Love is our new reality

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, November 8th,2020

It is, as always, wonderful to connect with you our Dear representatives on planet earth today on this 8th November, 2020.

Your world is in chaos.  Your world is in the midst of the great awakening, the great revelation of the truth of mankind’s deception.

Such interesting times you are in.  It may not seem so to you, but this is why so many wise and ascended Spirits wished to be here, in human form, at this time.

These are monumental, historical times indeed.  These are days that will live in galactic memory as the pivotal turning point in the releasement of mankind from the planet earth third dimensional training simulator matrix.

It is important for humanity to realize the nature of your planet earth experience, the reason for your earthly journey, for then you will know that all is well and proceeding exactly as it needs to.  Trust the Divine plan.

What is the Divine plan?  Why are we living through so much chaos, confusion and upset?  Planet earth was designed as a schoolroom for Souls.  A schoolroom in which fear and separation, pain and discomfort, loneliness and isolation were experienced.

For by feeling such dark and difficult emotions, these Souls, these great Spirits, you, our Dear Ones and all of mankind, would grow themselves to greater. heights of love, wisdom, discernment and compassion.

You have sifted and sorted your preferences through all the negative, challenging experiences you have had.  You have journeyed through oppositional and constraining events, through conflict with your family and friends, through disagreements and turmoil, through disappointment and denigration, through physical and mental dis – ease, through torture and slavery.

This is all wonderful for nothing wrong ever happened.  You flailed about attempting always to argue that your point of view was right, attempting to be the victor in every situation.  Often, often you failed.

And it was these very failures that led you to the light.

Your Holy Soul is forever Holy, clean and unembellished.  Your Holy Soul, the real you, the fragment of God consciousness that came to earth to be tempered into a greater understanding of the love that it, and the love that all its fellow drops of God consciousness are, that Holy particle of the Divine has grown in frequency, in the love vibration, by experiencing what it is not.

In all it’s multiple incarnations you, that great Divine Soul ensconced in a human body, was given an ego.  The ego, that is the thoughts and ideas of your societal morality, your parents and caretakers words and attitude towards you.

These words and ideas spoken to you over and over again in your early years defined who you are.  You took them as your own, they formed your point of view, and then you protected that point of view with all the energy and enthusiasm you could muster.

Only to be shot down, to be denigrated and derided as foolish by those around you who came from their own contradictory thoughts and ideas.

Nothing wrong ever happened.  This is one of the most important things to remember in the ascension process.  Nothing wrong ever happened.  The earthly journey was designed for exactly what you have experienced.

The earthly journey was designed for egos to fight with egos, for separation and duality, for loneliness and despair.  All this you have experienced.

And, to allow this to occur, the dark ones, the shadow government, those that brought evil and dissension to the journey, were sent to earth.

They controlled mankind as they could see how the words, the ideas could be imprinted on egos.  They could see how to manipulate and maneuver mankind into behaviors that supported their evil agenda.

This they have done, secretly, from behind the scene for eons.  And the large majority of mankind has been in ignorance of their enslavement.  Humanity was led to believe that all the arguments, all the divisiveness, all the discord and wars, famines, pandemics, pestilence, slavery and cruelty were mans inhumanity to man.

Mankind was led to believe that he was evil and should be afraid of his brethren, should live in fear and trepidation.  Not so, humanity is basically kind and loving.  Humanity, left to his own devices, would nurture his children, would love and protect his family and friends.

This is the great deception perception, the great illusional delusion under which we have lived for countless eons.  This is how our earthly journey, as Divine Souls in human bodies, was designed.

And all things have their time.  It is wonderful indeed, for the time for this great planet earth journey into negativity and darkness is almost over.

The time has come for humanity to be released from his mental prison, to be freed from his entrainment and the control of the shadow government, the devious manipulations of the dark and evil powers.

That, Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, is why you now have chaos and confusion and  the crumbling of your societal system.  You are being set free from ego bondage.

The nature of your ego is being shown to you.  You are being shown how you have been controlled.  You are being shown that your thoughts and ideas about life have been imprinted on you.  You have taken on the ideas, the agenda of the evil ones.

Now it is time for humanity to ascend into the love vibration, to leave the fear and dark emotions of his entrainment behind, to release his ego ideas and return to love.

How to do this.  Mankind needs to know the truth.  Mankind needs to see what the devious controllers have done to entrain him, to divide and separate him from his brethren.

So, light is being shone on the behavior of our corrupt government and the dishonest media who parrot over and over again the point of view of the dark ones.

And then we come to this election.  In recent years humanity has thought it elects its leaders by honest vote.  Not so.  Ballots have been manipulated for years.  Leaders have been appointed not elected.  From hanging chads to mail in votes, many different techniques have been used to ensure the desired result.

And this is what has happened again this time.  The dishonesty and fraud of this election process is monumental and truly outrageous.  It is outrageous so that mankind will finally awaken to the great deception.  This great comedy, tragedy play of the planet earth experience is all occurring to awaken mankind from his deep sleep.

And, through great fear and confusion, through psychological pain and disbelief, mankind is awakening.  He cannot help but see the truth of his imprisonment.

You, Dear Ones, who are already awake can see how the situation is playing out.  You have dropped your ego ideas, you no longer come through the filter of the thoughts and ideas of others that you put on as your ego when you came to earth.

You see what is being said and done.  You do not believe what the media, your news sources, your governments tell you, for you know that they spout, dishonestly, their own agenda.

Be of good cheer dear brethren for all is as it needs to be in this great awakening time.  The chaos is exactly what is needed.  The truth is being revealed.  The deeds of the dark ones are coming to the light.  And these deeds are nefarious indeed,

Be at peace, do not watch the heavy and painful, lies of the news media, as they disseminate untrue information hour after painful hour.

Know, in your heart, from your Soul, that all is well.  The time of the great revelation is upon us.  We are in the midst of the great apocalypse that will free mankind from his mental prison.

The chaos will last for some time.  The tentacles of the dark have penetrated deep into societal and governmental structures, and all must be revealed.

Days and weeks of false claims, of lies are still ahead.  Considerable chaos and confusion is still to be experienced.  Great revelations are to come.

Know, in your hearts all is well.  You are the great ones come to lift the vibration of mankind out of his third dimensional fear entrainment of the planet earth journey, back to the love and light of fifth dimensional freedom.

Man’s heritage, man’s inheritance is love.  That is what he really is and it is to that vibration he is in the process of returning.  The best is yet to come, dear friends, the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Being Indeed.