Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot Saturday, May 30, Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today is a day of joy. One happy day follows another. So much has happened in the world now, dear friends. Things are happening every day. It is amazing to see. The last decade has exceeded our expectations. Looking back, it has really gone in racing speed. It is thanks to you dear earthlings that it has gone this fast. Had you not steadfastly held on to the light, all of this happen could not have happened. The light is shining everywhere on our earth now and is no longer possible to stop.

Yours is a bright future dear children and you have earned it. The sun has gone up over Sodom and Gomorrah, which slowly dissolve in the light. The joy is great up here, they are singing and dancing in expectation of the victory that stands at the door. The door is now slightly ajar to the bright world that exists on the other side. Once it has been opened, it is only to enter on the other side. Then you’ve absorbed the light and go as you wish. Once it has been opened, you just have to enter to the other side. Then you’ve absorbed the light and can go forward as you wish.

These are glorious times that are ahead, dear friends. Mother Earth sings her song of joy and it cracks and rocks here and there on our planet. All trapped negativity seeps out and the light takes its place instead. Even your body senses this now. The light penetrates and everything old trapped in the body comes up and heals. Afterwards, you will feel much better, so be patient a little while, and you will soon see a change for the better. This may be more or less intense depending on how much you have been clearing before and how well you have been taken care of your body. Listen to your bodies and give them as much love as you can and you will soon feel better.

Earth is also undergoing a transformation now, especially on its surface. She is being cleared from much negativity.  There are many helping her now, so she will not be disturbed in her ongoing transformation from 3D to 5D. She is grateful to finally come home. Her longing to be going back to the light is very strong now. She is grateful for the help she receives and has received by all who works in the service of light.

It has been a pioneering time with both setbacks and successes, but now you are almost there, dear Earthlings. It feels good in my heart and in the hearts of all the others who have worked for this. Yes the whole universe rejoices because your victory affects the entire galaxy, which in turn will affect all galaxies.

That is joy you shall feel in your hearts now, pure and simple joy. Understand and find the joy that exists around you and spread it further to everyone around you. They are then free to receive it or not. Many are thirsting for it and are happily ingesting what they can. Others are joyfully receiving it and send it on. The joy is then spread further and lights up the hope and love in many more which slowly but surely are waking up. Isn´t it wonderful, so say that it does not need more to get the awakening to escalate.

I am sending you so much joy and love, I can, with the hope that you will spread it further.

With so much love




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