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“About The 15 Electoral Votes Issue” – One Who Believes – 12.2.16

“About The 15 Electoral Votes Issue” – One Who Believes – 12.2.16

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 12:05 AM EST on December 2, 2016

About The 15 Electoral Votes Issue

This is going to be big talk for the Country, but not for us. This is NOT evidence that something is going wrong, but instead EVIDENCE that everything is going right! Let’s look at this.

Remember, that TRUMP cannot get all the Electoral Votes to be president. That would be a HUGE problem. Remember what Yosef has shared with us, that it is not going to put on the Electors to make this HUGE change in this Country. In this hostile environment full of death threats etc, that would be too much for them to handle.

Also if they suddenly voted for Ryan instead, the people who wanted Trump would be just as angry as if they Voted for Hillary. The answer has already been given to us, the Chosen Light Workers. We know the “Big Picture Plan.”

The Big Plan

The Plan is that when the Electors vote, some will (AND MUST) change their vote from Trump to Hillary or someone else. Trump cannot get enough Votes to Be President because he would then be expected to be President and that is NOT the plan. There will be no clear winner in the votes, which will FORCE the voting to be switched to the House Of Representatives to Vote instead. They will Vote RYAN, and it will be done. They can take the heat because they know what is going on and have been place in their positions just for this reason.

So don’t be mad if these “Electors” are said to switch their votes. Frankly, it is a genius plan to start telling the public that there may be a problem getting Trump elected. Of course they will all blame Hillary, which is fine for me, but there is no blame to be had. Just a plan moving forward as expected.

So let the Public be mad about it, they are supposed to be. However for us, the ones who truly know the master plan, let us rejoice that the plan is moving forward as needed. After all, we must have “Convergence” where the Real President Ryan, and the “Elections Show” both arrive at the same result, Ryan. Right now, the show is right on schedule. Let’s watch it unfold.

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May You Get Everything You Want and Live Te Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes