do not. Divine Love is unseen substance from which creation is fashioned. To the degree that a being or a thing exists in its pure state – you will see the Divine Love radiating from within it.

This is why you see beauty and feel inspired in nature – because nature exists in its pure state of being. This is why you see love in the eyes of babies – because they have not yet learned to be other than who they are. This is why you see love in the wags and snuggles of your puppies and kittens, because they are simply being who the creator designed them to be.

You too are fashioned from Divine Love. When you are authentically being yourself, in any given moment, the world will see the Creator’s love shining through you as well. If you cry when you are sad, those in connection with love will comfort you. If you express your truth kindly, those in agreement will find you and those who are not will decide if they belong around you or not. If you share your joys, gifts, and talents, those who celebrate love in its many forms will celebrate you.

As you begin to accept and honor all aspects of your being as Divine Love attempting to come to the surface, you will start to see yourself in an entirely new and different way. The world will sort itself out around you. Some will like what you have to offer and some will not. Not everyone likes chocolate believe it or not. Not everyone likes vanilla. Allow yourself to be yourself. Allow the world to shift and change around you. You will ultimately be left with those who love you exactly the way you are.

You are light dear ones. You are Divine Love. In truth nothing else exists. The question is not whether or not Love is present in all things, all beings, and in you… the question is only, “Are you experiencing this truth.”

We leave you with a prayer…
“Dear God may the light of your love rise up within me. May I feel it in every aspect of my life. May I experience the bliss of my union with your love and may I be a beacon of this light in the world.”

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels