Love is our new reality

Ashtar, June 23, 2015

Ashtar: “Celebrate the Golden Age NOW with Love!!!”


“Greetings, Beloved Family!  These are the most Joy-full of times if you have your eyes opened, for visions of what is even now being created.  And I will emphasize that you, Beloved Ones, are a part of this.  You are creators, co-creators, partners with all who hold the Light, with all who are awake and know that they are indeed of the Light!

“And so it is that we are here to be in partnership with you, to move together into that which we are calling the Golden Age.And it is first and foremost about Freedom, and it is about Abundance.  And it is about having the Freedom to enjoy your lives, to create whole new Lifestyles if you choose to – lives of Service, lives of Joy, lives of Love!

“This is all about a return to that Unconditional Love which was at the very beginning the prevalent Lifestyle, but which, as you know, was somewhat – let’s just say – buried under layers and layers of dark programs.  You all consented to this; you all agreed to it because before you came into your first lives here on Planet Earth, you had this vision of getting together, being in Oneness, opening to receive all the Love and, most of all, remembering your own Divine Sources!  It doesn’t matter where you came from – what other part of the Universe you came from.  You are all created out of Light!!!  And it is to return to the Light that you are preparing for your Ascensions.  But we have a grand and glorious era to partake of, to live in, to enjoy – and that is called the Golden Age!

“Right now the dominoes are falling – as I am liking to tell it – more rapidly than ever before, and that is necessary!  It is not to go into fear that we tell you that your institutions are crumbling, or that the dominoes are falling, or that there are those who are presenting themselves in human uniforms who shall be removed from your path of progress.  It is simply to assure you that your Freedom time is really NOW – to whatever extent you will give it to yourselves individually!  And you are co-creating it as a way of being for all of Humanity, in fact, for all of Mother Gaia’s kingdoms on Planet Earth!!!

“And so it is to enjoy the Now moments – each of them as they come in your lives – knowing that you are getting closer and closer and closer to actually walking through the portal into the High Fourth Dimension.  We call it the doorway or the gate.  It’s wide open now. And a lot of you have already moved through the opening, in that you are living as the Master Creators that you came here to ultimately be!

“And some of you are standing yet at the entry. And most of you are kind of moving back and forth.  One minute you’re feeling empowered, as though you can create whatever it is that you choose to create, and the next minute another program comes and reminds you, or echoes in your memory banks, or you see it or feel it in the marketplace, or in the World around you.  This is chaotic.  This is entirely to be expected and this is a way of further preparing you.And the reason I say this is because it is to cast off, or to release, whatever there is that remains of any kind of fear and to give yourselves the gift of being free from your fears!!!

“Now I shall further elaborate on this because it is so very important that you bring your consciousness through that portal, through that doorway, that you keep on reminding yourselves that you are Divine Master Creators and that it is for you to be in partnership with all other Divine Master Creators! This includes those of us who are not embodied in the human uniforms, but nevertheless are here with you, and therefore are the same energy of Love that is within you, from which you are made!  And we are here to help in every way, whether it be on a personal level or whether it be Worldwide.

“And there are assurances that we have given you and we continue to do so, such as, there will be no nuclear conflagration of any kind on Planet Earth!!!  We will be entering into, among other things, an era of Peace in the Golden Age.  The getting there is anything but peaceful.  We understand that.  So it is for each one of you to create Peace within your own beings.You’ve all heard that song, Let There Be Peace on Earth and Let It Begin With Me!  That means YOU, each and every one of you, Beloved Family Members!  Let us join together and create Peace.That is a masterful thing to do and that is certainly a major, major empowerment to the Golden Age.  And there other creations, all of them based in Love and all of them, in the Higher Dimensional sense, in the Freedom to enjoy them!

“For what that means is that, yes, there is a Golden Rule for the Golden Age.  It is in two parts:It is about treating others the way you want to be treated and it is about treating yourselves the way you treat other people – just as well as!!!  And this is being taught right now by Beloved Sananda.  And it is most important to adhere to the Golden Rule because that is central core to the Golden Age, that is, to the Golden Age Lifestyle!

“And it is that we are in the process of co-creating with you – that very Lifestyle!  But as I have just stated, right now it may all seem chaotic.  And we fully understand when you say, ‘Well, when? When are you going to announce that this door is open?’ This portal is ready to bring us all up into a Higher Level of Lifestyle –  a Higher Level of Dimensionality is what it really is.Up, up and out of the third dimension where all of these programs are still being perpetuated – but not nearly as much as they used to be, because enough of you have stepped onto the other side of that portal, or come through that portal, I shall say!!!  Step to the other side of that door and you are tasting the Freedom to create your own Lifestyles as you choose, and not according to some program or other that some lawmaker or banker or even religious leader has insisted that you follow.

“So we are in Grand Celebration that you are stepping into your own Freedoms, while at the same time living more and more in the Lifestyle of the Golden Age.  And while we still say that we are not here to give any kinds of dates to you, we can assure you that everything is moving with such momentum that you will look back upon this one day VERY SOON and say, ‘

‘Well, we made it and we are so glad and now we can just forget everything about the third dimension because we are past that!!!’

“Now I will say that this Solstice, in particular, the energies coming through Sol – your sun of your solar system – have really, really been stepped up!!!  Why?Because you asked for it, Beloved Ones!  In other words, you have been in requesting – or shall we say, even divinely requiring – that the energies continue to come in in ever increasing empowerment, so as to increase your own personal empowerment to do exactly as I have been describing.  And, of course, you got an answer!

“And for those of you who experienced some interesting phenomena upon the day of the Solstice, or days before – and we are still in the energy of the Solstice, because this is the way it is – the energies were stepped up and they were continuing on that level.  And, yes, they’ll step up even more, but for now just let me say that they are extremelypowerful!!!  And it is for you, each of you, to utilize these energies in any way that you desire.I will advise you to bring them into your own spheres, or your energy fields, with some ease and grace.

“Just as it is possible to overdo with the intake of any particular energy, whether it is a wave or a particle, I shall say that it is always wise to suggest that it come in in exactly the strength or the empowerment that is entirely appropriate for you in the entirety of your being.  In other words, ease and grace is always a good way to bring it in.  Then, when you do that, it is yours to utilize for any High Dimensional, High Vibrational loving purpose you choose to use it, whether it is to bring it into yourselves or whether it is to share it with the entirety of the World and the Universe beyond, or anywhere in between. The Solstice energies are very powerful and they are empowering major, major shiftings and changes!!!

“And I will tell you this!  The number of beings who have finally, shall we say, opened to the Light has undergone an exponential increase Worldwide.  In other words, Planet Earth is more ready than ever before to move upward!  And there are so many now who are starting to question everything– all of the societal rules, all of the religious, financial, and governmental rules that have prevailed upon Planet Earth.

“And the institutions are being questioned.  Take the medical institution – the traditional medical institution.  We can tell you that approximately 75 percent of the world’s population now prefers alternative care.  That is the label that you have for any kind of care that is outside of the traditional medical institution.That will include some of the modalities which are on the very edges and are being accepted more and more by the mainstream.We will say, massage therapy could be one that you would consider to be both alternative and mainstream.  And alternative is going more and more in the direction of spirit, so more and more massage practitioners – and this is just an example – are utilizing their spiritual gifts to know more precisely just what it is they can do for each individual one who comes to them, instead of just applying a particular kind of a single formula, ‘one formula fits all’ procedure.  And this is true in other areas of the medical institution.  Now this goes far beyond that institution!I am only using that as an example.

“So!  The World is changing and even though there are places – you can find places everywhere:  Go into your large cities and send compassionate and loving energies to the homeless.  Go to the animal shelters and do the same thing, because the shelters are overcrowded, and many of the animals do have their lives terminated for no reason other than there is no room for them.Go to the factory farms, as they are called, and send compassionate Love to all of the animals imprisoned there, because the humans involved are following the old ways.  And so on, and so on, and so on.  Again, these are only examples.  You can come up with many, many more, because you all have the vision.You all have your wisdom eyes open and you can go beyond what you might see when you look out the window of your home spaces.

“This is Service, Beloved Ones, and I cannot emphasize enough its importance!!!  Bring in these energies.  Bring in this Love and utilize it, whether it be for your own healing or someone else’s, or any other purpose that is of Love, and that generates even more Love.  Because when you bring it in and expand yourselves with it, you cannot help but radiate it outward from your Sacred and Divine Beings!  And so it is that you provide a gift, not just to yourselves, not just to the one individual you may be wanting purposefully to send this to, or to the group, or whatever, but you increase the Love energy for the entire Planet!!!

“There is another song I shall remind you of:What the World Needs Now Is Love, and this is also very true!  This is how each and every one of you can serve, each in your own way, but you can serve as Lightworker and as Family member with the Ashtar Command, with the Ascended Masters, the Angels, the Archangels, with all the Spirits and Divas and all the Beloved Members of all of Mother Gaia’s kingdoms!  This is the most important thing that you can do to assist in getting everyone through that portal and into the Golden Age!!!  And anything that you do beyond that is indeed most precious!  And I am here to assure you that if you will simply bring in the energies of Love even more and expand with it, you are joined with us in a most Sacred and Divine Partnership in Mission and Service to all of Planet Earth and the Universe beyond!!!  And so it is.  Salut!”

Transcription by Marta.

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