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Amy Winehouse via Inger Noren 4 Nov 2020

Amy Winehouse via Inger Noren 4 Nov 2020


There are many who want to talk to you and I am glad that I have been promised to talk to you. I have not contacted any medium so far, but not all mediums can channel in the way you do.

My death became quite dramatic and then I mean given my addiction and alcoholism. My life was chaotic in many ways and I love my dad who tried to get me to rehabilitate myself from all this addiction. I’m terrified of how I’ve lived my life. Now, on the other hand, I have ended up at a station where there is a lot of love and that how it is on all stations when you have left life on Earth. It feels fantastic and I am grateful that I ended up at this station after all. I have been given a chance and I am so happy to have received this grace from our father and I cannot thank our father enough.

When it came to my music, which meant a lot to me, I really wanted to stand out in terms of appearance that I thought belonged with my music. I know I had a lot of fans and I know my music is still played. I want to thank my fans for your love for me and I loved you just as much. You are always in my heart.

I’m so grateful I got to talk to you, Inger. I have heard that you are a very great ascendant master who has great power in the sign of love. You have truly made us humans to a higher consciousness and also made us humans to be respected in a way we have never been before.

Great love to you all.



Many thanks …. In loving service…. I AM




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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