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Aita Channeling Her Higher Self with VIDEO – February 24th, 2022

ARE YOU FREELY INTENDING LOVE?                                   240

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – February 2022


Good Day to you our dear Lightworkers, our brave and wonderful wayshowers in this February of 2022.  We are so very proud of you for your progress in moving into the fifth dimension of love has been marvelous indeed.

You have realized who and what you are, what the human race truly is.  That is, each Human Being’s soul is a unique aspect of God, a unique drop of holy awareness that has chosen to expand his/her consciousness, and so also the consciousness of all that is, by having this human experience in the material realm.

In reality, in the spirit world, all we human souls are holy, wholly loving drops of water in the ocean of God consciousness.  We have chosen to put on this biological computer body of physicality and take on an ego, in order to experience what cannot be experienced in our heavenly reality.

We are brave souls indeed.  For, with no memory of our holy, loving nature, we come into this earthly world that is the opposite of who we truly are.

And our body, our mind, our ego are a computer system that is  easily programmed, easily entrained by those amongst who we are born into their way of being, their dysfunctions, their sarcasms, cruelties and aberrations.

It is a puzzle of negativity, a series of struggles we are here to negotiate.  It is our job here to take on these challenges successfully, and to remove one by one the negative entrainments that have been heaped upon us.

It is our job to realize that nothing wrong ever happened and to forgive all and everyone that we feel has wronged us.  And so to release our ego and its entrainment while in our earthly, bodily form and return to the love that we truly are.

This is the hero’s journey.  And you are hero’s indeed.  For, as lightworkers, you have weathered the barbs and insults of third dimensional negativity.  You have been a loving stranger in a foreign land, so cruelly treated that you were manipulated by dark psychological means into questioning your own reality.

And now is the time you have been working towards.  The great awakening is at hand.  The truth of mankind’s deception is seeping out, the frequency of the earth is rising and mankind is moving from fear to love.

And now you know what true unconditional agape love is.  You feel it deeply in your heart.  Love is not reserved for one person, or one act. Love is not reserved for just a few while hating others .  LOVE JUST IS.

It is a feeling, a knowing, a glowing that fills your being with peace and joy.  Love contains in the stream of total well-being that flows through you, feelings of compassion, forgiveness of all, trust, the knowing of truth, wisdom, discernment and so much more that is good and holy.

You understand now what it is to be in the third dimension of fear with its deep and dark emotions.  And you understand what it is to be in the love vibration with its sense of worth and beauty that transcends the world.  With its deep abiding comfort and peace that cannot be upset.

And yet we are not there all the time.  We are still reactive to the fearful words and actions and accusations of those still residing in the fear of the third dimension.

All that is not love, every action of our brethren that is not loving is a call for love.  We are all hurting and flailing about in the dark pit of guilt and shame that this earthly life provides us.

The third dimension does not know how to be loving and kind.  Sarcasms and put downs come naturally to their lips.  They are deeply programmed into negative behavior.  They are hurting, they do not love themselves or anyone else.

They are looking for love in all the wrong places and in all the wrong ways.  And we are still triggered by their absurd and ridiculous accusations.

It is time now for us to knowingly activate the love that flows freely through us.  We are at a stage where we can freely choose to do so.

The energy of love can be consciously directed to yourself or any and all of your brethren.

Love is an actual force in the world.  In fact, it is the most powerful force in the world.  And you can choose to transmit it at any time.

Just intend.  Think of the person or persons you’re sending love to, imagine them in your mind and intend.  Imagine waves of love radiating around you.  Put your attention on sending love and feel the warmth and well being flow through your body.

You will find yourself in the fifth dimension, aligned with your God nature, in sync with Source.  There is so much good in the fifth dimension.

Synchronicities will flow to you.  You will have a light step, a gentle hum of comfort and peace will be with you and joyful happiness and enthusiasm for life will encompass you.

You will find yourself compassionate and understanding of your hurting and antagonistic brethren.  You will see how they are caught in the vice of fear and hatred, jealousy and greed.

And you will be non reactive.  All their hurtful accusations are calls for love.  They need desperately to be heard.  Your non reactivity, your gentle listening, the loving vibration of your words, will appease them, will calm them, will answer their desperate calls for love.

Words such as “I hear you, I understand you, that must be difficult,” will calm them and answer their call for love.

This is how you lift their frequency, how you calm them,  how they start to move out of fear, for they have touched love.  They have been heard.  This is fulfilling the lightworker/wayshower function you came here to fulfill.

You will smile at how the anger leaves them when they hear your comforting words and see your gentle look and manner, the kind calm tone of your voice.

And for you, sending love, giving kind words and loving compassion and understanding is where the joy is.  It opens the heart, sets you free from the ego.  Sending love, giving kind words, transforms your consciousness.  Sending love energetically is a gift both to your brethren and yourself.

Send love to those you’re  struggling with and the nature of your relationship will change and you will lift your frequency.  And all you need do is to intend love.  You are now at a level of frequency where you can knowingly activate the love within you.

Yes indeed.  Don’t hate the dark, don’t fight for peace and love.  For, in so doing you join the negative vibration.  You cannot be in the love frequency when hate is in your thoughts.  You cannot intend love when you are thinking hate.

Instead, make love and joy, communion and camaraderie, compassionate listening and kind words of comfort so attractive that no-one around you wants or needs to be in the dark.

And send yourself love, intend love for yourself.  For you cannot love others until and unless you love yourself.  What’s not to love, you are a holy son of God, an aspect of your creator and you have successfully navigated the hero’s journey through the planet earth schoolrooms challenges.

And you are returning to love, sharing that love and raising the frequency of your still sleeping brethren.

In our earthly entrainment our ego is greedy, it wants to take.  It thinks happiness will come with getting, getting power, control, money, and material things.

True happiness, real joy comes from giving, giving lovingly without expectation of return.  When you give freely you will automatically receive in return.

Congratulations dear ones.  Your hero’s journey through the quagmire of Planet Earth negativity is almost over.  Intend love, be love, revel in the love vibration that you can now freely choose to dwell in.

You are fulfilling your lightworker destiny.  And the wonder of it is that the best is yet to come.  Yes, the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – February 4th, 2022

IT IS TIME TO BE HAPPY                                                        239

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – February 2022


Good Day to you our Dear Lightworkers, our wonderful Starseeds.  As always, we are very pleased to connect with you.  We are now in February of 2022 and the timeline of ascension is moving on.

The procession of the equinox, the long predicted revelation of humanity in this current timeline, is proceeding as the Divine, as all that is, planned.

The 36 year ascension process for humanity from deep and dark third dimensional entrainment, into the fifth dimensional enlightenment and illumination of love, is moving to completion. 2012 was the midpoint.

By 2030 the process will be completed.

We are in wonderful, magical times on planet earth today.  The matrix, the control system of the powers that be, is crumbling, is falling apart.  And in the background, as yet invisible to most, a whole new and magical world of love and light is in the process of creation.

You wonderful Souls who are sparks of God, individual and unique aspects of Spirit, came to earth to experience the darkness of the material realm.

You came on a hero’s journey, to walk through the darkness, the deviousness of the devil.

The devil that exists on earth is the personification of evil.  Evil is profound immorality, extreme wickedness and a disregard and contempt for justice, truth and righteousness.

Evil replaces honor and virtue with depravity and criminality causing ruin, injury and pain.  And my goodness did your souls in human bodies suffer?  Indeed they did.

For the earth was hijacked.  Mankind’s behavior is eminently programmable with the repetition of magical words, images and sounds.

The dark ones, who played the part of the devil, knew this, and over centuries of time corrupted the systems of the world.  Humanity was enslaved into believing he was sinful and unable to take care of himself.  He was programmed to live in fear.

Bad was made out to be good and good was made out to be bad.  The heavy, the wicked, the hurtful were emphasized in all sections of society, in education, politics, religion, in the medical system.

Humanity was taught that God was a punishing God, that mankind was here on earth to suffer.  That happiness only came after death if you were good.

It was a catch 22 situation, an unavoidable dilemma for eternal damnation seemed inevitable, since sin was inevitable.  Guilt and shame took over the human world and mankind suffered.

Mankind suffered deeply.  He was taught to value what was valueless.  He was taught to value material things, to lust after sex, food, drugs, wealth.  He was taught to not care for the feelings of those around him.

He was taught to disregard the moral compass that the feelings within him generated.  He was taught that unhappiness and discontent was his natural way of being, to join with his brethren in their mutual misery.  To speak words of illness, to expect devastation and disaster.

And since our words create our reality.  Indeed he fell more and more deeply into darkness.  And so, he suffered.  He suffered deeply.

Yet nothing wrong ever happened.  For to grow ourselves into greater and grander, wise and discerning souls, it is suffering that we came to earth to experience.

Suffering leads to expansion. And humanity has experienced the exploration of the lowest frequencies of darkness in the material realm.  This is just an experience of a ridiculously small band of frequency called visible light.

The opposition of evil, the personification of the devil in mankind, is what we came to earth to experience.  In this tumultuous life, we have lived in fear, rather than in the inherent love that our souls truly are.

In so doing, we have expanded our awareness increased our love quotient.  We are now wise old souls, compassionate and humane.

We have learned what we came to earth to learn.  We have completed the hero’s journey.

We are ready for ascension out of the entrapment of the darkness of third dimensional narcissism into the communion and camaraderie, oneness and empathy of the fifth dimension of love.

Dear Ones it is time to be happy.  Words, images and sounds manipulate energy.  We have been listening to, and behaving according to the words, images and sounds of our controllers.

We have been manipulated by advertising and propaganda that use these techniques to control us.  Propaganda is information of a misleading nature used to promote a particular point of view and a particular behavior.

In the lower frequencies of darkness that we have inhabited, the majority of humanity wished to be informed, wished to watch the news.  They did not realize that the news informs them as the devil, the powers that be wishes them to be informed.

And so they are bedeviled, maneuvered and manipulated by the words, images and sounds of the journalists who are the minions, the publicity arm of the control system.

Now, in this wonderful time of ascension, the revelation of the workings of the control system is at hand.  And with the loving, high frequency energies that are being poured on the earth, your suffering, has woken you up.

You have said to yourself there has to be a better way.  You are seeing through the hologram, you are seeing through the perception deception of schoolroom planet earth.

We are realizing now that we are more than our earthly appearance.  We do not have a punishing God as we have been taught.  We are great and grand Souls who have come to earth to experience, pain and suffering, darkness and all the negative emotions that go with it.

And we have learned what we came here to learn.

Yes indeed.  Nothing wrong ever happened.  We are at the tipping point of higher consciousness.  It is time to happy indeed dear friends, for we are moving back into our inherent profound connection with Spirit. We are returning to the love that is our natural inheritance.

And how can we accomplish this, is by manipulating energy ourselves. That is by taking back control of our words, images and sounds.  And by so doing learning to love ourselves and our God again.

Let us now be happy by setting aside the programming of the control system.  Let us create our own happiness by watching inspiring images, saying inspiring words, listening to inspiring sounds and so having inspiring thoughts.

Let us create good feelings and reconnect with our Spirit, reconnect with our moral compass.  Let us not ask for material things but for love and peace and happiness. For with them comes all that we need in this earthly sphere.

Let us ask Spirit: “Dear Spirit please show me what I need to know today.  Dear Spirit, I ask to be at the right place at the right time for magical synchronicity to happen to me all the time.

I expect good things always, for I know every thing is always working out for me. Above all I ask for peace and joy, happiness and wisdom, discernment and acceptance, courage and inspiration, compassion and forgiveness for all.

For nothing wrong ever happened in this schoolroom planet earth material experience.  I am grateful for my learning, I am grateful to be who I am today.

I now ask for communion and camaraderie with my brethren and the blissful feeling of the knowing, the flowing, the glowing of love. of Spirit flowing freely through me.

I ask for open connection and communication with Spirit.  I ask to think the thoughts of God and leave all worldly worries and concerns behind.

I am the love,  I am the light, I am the truth.  And that truth of the revelation of the deception perception I have lived through, has set me free.

For I now know the purpose of my human life is to grow my soul, to expand my consciousness and thereby also the consciousness of all the is.

I know who I am, the divine in manifestation, in a body a biological computer whose behavior can be programmed.  And I now choose to program it myself.  I choose to program it with love.

I know what I am.  I am a creator.  I create as the Divine creates, through words, images, sounds manifesting my perceived reality.

I know how I serve, by the amount of light and love I radiate into this world.

I am deeply grateful and happy as I ascend into the fifth dimension of love.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the best is yet to come.  Indeed, the best is yet to come.”

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, January 10th, 2022


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – January 2022                     305

Good Day to you our dear Lightworkers here in planet earth schoolroom in this January of 2022.  We are very pleased to connect with you.

Firstly we want to tell you that we are very proud of you.  You have come so far in enlightening yourself of the heavy and challenging programming that you have experienced.  And in so doing you have lifted the frequency of all those living life on planet earth today.

Your journey through this low frequency, third dimensional hologram has been fraught with pain, fear and feelings of isolation.

All human beings are biological computers created by God to house souls.  Souls which are a spark of the great Holy Spirit, the flow of electro magnetic energy that is God.

They are as a drop of water in the ocean of God consciousness.  A drop of himself that God sent out to experience all that can be experienced.

A drop that would experience what it perceived to be good and bad, the preferred and not preferred that makes up the duality of human life.

And in living through these trials and tribulations, desires and joys reach a neutral point of peace, acceptance, understanding and wisdom that could then expand his/her own consciousness and the consciousness of all that is.

There are many bands of frequency, of awareness of consciousness of the truth, in Gods universe.  Earth, as we have often said, is the lowest of the low in frequency.  Earth is the most challenging of environments in which souls exist in the material realm.

There is no hell.  Living through the human experience on earth is the closest that souls get to being in hell.

Human Beings on earth are incredibly brave and wise souls.  For they come to earth knowing that they will have a very challenging journey. For here on earth they experience contrast in a major way.

And they do this without knowing their divine nature.  They are born as babies into a world that has been contaminated by negativity and selfishness.  Each child is programmed and trained into a uniquely Individual and skewed view of the world.

As children, they have no choice but to accept the prejudices of their particular society.  They are tricked into accepting the behaviors, the ideas, the judgmental attitudes of their parents and teachers.

What is it to be enlightened.  It is to, one by one, release the ideas, the attitudes, and the prejudices that one was taught.  This is not an easy process.  For the biological computer, the mind of the human being, holds on desperately to what it has been taught.

And human beings, in their hearts, long for the communion and camaraderie that they experienced in heaven.  They deeply desire approval from each other.  And so, even when their heart tells them otherwise, they conform to the expectation of those around them.

This is duality.  The desire for oneness and heavenly love, yet living in a world of division and separation, prejudicial beliefs and programmed judgements.

At first, in the early years of our life, there is no choice.  For this is the period of programming into negativity and prejudice.  The curriculum of planet earth must be pounded into the child, by repetition, for them to experience the human hero’s journey.

Then, as they live and conduct themselves as they have been taught, the pain of negative emotions is experienced.  For each human is uniquely programmed.  Each believes that what he/she has been taught is true.

Each is angrily emotional in protection of their beliefs against opposition from others, who have been taught to think differently.  And each one wants to convince others to think as they do to the point of aggression and war.

This is hell on earth indeed.  And, over time, the negative forces that had been set up to achieve the purpose of the planet earth schoolroom, became so powerful that the majority of souls on earth became caught up in the seemingly never ending round of reincarnation and negativity.

So the question was how to save the world?  How to bring back to God the sparks of himself that He had sent out to experience schoolroom planet earth?,

How to enlighten human beings from their programmed negative and prejudicial thoughts, ideas and behaviors?

That is where you our dear lightworkers came in.  The word went out in the spirit realm that planet earth was in difficulty.  The great souls that had gone to earth to experience the human, low frequency, fearful life, were so caught up in the experience that they did not know how to escape.

You volunteered to come to earth to help.  You are wonderful souls indeed.  For you are of a higher vibration.  You brought more of the electro magnetic energy that is love with you.  Let us say that you embodied more of the Christ consciousness in your soul nature.

You were holy loving empaths who were super sensitive to the needs of those around you and ready to help, love and treasure your fellow human beings.

And so you came to earth as babies.  And, the majority of you were placed in very dark and negative families.  For, in order to help, in order to raise the frequency of the earth, you needed to experience human life at its darkest and most difficult.

Just by being here with your loving, inherently kind nature, you radiated waves of love into the environment around you.  You lifted the frequency of those who were caught up in the earthly round of darkness and negativity.

And this dear ones, is why you have had such a challenging time.  You are all empaths, loving, kind, well meaning people, living in a world of narcissists.  The humans caught up in the planet earth darkness and duality are all, to some degree narcissists.

For they are educated into a belief that they are superior to others, into feelings of greed and envy, anger and self centered arrogance.  They have a great need for power and control over others and so are manipulative and exploitive of those around them.

And in their need for control, they gaslight their friends.  That is, they emotionally abuse them by creating a false narrative and thus project their own negative characteristics onto those around them.  So that the target of their abuse, who is likely to be empathetic and loving, questions their own judgement and reality and learns to live in guilt and shame.

This is the life that you have lived our dear lightworkers.  For because you are empaths, narcissists are magnetically drawn towards you.  Yet you do not protest.  You react lovingly.  In your human nature you are truthful and honest and you believe that those around you are truthful and honest.

Not so, the narcissists of the world are anything but honest.  And so you have fallen into deep feelings of guilt and shame.  For you feel you must be inadequate as a human being, for otherwise you would not have been called too sensitive, ungrateful, unreasonable and never satisfied.

This has been the nature of your journey on planet earth.  It has been challenging indeed.  And you have had much to unravel.  In your journey to enlightenment you have had to see through the false thinking, the faulty hypotheses that formed your guilt, your shame.

And this you are in the process of doing.  Great times are ahead dear ones.  We are approaching the time of true revelation of the corruption of the world.  We are near the time when the truth of the planet earth schoolroom will surface and the world returns from narcissistic ensnarement to love.

We are approaching the time when all beings on planet earth will return to being empaths and sensitive to each others feelings.  Where their main desire will be to be loving and be loved.  Where they no longer prod and poke at each other with hurtful words and phrases.

Yes, dear ones, the best is yet to come.  Your planet earth hero’s journey is almost over. You have eaten of the tree of good and evil.  You have succeed in raising the frequency of planet earth.

In your defenselessness your safety lies.  As the bible says. The meek shall inherit the earth.  All is well in your world.  Yes indeed the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, December 29th, 2021


THIS IS HOW YOU HAVE BEEN PROGRAMMED                               304

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – December 2021

Good Day to you dear Lightworkers, our dear high frequency beings on planet earth in this December of 2021.  And so time passes and the great awakening of humanity, in this time of revelation, continues.

Indeed there is much for the wonderful, brave souls of humanity, to awaken to.  There is the great corruption of the planetary governance system of money, of politics, of medicine, of history.  There is the enslavement of mankind, and his dumbing down by chemical and psychological means.

There is the realization to be made that he/she is not the sinful, incapable, sorry, mortal that he has been made out to be, but a divine soul in schoolroom planet earth, a part of God in a human body, learning lessons of greater love, expanding consciousness.

And then, last but not least, that he/she has been programmed through his earthly training, programmed out of his natural, loving, divine state of being.  He has been tricked and trained, into developing an ego, which is a thought system that is against the nature of his souls desire.

The ego is a thought system that is adversarial and negative, full of fearful, threatening thoughts and inconsistent desires with a need for power and control.

It is nothing more than the thoughts and ideas of those amongst whom we are born.  It is the system of thought that allows us to experience the planet earth schoolroom with all its challenging happenings, and its lack of control over its circumstances.

The ego is a download of the ideas and experiences of others.  We are biological computers.  The brain is like a hard drive.  When we are born that hard drive is empty.  So, just like a computer, it needs to be programmed.

On birth you are programmed by your parents.  They themselves have been programmed.  So they can only teach us what they have learnt.

With the best intentions they pass on the perceptions, the ideas and beliefs they hold to be true.

We are born as a child who is naturally a free spirit, in tune with our soul, joyful and happy.  This child is spontaneous.  He/she wants to laugh, to run, to jump, to color, to have fun.

This is trained out of him from inception.  There is an old saying that is very true, “Give me a boy until he is seven, and I will show you the man.”

We go to school for 12 or more years.  At the young age of 4 or 5 we are taught, against our nature and our natural desire, to submit to authority.

Our teachers and caretakers tell us when we can speak, when we can eat, when we can go to the toilet.

Our parents even tell us how we should feel.  They are allowed to be sad, or angry, depressed or shaming and blaming.  We, on the other hand, as children, always have to be glad.  We are not allowed our feelings.  And when we do not obey we, when we are angry, or we argue, we are punished.  And so the majority of us suppress our feelings and submit.

We are told what to believe and inevitably we learn to believe the particular prejudices of our parents.  The ideas of the society, amongst whom we are born, are instilled into us.

And so we become confirmed, catholics or protestants, democrats or republicans, believers in abortion or anti abortion, prejudiced against all those that are different from us. The list of entrained beliefs goes on and on.

And you can’t protest, you can’t be unhappy.  As children we must be glad.  If you want to fit in and be approved of, you must talk as your society does, dress as they do, think as they do.

And then there are the painful, trite sayings that are said to us thoughtlessly over and over again throughout our lives.  We are made to feel less than, not good enough by words such as: “you won’t amount to anything. You’re stupid.  That’s ridiculous.  Can’t you do anything right.”

On and on goes the negative litany of words and historical sayings that the human mind is trained to repeat over and over again.  It is the accumulation, of all this programming, that forms the human ego.

The ego is the idea of ourselves and our world that has been imprinted upon us.  Much of this process is painful, for we are taught to think of ourselves as sinners, who are inadequate and not worthy of life or living.

These oh so hurtful thoughts we suppress.  We force them into our subconscious, for they are too painful to contemplate.  And so we have cognitive dissonance.

Our soul, has a natural wish to be perfect, whole, complete and  loving.  Our soul knows us as the holy beings that we are.  And yet our subconsciously repressed ego feelings inevitably tempt us to behave in inconsistent ways.  We say one thing from our soul nature and do another from our ego entrainment.

If we are christians we are taught to worship a perfect god in human form who is held up to us, as an example of how to be.  We are exhorted to be perfect as he is perfect.  And of course we fail for we are not perfect, we are human.  In fact we are here on earth to experience imperfection.

We try to control our world by controlling our brethren.  We want power for we feel powerless.  And so comes in conflict, division and separation from each other.

We have been trained to distance ourselves from each other. For we fear the hurtful prods and pokes of the painful words that we expect to hear.

And so this is the hero’s journey that we all undertake when we, divine souls that we truly are, come to planet earth and ensconce ourselves in human bodies.

A human life is a perceptual programming download from cradle to grave.  And through our peers, television programs, news, movies, religions, governments our programming continues throughout our lives.

We are here to expand consciousness.  To grow our wisdom, our love, our compassion our understanding of all that is, by experiencing the challenges that this human life gives us.

The aim and objective is to first be programmed, and then to see how we’ve been programmed.  To bring to our our awareness every one of the false ideas, beliefs and false prejudices that have been trained into us.

And so our minds need to be massively retrained.  Our unconscious programming needs to be revealed to us, revealed and replaced with new programming.

For nothing can be changed until it is seen.  This is what the great awakening is all about.  This is the individual revelation that we are each and all going through.

And as we see and release each mistaken, prejudiced belief, we heal ourselves.  We return slowly, inevitably to our soul nature.  The spontaneity, the joy, the happiness of childhood return.  Indeed, as the bible says, be ye as little children.

There are no accidents.  We plan our lives before we come to earth.  And when we awaken from our negative entrainment, we are given the experiences we need, to see how we have been falsely entrained.

And how can we help this process along?  We reverse the programming process.  We retrain ourselves with constant repetition of the truth.

We ask for help.  We say prayers for help to leave behind the ego.

I ask that my mind be transformed from fearful into loving.  Please show me what I’m doing that creates fear in my mind.  Please show me the next thing I need to know about myself

I am the love, I am the light, I am the truth.  I, and all my brethren, are holy souls in human bodies.  We are immortal, eternal beings of love and light.

I know who I am, the divine in manifestation in a body experiencing the planet earth schoolroom.  I know what I am, I am a creator, I create as my own creator creates through thought word and manifestation.

I know how I serve, by the amount of light and love I radiate into the world.

I am divine, I am divine, I am divine.  Love courses through me, I feel its glowing, its flowing.  I am knowing my true nature is love.

Repetition, repetition, repetition of false beliefs trained us into fear.  It is the repetition of the truth of our being that takes us out of that fear and returns us to the love vibration.

And so dear ones, as you do return to your true, spontaneous loving nature, the best is yet to come.  Indeed, as we move back into the 5th dimension, as we leave behind our earthly programming, the best is yet to come.

For as you have become fully conscious, and you have released the hold that your programmed ego understanding had over you, you gain control over you thoughts and actions.  And now you become the producer, director, actor and writer of your own script in this planet earth stage play.

You have control of what happens in your life.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, December 19th, 2021




HOW CONSCIOUS ARE YOU?                                               303

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – December 2021

Good Day to you our Dear Ones, our lightworkers, wayshowers on planet earth in this December of 2021.  Once again we are very pleased to connect with you.

You are blessed beings indeed for you are on a divine journey, a hero’s journey.  You have ensconced your holy soul into your human body in this schoolroom earthly sphere in order to expand  consciousness.

Here on earth, consciousness is your level of awareness of your self and the world around you.  In the spirit realm consciousness is total awareness of all that is.

In your true spiritual reality, as a spark of God in the ocean of God consciousness, you are aware of all that there is to be aware of.  You are a part of the vast ocean of Divinity, and as such, all that Divinity knows, you know.

 And, all that is has the potential to increase consciousness to an infinite degree.  Yet how to increase it? For God, the totality of consciousness, is constantly seeking to expand.

We are always saying that you, who came to earth, are very brave souls indeed.  For you came from the sphere of heavenly love where union and unity, communion and camaraderie, joy, peace and wisdom rule each and every now moment of all eternity.

In the material realm there are many different consciousnesses.  Consciousness, frequency and awareness can be considered equivalent to each other.

The lower the frequency band of the dimension that physical creatures inhabit, the less awareness they have of what is truly happening around them.

Earth has the lowest of the low frequencies that physical beings can inhabit.  Earth was created for suffering.  Earth was created for souls ensconced in human hearts to know what was not in their heavenly reality, to experience evil.

Evil can be defined as profound immorality and wickedness.  And how does this system work?

Divine souls are born onto this earth with no memory of their Divinity and little awareness of who they are and where they are.  So, they need to be taught their beliefs and morality by their parents, their teachers, their caretakers.  They need to be taught how to live, how to behave, what to think and what to believe.

And so, throughout our childhood, we are all programmed.  We adopt the behaviors and beliefs of the culture into which we are born.  We adopt the prejudices of our society.

We are taught to believe in the inferiority of other races, religions, and nationalities.  Whites are taught to hate blacks, political parties hate each other, males denigrate females, heterosexuals hate homosexuals.

And so it goes on.  Separation and division are the order of the day.  Love, communion and camaraderie are no more.  And we are lonely, oh so lonely, and we feel so misunderstood and resentful, for in our low frequency state, we believe that which we have been taught to believe – is right.

We seek desperately for others to agree with us.  We fight wars to prove ourselves right.  We are programmed into hatred and seeking for control over others.

For in our limited awareness, we must conquer our brethren to prove that our programmed ideas about the world, are the only correct ideas.  For us to feel in control, they must agree with us.

And so we are programmed into guilt and shame, for we can never achieve the absolute control that we feel that we need.  We can never make ourselves good enough.

Even with our intimate friends and family we are taught to prod and poke at each other with negative and disparaging words.  How difficult, how lonely is that?  And so we suffer.

We look at the world around us in terms of good and bad, of black and white.  We have little or no awareness of what has happened to us, of how we have been programmed, by repetition, by our society into their beliefs and behavior.  This is why it is so often said that the thoughts we think are not our own

And this is as it should be.  Nothing wrong ever happened.  This is how schoolroom planet earth works.  This system has been set up to expand our consciousness.  And as our earthly consciousness increases, so does the consciousness of all that is.

Great suffering leads to seeking.  Seeking to understand, seeking to escape from the tight grip of our programmed beliefs.  And so, we turn to our creator.  We ask for help.  We say there has to be a better way than this.  We research.  We learn that our beliefs create our reality.

And as we were programmed by repetition of false ideas, so we slowly program ourselves by the same process, by constant repetition of affirmative words into understanding the truth of our human reality.

It is all a great stage play, a hologram that we are participating in.  As we expand our understanding of the truth of the planet earth reality, we expand our awareness.

We begin to see that earth is a schoolroom.  What we have seen to be good and bad is not so.  They are preferred and not preferred events that we have chosen to experience in order to expand our consciousness.

And so, we reach the center point of neutrality.  We no longer define happenings as good or bad.  We know they are lessons to learn to choose correctly, to always choose love.  If we learn one thing from the events through which we live, then that event has served its purpose.

If we do not learn and change our behavior and thinking accordingly, the same events happen over and over again – until we do learn.

And so dear ones, at what frequency is your consciousness?  Are you still in the resentment, the programmed need for control over others and personal power?  Are the same negative experiences happening over and over again?

Are you still longing and searching for material wealth and personal property?  Or are you coming into the awareness of the truth of this low frequency realm.

That earth is a schoolroom where we experience the preferred and not, in order that we might suffer, and so, in our desperation, seek for a better, a more loving, way to live.

And so, in this time of the great awakening, we are each individually challenged to overcome our negative programming.  It is time to see our dysfunctions, to understand where we are not loving.

And, as we see what needs to be changed in our thinking and behavior, we can now, as the frequency of the earth rises, choose to change.

We need to ask for help from the spirit realm, from our higher self, from the angels and guides beyond the veil of physicality.  We need to make the decision to change what we see needs changing.

It may not happen overnight, for as our negative behavior took time to develop, so will releasing that dark programmed thought system.

Yet as we affirm continually that we choose love, that we are the light, we are the truth, we are the love, we will become so, for this is how this journey out of our programming works.

Realize that you know who you are, a Divine soul in manifestation in a temporary physical body.  Know what you are.  A creator, as your God, is a creator.   Through your thoughts and beliefs you create your reality.  Know how you serve by the amount of light and love you radiate into your world.

Know that all your brethren, all those you resented, all those that hurt you, all those you hurt, are the same.  They too are divine souls in human bodies experiencing the planet earth schoolroom.

Some are younger souls along this path, still in kindergarten, still living their victim story.  Others, more advanced are seeking for the truth, seeking for love and to be loving.

Love them all.  You may not want to spend time with the younger souls, for as yet, you cannot reach them.  You are at different frequencies on this planet earth journey.  Yet love them all as the precious divine souls that they are.

And so, all is well on planet earth today.  We are returning to love from our planet earth schoolroom experience.  Our hero’s journey is almost over and we know now in our hearts that the best is yet to come.

For we have expanded our awareness and lifted our consciousness back into the love frequency where communion and camaraderie, joy, peace and wisdom reign supreme.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, December 8th, 2021

We are Very Powerful Beings | Aita Channeling Her Higher Self


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – December 2021

Good day to you dear lightworkers in this December of 2021. And so time is passing in duality. In one way the year has flown by. It seems only yesterday when it was January and there were so many promises of dates and happenings and the excitement of what we hoped would be fast disclosure.

All was to be revealed on main stream media. The truthers, the alternative media, that we watch so avidly, assured us that there would be announcements, revelations of the truth and the main stream media would be taken down.

We so longed for this to happen. We so longed to be able to talk to those still in the fractiousness of the low vibration of the third dimensional reality. We so longed for them to awaken from their programmed delusion to the truth of their immortal soul nature.

This has not occurred. And our brethren are more and caught up in their distorted understanding so that we can no longer communicate with them.

They are not yet energetically aligned to a frequency where they can distinguish truth from falsehood. They have not the wisdom to discern other than that which they have been told repeatedly and repeatedly.

And the words they hear each day from from the main stream media, with all their negative and fearful repetitions have them more and more heavily hypnotized into fear and terror.

We are powerful beings indeed. Regardless of which dimension of our earthly reality we are in, or what our understanding is, we have not given away our power to some alien beings or been taken over by dark spirits.

Every day in every way we are exercising our incredible power, as creators, in this planet earth schoolroom that is our human life.

The thoughts and the words we use to think, are magical spells. They are the codes that give us our power. They govern our reality. They decide what happens to us human beings here on earth.

With thoughts and words, we are the creators of our reality just as God, Source is the creator of the universe. When God created the earth he first said the word. That is he spoke out what he thought and visioned and so the earth, from that imagining, was created.

And, in the same way, through thought, word and the consequent vision they produce, we create our own reality. That is why every thought we think, every word we speak is a prayer.

That is why those in the third, fourth and fifth dimensions of consciousness are experiencing different realities, for they speak different words.

The third dimension is the realm of young souls, the realm of duality. The realm of the suffering that we are here to experience. For suffering leads to compassion and understanding of each other. Suffering expands our consciousness and our knowing of the love that we truly are.

And that suffering is produced by the way our world is set up. In the third dimension, separation and division are the order of the day. Our parents, our caretakers, governments and religions are all set up to train us into feeling shame and guilt.

We are told with words we are not good enough. We are sinful, we never do anything right. And so we are in constant fear. To feel better, we have to pretend that we are superior.

We judge those around us as inferior. We project the words we believe about ourselves onto those others. This is what separation and duality are about.

And so the words we use are negative. We prod and poke at each other. “That was stupid.” “You really don’t know what you’re doing.” “I hate you.” “You make me angry.” “It’s all your fault.” “You don’t do anything right.” “I am ill, I have cancer. I have diabetes, I am dying.” “I am poor, I can’t afford anything. I am homeless.” And so it goes on.

And we swear, we are jealous, we are greedy, we are angry. We threaten to kill and maim each other. And with these harsh thoughts and words we create war. We create division, we create sickness as we war against each other and the world.

Even in this low vibrating third dimension we are powerful. For our harsh and heavy thoughts and words are the generators of the state of the world in which we live.

In the fourth dimension our consciousness begins to awaken and the third dimensional belief system seems absurd. Yet we still see ourselves as separate from each other. For, as we gain awareness of what we have been taught, we may well become angry and resentful of the society which has implanted such a negative understanding within us.

We think of ourselves as superior. We are still in duality, us against them. We judge ourselves as “awake,” while judging others as “asleep.” We judge them for their diets, for their antagonistic speech, for calling us too sensitive, for not respecting nature or animals, or the beauty of the world that we now see so clearly.

Yet we have grown. We no longer search for material things, we search for knowledge and understanding. We see the subliminal messages that the media spew out and cannot believe that our brethren are so mind controlled that they believe the lies that are parroted to them every day.

And we try, how we try to convince our low vibrating brethren that their thinking is wrong. And we discover, over and over again, that this cannot be done. For their universe of consciousness is in a narrow band of frequency that cannot be raised until the soul has completed its third dimensional journey.

Yet again, in this fourth dimension, we are powerful beings for, here too, our words create our reality. We are still in duality. The words we speak and the thoughts we think still separate us from our brethren, still leave us in the fear of their reactions.

Even though we feel the love of source, we have not learned that we are all one. We have not learned to totally love ourselves and all of our brethren who are going through schoolroom planet earth.

We have not learned that nothing wrong ever happened, and each human being is on a divine journey. We are prodded and poked at for our judgement, our desire to teach, our superiority. We are not yet at peace in our hearts, in the knowledge, that love, Source rules the world.

In the fifth dimension we reach unity consciousness and the the ego drops, the desire to control drops and judgments fade away. We realize that the darkness in the world is a direct reflection of our thinking and the words we speak about the world.

We no longer try to change those around us, or the world, rather we begin to heal ourselves. The love that grows within us begins to translate into compassion and understanding of the external world and the planet earth human hero’s journey.

We realize that our words, and our thinking about the world, are creating the world that we see. Love is the only power. We watch our words carefully that they be positive and loving.

We endeavor to encourage and uplift all around us. We use affirmative statements about ourselves and others. We love ourselves and all our brethren not for our ego personality, but for the soul within.

The soul, the part of source that is the drop of divine consciousness that we truly are. The ineffable, immortal spark of God that came to earth to experience suffering in order to learn greater love. We see that God, source lies within each of us regardless of what dimension we are in.

The discarding of our third dimensional programming is enlightenment, We are enlightened from our fears and suffering leaves us.

And so dear ones. We are powerful beings indeed. The fifth dimension into which we are all moving is a wondrous realm of the knowing, the flowing, the glowing of love. Love is not an emotion. Love is a level of consciousness in which joy, wisdom, discernment, peace, compassion and so much more that is wonderful is embedded.

The soul journey of all human beings is to return to that love vibration from which we all came. To return to that love vibration, through our suffering, having grown ourselves into greater more loving, more wise and understanding souls.

And so, the best is indeed yet to come dear friends. The white hats, the light alliance that our mapping our route into the fifth dimension are moving carefully and slowly behind the scenes.

They will do their best to avoid disruptive announcements or divisive calamities. They are creating the best timeline that will avoid war and conflict.

The timeline we are on is as peaceful and benign as is possible. Be patient, dear ones, speak words of love, heal yourself. All is well in our world for, as we move into the fifth dimension, the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We Are Blessed and Powerful Beings Indeed.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, November 23d, 2021


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – November 2021                 301


Good day to you our dear Lightworkers on planet earth in this November of 2021.  We are very pleased to connect with you.  We understand what a complicated time this is that you are living in.

All of your human life you have been programmed.  Programmed to be attentive to others.  Programmed to ignore your own needs, to be subservient to those around you.

And now, as you are waking to your divine reality, so many of you are feeling alone and lonely.  You are understanding that you never belonged, you never could comprehend how the human paradigm, the human thought system worked.

You were of a higher frequency.    While your brethren were fearful and jealous of each other, you were an empath.  Love was your driver.

You are hurting because you volunteered to come to earth and have your souls ensconced in a human body to help those souls who were caught in the round of reincarnation.

The negative programming they had received put them at a very low vibration.  They were in frequency the lowest of low in the universe, living in fear.  And yet they are also the highest of the high.  For each and every human chose to take on this mortal, this challenging, this upside down third dimensional experience.

And, in so doing they belittled themselves.  They put a part of their immortal, magnificent souls into human bodies, that would allow them to experience evil, that would allow them to be hurt, to feel the separation and division, the discord that does not exist in our true heavenly reality.

How wonderful is this.  That divine beings should come to earth to eat of the tree of good and evil, to experience contrast through feeling fear.  For they knew that this contrast would expand the totality of the knowledge and comprehension of the universe.

Yes, that is what human beings really are.  They are divine beings, ensconced in human bodies believing that they are little and small, and must obey authority, believing that they are sinful.

And thus they were imprisoned in negative, programmed thought systems.  And as their thoughts created their reality, so they became poor in health, poor in abundance, poor in homelessness and relationships.

They lost touch with their intuition, their divine understanding, their divinity within.

And so, what was to be done.  The planet earth schoolroom is designed to go through cycles as the world, in its travels, passes through the universe. The end of this cycle was at hand.  It was time for the great awakening.

And so the call went out in heaven.  Earth was in trouble.  Earth needed help.  Would you please volunteer to be a human and bring your great light, your wonderful radiance to lift the vibration of the third dimensional, fear filled earthly paradigm.

And so, dear wonderful ones, you volunteered to come here.  Can you imagine the pain, the hurt, the humiliation you have been through?  Oh how you flailed about trying to understand.  Your divine soul knew who you were.

Yet your human self did not.  Your human self hurt so much.  You came from divinity, from love, into this human sphere of separation, blame and shame.

You thought that all around you were sincere and loving and honest as you were.  Not so.  They felt better because they could belittle and control you

And all this was as it should be for you could not  help mankind without understanding how painfully he had been programmed and how much in fear he was.

And so you were born to suffer.  For it was only by suffering the terror and trauma of the third dimensional existence that you could then help them out of their entrenched programming.

And dear ones, you are still suffering.  Many of you are still experiencing anxiety and fear.  This is necessary for you to ascend.

Nothing wrong ever happened, or is happening now.  You have agreed to be deeply programmed into fear and shame and guilt by the narcissists around you.  Now you are in the great awakening.

The great awakening is the awakening of mankind to his divinity.  The great revelation is the realization that mankind has been deceived into believing that he is  a mortal, sinful creature who deserve blame and guilt.

The apocalypse is the crumbling of mankind’s own individual negatively, programmed thought system.  And the crumbling of the corrupt world control system.

One cannot change things until one sees how they need to be changed, until one sees where love is missing from the paradigm.  Until one sees where evil has spread its wicked tentacles.

And this is happening to you now. This is why you are still suffering for you are letting go of your programming.  You are releasing your fears that were heaped upon you as you have lived through your earthly life.

All is well, for this is how you planned your life on planet earth.  And so dear ones,  just breathe, just be, just be the loving, divine empaths that you are.  You are not too sensitive as you have been told.  Your sensitivity allows you to feel for and empathize with your fellow humans.

You now see the the fear, the terror and trauma that they have fallen into.  Do not disparage them, love them.

For they are all, as you are, divine souls, ensconced in human bodies having a human experience.  Love them, not for their ego expressions but as the divine souls they are. Love the divinity within them – and the divinity within you.

The time is fast approaching where you can help.  For now, having lived the human life, you understand their programmed pain and negativity.

Magnificent time are ahead for you.  Your current suffering is but the last necessary letting go of mind control.  Letting go of the teachings of hurt and guilt and shame.

You chose to be the teachers.  And teachers must be educated to understand their task.  By being here on earth, with your high vibrating holy nature, you are raising the frequency of the earth and helping humanity rise above the third dimensional, fear frequency.

Love is your nature.  The flowing, the knowing, the glowing of love is who you are.  You radiate waves of love around you.  Just be, just breathe. You may feel alone for a little while yet.

And yet know that this too will surely pass.  Love your earthly life.  Enjoy every moment of feeling, of sensing, of tasting, of touching.  For souls love to come to earth for just this sensation experience that cannot be had in heaven.  This earthly life is just a blip in your immortal soul journey.

Know that, indeed, the best is yet to come.  Yes indeed, the best is yet to come as mankind and planet earth move out of fear and return to love.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – November 12, 2021




Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – November 2021

Good Day to you dear friends, dear lightworkers here on planet earth in the great awakening of 2021.   And so the great tribulation, the great revelation in this November month is proceeding as it needs to.

The powers that be are still disseminating the same old, tired, untrue story.  The news is still of violence and hatred and death, of mankind’s brutal and sadistic nature, of shootings, and bombings and savagery.

And yet, in their daily lives, the majority of mankind does not see such violence and cruelty.  As we have often said, mankind is basically kind.  Humanity is, basically humane.

So why does the media, the main stream news, concentrate on the negative, fill its reporting with scenes of mayhem and disaster, with images of hatred, shootings and wounding, supported by dark colors and noisy sounds, of angry words and heavy explosions?

This, dear ones, is mind control.  Yes, our thoughts control our reality.  And what influences our thinking?  What directs our thoughts into peaceful, joyful, loving, compassionate frequencies? Or, into a low vibrating, angry, revengeful fear frequency.

It is the images we see.  This is why we are so often advised to spend time in the peace and tranquility of nature.  This is why our spirits are lifted, our love is increased, when we see beautiful paintings, watch uplifting movies, spend time with our supportive loved ones.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine, seeing in your mind’s eye something beautiful, something uplifting – your pet, your child, a loved one, a forest, the ocean, flowers, birds, trees.  Open your eyes and you feel uplifted by the scenes you have envisioned.

Now, close. your eyes and see a scene of war, of death, a scene of bloody disaster.  Envisage a shooting, the beating of a child, a prison environment, starvation and extreme poverty.  Your spirits, your vibration will fall into sadness, anger, a desire for revenge and  thoughts of punishment for the cruel perpetrators of these painful images.

Unless you are an extremely high vibrating being who can stay in the love vibration regardless of what is happening around them, seeing such scenes, imagining such aggressive violence will lower your frequency, will drop you into fear.

And so it is the images we see, the images that we remember from the past, that determine our mind set, that direct our thoughts.  And this is how, over the centuries, over millennia of time, the powers that be have mind controlled humanity.

This is why those who watch the main stream media are manipulated into fear.  The media, the television, radio and newspapers have been taken over by the powers that be, those that play the part of the devil, of evil in this great stage play that is the planet earth schoolroom experience.

And, this is all as you intended it to be when you were in your heavenly, loving, unity consciousness and were planning the events of your life.  For you are a divine soul, a drop of water in the ocean of God, of love consciousness.

For God is love, God is the electro magnetic energy that powers the universe and all that the universe holds.  Your soul, that is ensconced within your human body, your vessel that allows you to communicate in the material realm, your soul is a part of the great divinity itself.

Remember why you came into this planet earth material realm.  It was to expand your consciousness and by expanding your consciousness, you individually, and the collective of mankind, is expanding the knowledge, the frequency of love, of all that is, of God.

In the heavenly, loving unity consciousness, as a spirit, there was little expansion.  Bliss ruled the day, and in earthly terms for there is no time in heaven, hundreds, thousands of years could go by in loving peace and bliss.

An infinity of this ineffable state was before you  And this is the natural state which is your wonderful inheritance and, to which you will always return.  For there is no “hell” except here on earth.

And so why was low vibrating earth with its violence, it’s hatred, it’s evil created?  You, along with your human brethren created it in order to expand your consciousness.

You ate of the tree of good and evil and by so doing you expanded heavenly consciousness, heavenly understanding.   In order to understand, deeply, the ineffable, indescribably wonderful power of love, you decided you needed to experience the opposite, that is to dive deeply into fear.

And through millennia of human lifetimes you have done so.  In your thousands of reincarnations you have been everything, from rocks and water, flowers and trees, animals and birds to, finally and at last humans.

You have experienced all that there is to experience in schoolroom planet earth.  You have been priests and nuns, prisoners and slaves, torturers and tortured, murderers and murdered.

And, in experiencing all that can be experienced in this duality of light and dark training environment, you have grown the depths of your soul’s consciousness.  You have expanded the consciousness of love, of all that is, of God.  For God is love, God is the great I am, God is all that is, the power that animates the universe.

Over the millennia of time of your reincarnating visits to planet earth, you have turned from narcissism to love.  Earth is a place where duality exists.  As a human you had no memory of your heavenly existence, no memory of the unified consciousness that is love.

And as a human body you gave yourself an ego, the sense of self importance and need for control that gives you the desire for control over others.  And so your ego allows for the experiencing of duality.

As a young soul your ego ruled your life.  You were narcissistic.  In the excitement of human life you wished for pleasure, you loved the sensations of taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing.  In heaven you did not experience the wonder of the taste of food, the pleasure of sex, the delights of seeing.

And so, over lifetimes you were out for your own pleasure.  And to selfishly get what you wanted, you did not care how you hurt your human brethren.  In fact you loved denigrating them for, in doing so, you felt superior.

Yet there was the law of karma that tempered you into turning to love.  For by the law of karma, all that you perpetrated on others you had to experience yourself.

It was in experiencing the pain yourself that you grew in understanding.  You had eaten of the tree of good and evil.  You developed compassion.  You turned from power over other to love.  You became harmonious, forgiving of your brethren.

For now you understood their pain.  With that painful experience, you dropped your need for control and manipulation.  You cleared yourself of the entrained, programmed heavy negative thoughts and images that had filled your mind.

And, as you turned to love and healed yourself of your need for control, your soul that had been quietly waiting for you to experience the pain and the pleasure of earthy life, brought a remembrance of itself to you.

And then compassion, peace, love and joy came to the fore.  You became an empath.  A sensitive, feeling human being who had great compassion and great love for all your brethren in their suffering journey through the human schoolroom.

And so, there are no accidents, life is happening for you and not to you.  There is, from the divine viewpoint of your soul, no good no bad.  These are just choices you make to grow your soul, to advance the growth of love, of universal understanding, of the heavenly paradigm.

Now is the time of the great awakening of humanity back to its divine nature.  You are becoming an avatar, a manifestation of deity, an expression of love, in human form.

You are returning to the center point of neutrality, of understanding that nothing is good or bad.  All that you experience is a choice that your soul makes here on earth to give you the experience.

And so you return to love, to the unified consciousness of the knowing that you are all love, all divine souls having a human life, a human experience.  A human experience in which you choose good and bad according to what your soul needs for its growth and development.

The images you see and the consequent thoughts that you have are all a part of the human journey.  You are brave souls indeed that have gone through the deep dark hell of fear that is the planet earth experience.

And now the great deception perception is ending for those of you who have become loving, caring, compassionate, harmonious empaths.

You are returning to love.  How wonderful is that.  The control system that manipulates you through harsh and painful images, is crumbling.  The truth of the delusion that has been perpetrated on you is dripping out.  It is becoming a deluge of revelation.

Be of good cheer dear ones, for the best is yet to come.  Indeed the best is yet to come as you drop your programming.  As you envisage, dream, imagine your new world, the beautiful life that is ahead of you.

Think of it, envisage it, for your imagining creates your reality.  All is well dear ones.  Powerful love energies are being flooded onto earth.  You can feel them as your frequency is raised in your light headed, peaceful powerful love vibration.  Pulses of love lift you up and above the discombobulation of the earth.

Yes, be of good cheer, all is well on planet earth.  You have eaten of the tree of good and evil and you are returning to love and so the best is yet to come.  Indeed dear friends, the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Inde

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self with VIDEO- November 2nd, 2021


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – November 2021

And a very good day to you dear lightworkers, dear souls here on planet earth in your human bodies in this November of 2021.

And indeed the chaos, the dark mind control, the separation of humanity from one another in frequency, in understanding of this earthly world, continues and becomes more and more apparent to you who are the empaths who have come to earth to help your brethren.

The third dimensional and fifth dimensional timelines are separating.  Those souls who have chosen to remain in the third dimension are falling more and more deeply into their programmed delusional perception.

As they listen to the words of the control system, with which they are bombarded 24 hours a day, they become more and more fearful.  For they are told that death and danger are all around.

They are told to avoid their dangerous brethren.  They are in trauma and terror and so are easily controlled to do what the controllers, those who play the part of the devil, wish them to do.

You, our dear lightworkers are in a different timeline.  You see the big picture of the planet earth awakening process.  You see how the devil, how evil is manipulating your brethren.

You feel the waves of love that are being poured upon the earth.  You are frequently deliciously light headed as you integrate this love into your mind and body and radiate it out into the world.

You know,intuitively in your heart, that you are ascending.  You no longer feel the fear in the deep and dark way that you did when you, too inhabited the low frequency of the third dimensional world.

You know you are divine.  You are learning to love yourself, to love the soul that animates your human body for it is an aspect of God.  A drop of the love that is God.

And, with that love pre-eminent in your being, you behave lovingly.  You are careful of your words, for you know your thinking creates your reality.  You know now that every word you speak, every thought that you think is a prayer.

And, you see the big picture of the corruption of humanity by the controllers, by evil, here on schoolroom planet earth.

You see how they twist the truth.  You see how with lies, they pound  fear and dread into your still sleeping brethren.  You see how your brethren are convinced that mankind is dangerous, how humanity is sinful.  You see how brother is divided against brother.

Indeed, human beings are basically humane, kind and loving.  Yet at this time of revelation, this great awakening time of 2021, the devil’s fearful message has taken the kindness out of mankind, the humane out of humanity.

Trauma and terror are now the order of the day as your frightened brethren take on the fearful messages that are pounded into them by the media, the government, the educational and medical systems, all of which have been corrupted by the controllers, taken over by evil.

The deception perception in this low vibrating planet earth third dimensional environment is now plain for all to see who have ears to hear and eyes to see.  Yes those who are deluded by the mind control, convinced by the words of earthly authority, cannot see this.

This is the nature of schoolroom planet earth experience.  This is how the controllers, the devil and God, love – vie for the soul of humanity.

We, that is all of us, came to earth to expand our soul consciousness, to increase our love quotient and understanding of love by experiencing what is not in heaven, by experiencing fear.

It is the nature of the earthly experience that we do not remember that we are great souls, parts of God consciousness.  Instead we are convinced by all around us that we are mortal and sinful beings and must live in fear of each other.

It is also the nature of the earthly experience that there are periodically times of awakening, times of revelation, times of graduation for those souls who are ready to graduate from the planet earth schoolroom.

This time in our 21st century is such a time.  You. our dear empaths, our dear lightworkers, are graduating from the third fear dimension.  You are in the fourth dimension, graduating to the fifth dimension where you leave fear behind, where you emanate love, light, laughter, joy, kindness, caring and compassion.

Compassion is pre-eminent in you now.  For you understand that your still fearful brethren cannot speak the words of love.  Each frightened word they speak is a call for love.  Yet they do not know this.

You are uniting with your Christ consciousness, you are knowing and feeling the love that animates the universe, the love that creates communion and camaraderie and thus unites all souls in the love frequency that is the true power that animates the material and spiritual realm.

Your still sleeping brethren feel alone and are very lonely and frightened.  Combative belief systems have been pounded into them.  They want union and communion with their brethren but they cannot find it.

For they do not speak words of love.  In their blindness they parrot the words, the beliefs they have been taught.  And each of them have differing beliefs.  And so thought system and beliefs clash with thought system and beliefs.

And so brother argues with brother as they defend their delusional ideas.  As the course in miracles says: “In my defenselessness my safety lies.”

You dear ones need not defend your beliefs.  It is your compassion, your kindness, your caring that now animate your behavior.

You cannot convince those who are entrenched in low frequency programming.  You cannot convince those who in arrogant certainty propound their beliefs to the world.

Yet you can listen, you can and do sympathize, empathize. You can say gentle calming words of oneness, of unity, of understanding.  You no longer need challenge them with your own false and delusional understanding for you have dropped your programmed beliefs.

You have moved out of the fear dimension.  You have moved out of arrogant certainty that the beliefs you hold are absolutely correct and must be defended at all costs.

You can now speak of love, of communion of camaraderie.  You can now say, “Yes I understand.  That must be challenging.”  You can now listen to the call for love that is behind the fearful utterances.  And you can respond kindly.

And so, by your loving response to their fearful attack, you can awaken your brethren from their awful dream.  For all attacks, all defenses of programmed thought systems are calls for love, are a desperate desire for union and communion.

Be of good cheer, dear hearts, dear souls.  For all is proceeding as it needs to.  You are the saviors of the world.  This time and place is why you volunteered to come to earth.

Words of kindness, words of love and caring come easily to you now.  Just be, just breathe, just be the wonderful high vibrating souls that you are.

You have learnt you cannot teach your deeply fear programmed brethren who are looking for love in all the wrong places.  Yet you can spread waves of love by your defenseless, by your loving aura and calm demeanor.

You are the love, you are the light, you are the truth.  You know who you are.  You are the divine in manifestation.  You are a soul in a human body.  You are an aspect of God, a drop of water in the ocean of God consciousness.

You know what you are.  You are a creator, you create as the creator creates, through thought, word and manifestation.  Remember that every thought is a prayer that will manifest your reality.

And, you know how you serve, by the amount of light and love you radiate into the world, by your defenseless demeanor, your kindness and caring.

Yes, be of good cheer, dear hearts, dear souls.  All is proceeding as it needs to in this great awakening time on planet earth.  Go within and commune with your soul, commune with the love that animates the universe.

Unite with your brethren in all ways in all days.  Think love and love will rule your life.  Understand that all is divine.  Your brethren are divine souls having a human, planet earth, schoolroom experience.

They are divine souls sleeping, having a fearful dream.  They have forgotten who they truly are.  You are here to help awaken them.  You are the love, you are the light, you are the truth.

And, as the great awakening, continues, the best is yet to come dear ones.  Yes, the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, October 25, 2021


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – October 2021


Good Day to you our dear heavenly empathetic lightworkers, we are very pleased to connect with you on this October day of 2021.  As each day of the great apocalypse passes, life on schoolroom planet earth gets more and more complicated.

You, our dear ones, as we have often said, are different from your fellow human brethren that you came to earth to help.  You see more of the big picture of human life than they do.

You have overcome much of your programming while those around you are still caught in the mind set that has been imposed upon them by their governors and controllers.

Human beings are eminently programmable.  And, as the great hologram, the great pantomime stage play, that is the 21st century awakening experience, as that pantomime continues, you can see clearly how your brethren are programmed.

Mind control is the device that the devil, evil uses to corrupt mankind, to manipulate and maneuver his behavior.  Mind control is what great souls, aspects of God consciousness, came to earth to experience and eventually overcome.

For life on planet earth is happening for us and not to us.  There are no accidents.  We are not victims.  Humans are all Divine Souls who have come to earth and ensconced themselves in human bodies to learn greater love, to refine their personalities, to increase their understanding.

In order to learn they have no memory of their Divinity.  And so they take on the ideas and beliefs that surround them when they are born.  And these ideas, through the ages, denigrate and shame them.  For the religions of the world, the planetary beliefs hold that mankind is evil and sinful.

Mans inhumanity to man is touted as the cause of all the conflict and wars.  Mankind should be ashamed, he cannot look after himself, he must needs give away his power and be governed by those that know better.

And yet the very words, the kind in mankind, the humane in humanity, describe who we truly are.  We are divine souls that have come to earth to learn greater love.

And so we divine souls, that we truly are, come to earth to experience the opposite of love.  We do not love ourselves and we live in low vibrating guilt and shame.  This fosters fear in us.  Fear, the sad and painful emotion that overtakes us completely.  That fosters the belief that danger is all around.

Fear the emotion that takes away all enthusiasm, all excitement and joy. Fear the emotion that is painfully low in vibration and holds back love.

You cannot be in fear and love at the same time.  They are mutually exclusive.  There is a scale of frequency from fear to love.  Fear emotions are shame, guilt, anger, depression, jealousy, rage, false pride, revenge and many more low vibrating sensations.

Love is not an emotion.  For love is a flowing, a glowing a feeling of deep and enduring knowing of peace and tranquility.  Love encompasses joy, love is light, love is happy, love is reverence for all, forgiveness, optimism, trust that all is well.  And as the vibration of the individual rises eventually ineffable enlightenment.

And so why do we, great souls that we are, come to earth from our heavenly blissful existence to experience fear?  It does indeed seem to be a conundrum, a confusing puzzle.

We humans are great and brave souls indeed to take on this very challenging earthly life. To put our souls in our bodies, our planet earth material realm communication devices that allow for separation and division, that allow us to be programmed into a belief system of fear that is antithetical, directly opposed to our divine loving nature.

Again life is happening for us and not to us.  We are not victims.  We, all of us humans, have chosen freely to come to earth to experience fear.

By having no memory of our Divinity, by having an ego which is our sense of self importance, of superiority, of division, of separation.  By having that ego programmed into negative ideas and fearful emotions, our soul gives us a challenge.

Can we break through this mire of imposed negativity, gloom, and denigration, can we make the choice for love when fear and hatred has been programmed into us.

And, of course, eventually we all can and will.  For we have been given freedom of choice.  In each moment of each day we make the choice for fear or love.

And, we are given lessons.  Lessons are difficult challenges, divorces, prison sentences, wars, poverty, disease, loss, arguments, the challenges are many and constant.  These are in fact not the calamities that they seem to be.  These are opportunities for us to choose rightly.  These are the many chances that are given us to choose love.

And so, indeed, life is happening for us and not to us.  As we are programmed into fear in the early stages of our life, it is as if we are knitting a scarf.  Each stitch is a dysfunctional idea that we take as our own.

Each stitch is a prejudice, or a hatred, a divisive belief that we hold that separates us from our brethren.  And, as we reach adulthood we are full of these dysfunctional and alienating ideas that keep us apart from and angry at our brethren who think differently from how we think.

We see our way of thinking as the only way to be and think.  We are full of hostility to those who have different ideas from our own.  These are our dysfunctions.

In order to move from fear to love we needs must let go of our perverted and delusional thinking.  We must unravel the scarf of programming that we have knitted for ourselves.  Stitch by stitch we must bring our dysfunctions our delusions to the light.

Nothing can be healed until it is seen and revealed.  As the collective consciousness of humanity is revealing the governmental corruption at this time of awakening, so do we need to reveal our own individual delusions,

And so, life is happening for us and not to us.  We are not victims.  For these challenges are there to bring our delusions to the light.  To help us remember who we are.

As we increasingly and increasingly choose love, choose forgiveness, we move out of fear and into the love vibration.  You, our dear lightworkers, are well into choosing love.  You are remembering who you are.

You are different, of a higher vibration, a greater love quotient than your brethren.  Earth had reached such a low point of the fear vibration, the human schoolroom had become so deep and dark and fear entrained, that mankind could not break out of his programming.

He was unable to choose love.  Earth was in danger of  destroying itself and all of humanity.  And so you, great souls that you are, volunteered to come and help.

For you are transducers of light.  You have a high frequency that catches the love radiation being poured onto the earth at this time, and transmit it into the world around you.

This is why it is said “just be, just breathe.”  Just by being here on earth you are the salvation of the world.  For your brethren had fallen so low in vibration that they could not incorporate the incoming energies into their being.  They were too heavily enmeshed in fear.

And so dear ones, be of good cheer for all is proceeding as it needs to. The planet earth experience seems to be random.  Events, challenges, disasters seem to be haphazard but there are no accidents in God’s plan for the salvation of the earth. All is proceeding as it needs to.

You, our dear ones, are feeling ascension symptoms.  You are often pleasantly light headed with feelings of love that transcend all other emotions and challenges.  You know, in your heart, in your soul, that you are ascending.

Yes, you cannot as yet talk honestly and openly with your brethren for they do not have your knowing.  Their universe is still very narrow.  They are still in their fear programming.

Yet day by day by day, the corruption is coming to the light.  The love energies are being poured onto the earth.  The dark ones are departing, for they cannot live in the higher vibration of love.  They need the fear environment to survive.

Love, love, love, the heavenly electro magnetic power that runs the universe.  Love is slowly but surely taking over as the great revelation, the great awakening continues along its inevitable course.

Be of good cheer dear ones, for you now know who you are.  You are the divine in manifestation in a human body, the human, material realm communication vehicle.

You know what you are, you are a creator, you create as the creator creates through thought, word and manifestation.  Your inward thinking creates your external reality.

And you know how you serve, through the amount of light and love you radiate into the world.

Yes, life is good and getting better and the best is yet to come dear friends.  Indeed the best is yet to come as humanity inevitably chooses love as the souls answer to earthly challenges.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – October 23d, 2021




Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – October 2021

Dear Lightworkers, Dear Starseeds we are so very pleased to connect with you on this October day of 2021.  For you are our wonderful representatives on planet earth in this great time of the awakening of the human race from the illusional delusion, the perception deception that is schoolroom planet earth experience.

What is this perception deception?  Mankind is very holy.  Our soul embedded in our human heart is an aspect of God, a drop of water in the ocean of God consciousness, a tiny piece of the loving consciousness that is God.

Yet here on earth we are deceived into feeling guilt and shame.  We have been taught, by a corrupt control system that we are not good enough, that we need to be governed and told what to do and how to behave.

The objective of our earthly schoolroom is to overcome this programming and learn to love ourselves intensely and immensely as the holy sons of God that we truly are.

The majority of those who populate this world do not realize that they are mind controlled into guilt and shame.  That the media, the television, the newspapers, social media, are all set up to deceive us.

They all spout the story that the control system wishes us to hear.  The lies we are told are outrageous, and nowhere near the truth.   They are meant to foster fear.  For people in the fear state are easy to control and manipulate.

And these lies, this constant repetition of untruths, is how mankind is programmed.  Repetition is the art of learning.  Words repeated often and often come to be believed.  And these words are said against low resonant and heavy sounds that hypnotize the listener into belief.

This is how our earthly schoolroom is set up.  The young child is born onto this earth with no memory of his holy soul.  He is as a blank slate  that can be written on.

And then, as he grows up, he is programmed.  Words are repeated over and over again by his parents, his teachers, his religion, his government, the medical system and by all those with whom he is surrounded.

These words become imprinted in his psyche and he takes the ideas they hold as his own.  And so is developed his belief system and from that filter of understanding come the thoughts that he thinks and the words that he speaks.

And so, his beliefs and thoughts are not even his own.  They are imprinted on him by the society around him.  He is an automaton, spouting the words and ideas of what we might call the control system and hating those around him who think differently.

Planet earth, as we have often said, is a schoolroom for divine souls to learn greater love, to learn to love themselves and their inherent divinity.  This is how the schoolroom works.  This is the great deception perception that tempers, that moulds the great brave souls that come to earth, into greater love.

And babies are born with genetic predispositions from their soul nature and from the various experiences they have had in successive lifetimes.  For mankind reincarnates onto this earthly plane over and over again.  And so some are born as narcissists and some are born as empaths.

Narcissists ignore the distress, the hurt feelings of others.  In fact, they feed off the sad and unhappy feelings of those around them.  Narcissists have, in some way, in their childhood been manipulated to feel out of control.  And so, in adulthood, they have a need to control and manipulate.  Only so can they feel good about themselves.

Narcissists have an inflated since of their own importance, a deep desire for excessive attention and admiration.  They lack empathy, in fact they enjoy criticizing and finding fault, for that gives them their deeply needed sense of superiority and control.  They feed off the negative feelings of their brethren.

Empaths, on the other hand, are sensitive to the feelings of those around them.  They feel distress when others feel distress.  They do their best to please, to love, to help, to ameliorate, to make better all divisive situations.  Empaths choose their words carefully so as not cause angst and anguish in those around them.  Empaths are loving and caring.

And so, this planet earth deception perception is an interplay of empaths and narcissists of those who love others, and those who have only their own self interest at heart.

And yet empaths have one thing in common with narcissists.  That is that they do not love themselves.  That is what we have all  come to the earth schoolroom to do, to learn to love ourselves, to love the divinity within.

To overcome our earthly programming that we are sinful and should feel guilty and ashamed and release the loving flow of holy consciousness that is such an integral part of our soul.

Dear lightworkers, you are the ultimate empaths.  For what could be more loving than that you volunteered to come to earth to help mankind rise up out of his narcissistic entrained programming.

And so you have found your human life very challenging, very painful.  For we empaths think those around us think and behave as we do – lovingly.  And you have lived among narcissists who abused and denigrated you.  And you felt guilt and shame for you believed their denigrating  words.

You so tried to belong.  You met harsh words with love, you attempted always to please.  Yet you were so put upon, so constantly unfairly criticized, that you began to believe you were not worthwhile.  You could not love yourselves.

As you were truthful, you thought those around you told you the truth.  And eventually you took your reality, your sad and negative beliefs about yourself from the words and deeds of your narcissistic brethren.

The old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” is so not true.  We take our self worth from the words and judgements of others.  And so, being constantly put down you came to think of yourself as worthless, you did not belong you were so kind and so loving.

And now dear ones, you are awakening to the truth.  You are seeing what happened to you.  You are seeing the big picture of human life.  You now know that nothing wrong ever happened, for earth is a schoolroom for divine souls to learn greater love for yourself and all of the divinity to which your soul belongs.

All that you have experienced, all the pain that you have felt has taught you, even more deeply, the importance of loving yourself.  Going through the planet earth hero’s journey has given you greater understanding, increased your love quotient.

The choices you have made have refined your spirit, according to your souls desire.  For everything that we experience here on earth is planned.

Our world is an interplay of empaths and narcissists.  Empaths, are at a higher frequency.  They are often called “old souls.” And they are reaching for love in a world where the love vibration is not available to them. They are on earth to overcome their programmed guilt and shame.

Narcissists, on the other hand, are enmeshed in power and anger lessons.  They are also here on earth to overcome their dark programming and need for control, to break through to loving themselves.

They love power over empaths because they feel good taking out their anger on those around them and having the empath cringe under the pressure of their outrageous lies and manipulative control.

Such is the game we came onto this earth to play.  Empaths and narcissists acting out their programmed behavior.   As long as we stay entrenched in our programmed belief system, we will be given more and more painful lessons.

Life is happening for us and not to us.  All the challenges we have, all the difficulties we encounter are given to us by the law of karma, “as you sew, so shall you reap.”

It is these challenges that we planned for ourselves in our pre life plan that we are here to overcome.  Ask, each time a challenge, a conflict, a not preferred incident is experienced, “what did I learn from this.”

If you can see the lesson in the not preferred event, you will have learnt that which the incident was meant to teach you.  Everything is happening for our highest and best good for us.

By overcoming our programmed reactive emotions, by realizing our lessons and learning to love ourselves for the divine beings we truly are, we release ourselves from karma, from the lessons we came here to learn.

So dear ones, dear wonderful souls, be of good cheer for the best is yet to come.  You are learning to love your divine selves and your divine brethren as the truly great souls that you all are.

The goal of human life is to love yourself deeply and intensely, to realize your divinity while in a human body, to know your worth as the drop of water in the ocean of God consciousness – that you truly are.

Love and light dear friends, love and light.  And as you free yourself of your earthly programming, as you find your way back to unity and love, you know that the best is yet to come.  indeed, the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self with VIDEO, October 16th, 2021


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – October 2021


Good Day to you dear awakened ones, you who are the saviors of the world, you who find it so challenging to be on planet earth in this great apocalyptic time of October 2021.

You are so alone, so lonely, so unique in your understanding and thought system.  You, who came to earth to lift the vibration of the planet from its deep entrainment into darkness and negativity, you are now in this world but no longer of this world.

Your human brethren see so little of the truth of their existence in the hologram that is the perceived earthly reality.  They perceive only what they are told by the powers that control the planet earth story.

Their understanding is narrow and controlled by fear.  For fear has been the means by which mankind has been maneuvered into the belief system that he holds to be true.

And each of the belief systems of the billions of people on earth is individual to that human being.  For each has been programmed by the unique circumstances into which he has been born.

And so each person sees the world differently.  And yet humanity has a need for approval, for others to think as they do.  For we are all aspects of God who long for communion and camaraderie.

And in this planet earth schoolroom, our curriculum is to suffer in loneliness, terror and trauma from the separation and division inflicted upon us in this earthly realm.

Human souls came to the earthly hologram to experience just this aloneness, this desperate feeling of not being whole, not being good enough.

For the nature of this low frequency plane is that our egos tell us that however skewed our thinking may be, that biased understanding is, in fact correct.  And so as each person sees the world in a unique and narrow way.

Brother is set against brother, mother against daughter, son against father.  Family values, education, religion, politics, color, national pride and medical belief systems separate each from the other.

It is challenging indeed to be a human being.  Only the very bravest souls come to earth to refine their nature, to develop the depths of their souls understanding of the great source, the great electro magnetic power of love that runs the spiritual and material realm by experiencing the opposite of that love.

And you, our dear ones, the saviors of the world, are the bravest of the brave.  For this earthly schoolroom had reached such a low and fearsome level of vibration that, without your help it could no longer survive.  Mankind were about to become automatons and end the world in a holocaust.

You volunteered to come to help lift the world out of the mire of deep and dark programming into which it had fallen.  The devil had corrupted the thinking of mankind to the degree that the free choice that God had mandated for his children was no longer available.

When you are an automaton, programmed as a computer into thinking what you were taught to think, you no can no longer choose.  For fear is now your regulator.  Fear controls your choice.  You live in the terror and trauma that has been imposed upon you.

In this era of technical advancement mankind is easily maneuvered and manipulated for he listens to the voices that invade his world through the television and internet that are his everyday companions.

This media bombardment has taken the place of the personal communion and camaraderie with his brethren that each individual human so longs for.  The heavy fearsome words he hears 24/7 from the media that is his constant companion, has become his bible, and is taken on unquestionably as his belief.

And dear awakened ones, this is the environment that now surrounds you.  For indeed, your higher vibration, the love that courses through your heart and mind, kept you always as an empath who would not say a cruel word to the narcissists that have surrounded you.

Your human brethren, deeply entrenched in their negative programming are narcissists, for their ego tells them that what they are taught to think is their truth.

And they deride and denigrate anyone who thinks differently, anyone who is kind and loving.  They have an inflated sense of self and of their own knowledge and importance.

Indeed the meek, the kind, the loving, that is you our dear lightworkers, shall inherit the earth.  Yet at this time you are in great distress for you can no longer relate to those around you.

And there appear to be so very few of you, our dear empathic ones.  And as the days pass, your brethren, those who you came here to save, fall more and more deeply into their delusional thinking.

And, you are becoming disheartened.  You are seeing yourselves threatened from all sides.  You see the big picture.  You see how your brethren are living in the illusion that has been imposed upon them.

You see how they believe all that they are told and you despair.

You find it hard to continue to trust.

You watch the alternative media intently and even they, who have touted the ascension reality, who have broadcast the great awakening and revealed the big picture of the corruption of the world, even they are faltering into negativity.

Your brethren want to blame you for your stand against the imposed restrictions that are now an inherent part of every day life.  Your government wants to control you.  You feel so alone and very lonely.  Life has become a real challenge for you.

Indeed, you knew when you came to earth it was a difficult assignment.  Yet you truly did not know how difficult it would be.

Yes dear ones,  you are in the depths of the apocalypse.  You are reaching the lowest point on the procession of the equinox.  The procession of the equinox that is the great 25,000 year cycle that the earth and humanity pass through as they revolve from love to fear to love.

That is how the hologram planet earth works.  That is how fear tempers the souls of mankind into greater understanding, into greater love.  That is how source energy, God, the electro magnetic love that powers the universe, grows the soul aspects of itself that humanity is, into being gods like unto itself.

Dear ones, dear high vibrating souls, be of good cheer.  Truly, under the loneliness, under the hurt that you are now feeling, you know that you are ascending.

You feel the goose bumps, you feel the love that is burgeoning higher and higher within you every day.  Your vibration, the love quotient within you, is growing deeply as love and light are poured into the earthly realm and as you integrate the light into your being.

As we have often said, the corruption, the false understanding, the deceived thinking, both individually, and as a collective, must be revealed before it can be removed.  You cannot change what you do not see needs changing.

And though it seem hopeless that mankind is so delusional and trapped in his imposed thought system, this too is a necessary facet of the ascension process.

The system, the programming is reaching its lowest point.  There are no accidents.  You now know you are on a divine journey.  You know you and your brethren are divine.

Remember nothing wrong ever happened.  You are divine souls undergoing human entrainment to learn greater love.

You are in schoolroom planet earth.  You volunteered to take on this mission.  Much of your life you too were asleep.  Much of your life was spent as a suffering empath among your narcissistic brethren.

You coded yourself to awaken before you came to earth – when you made your life’s plan.  You have awakened, and now dear ones keep your faith, trust the divine plan for your ascension.

For indeed the darkest days come before the dawn and you are reaching the darkest days.  Keep the faith dear ones, keep the faith, trust, know that all is well.

Be of good cheer.  Smile, commune with those few who are awake, for now you are coming together.  Know that all is well, all is divinely planned.

How can it not be so?  For you are all holy aspects of the divine.  You are as drops of water in the ocean of God consciousness.  All is holy, you are holy, planet earth is a holy schoolroom for there is nothing outside God, nothing material or spiritual outside the love vibration.

This planet earth experience is a great perception deception, a great illusional delusion.  Humanity is in the process of returning to love.

Yes, be of good cheer.  Love love love, dear ones.  You know who you are, the divine in manifestation in a body, in a communication vehicle.  You know what you are, You are a creator and you create as the great creator creates through thought, word and manifestation.

You know how you serve, by the amount of light and love you radiate into the world.  And the light and love that emanates from you is saving the world.  Challenging time indeed dear friends, but indeed so worth while.

Champagne corks are popping in heaven as your return is being celebrated.  Indeed, be of good cheer for the best is yet to come.  Indeed the best is yet to come as the perception deception that is the planet earth schoolroom experience implodes and comes to an end.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self with VIDEO, October 13th, 2021


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – October 2021


Good day to you dear lightworkers, our dear representatives on planet earth on this October day of 2021.  And so we are reaching a turning point.  Planet earth and humanity are in great chaos, great division and great separation.

Division and separation are in every sphere of human life.  Brother is warring against brother.  It seems we need a miracle to release us from this war, from this seemingly impossible situation.  And yes indeed, we do need a miracle.

But perhaps it is not the kind of miracle that magically comes from heaven and immediately removes the dark ones, removes the minions of the devil that are busily orchestrating occurrences on planet earth in these great apocalyptic times.

What then is a miracle? What kind of a miracle do we need?  A miracle as described in the Course in Miracles, is a change in perception for each individual human being.

That change in perception takes us from ancient hatreds, from living in the resentments and perceived injustices and injuries of our past, to the peace and love that pass all understanding that is only available when we are living in the present moment.

Schoolroom planet earth is so designed that, through our negative programming, our minds dwell on the past in the present moment.

And so we are kept embroiled in past negativity, and kept from awareness of the present and all the possible good that is held for us in that present, that now moment.

The conditions prevalent on planet earth today are the collective representation of our individual negative thinking.  The outer collective situation is a manifestation of our inner thought world.  And that world is created by the programming we receive and the beliefs and thoughts we hold.

The miracle of the course in miracles, the miracle that we need to ascend to the fifth dimension of love, that miracle is the change in perception that removes our programming.

Our memory is selective.  We can choose what to think.  When we keep bringing up past wrongs, thinking about them, remembering them, turning them over and over in our mind, we feel heavy, guilty, angry, sad and  revengeful.

Remembering past hurts brings them into the present and prevents enjoyment of that present.  And the present now moment is the only moment we ever have.  To heal ourselves, and thus to heal the world we need to release our thinking about the past.

When we release past hurtful memories of negative events, the mind is free to remember our holiness, to remember who we truly are – holy sons of God.  And then, with the mind quiet and peaceful, love pours in.  And as the images in our inner thought world change, so does the manifestation of our outer world out picture into a loving and supportive environment.

In the third dimensional frequency, our thoughts were primarily of memories of the past.  Now, moving into the fifth dimension the past is being released, and our thinking can be of the present moment and who we truly are in the present moment.

For our natural inheritance as holy sons of God is that we are very holy,  created by God in his likeness.

It is a decision.  A simple but not easy decision.  It is simple because it is just a decision.  We can decide to let go of grievances.  We can let go of that interminable round of hurtful memories that circle round and round in our brain.

And yet it is not easy.  For we have been so heavily programmed into negativity and resentment, separation and division.  We have been deeply entrained into blaming and resenting our brethren.  We want to make someone else guilty for every hurtful experience we have.

The holy truth about ourselves is concealed as long as we cherish and live in the repeated memory of wrongs done to us.  The past is causing our present hatred and resentment and peace will not come until we change our perception and release that past.

Planet earth is a schoolroom to learn greater love.  We were programmed by our parents our caretakers, our educational, political, medical and religious institutions to take their philosophies, their beliefs, as our own.

This is the way the planet earth hero’ journey works.  We are programmed into resentment and separation.

And so the young deride the old, each religion looks down on other religions, republicans hate democrats, black is set against white, the slim look down on the overweight, the rich denigrate the poor.

It is this programming that the miracle removes. This is how the planet earth schoolroom works.  It is said that the sins of the fathers shall be visited on the children.  Indeed it is so, for we are programmed into our families ancient and delusional thinking.  This is the deception perception.

The deception perception is that we think and believe what we are taught to think and believe and then behave according to the beliefs that we have been taught to hold.

Each of the individual humans on earth holds uniquely skewed belief systems which control their thoughts and their behavior.

The miracle removes these belief systems and brings the realization that all is Divine.  Planet earth is a schoolroom to learn greater love.  We are all holy sons of God whatever class or category we fall into.  For there is nothing outside God.  All and everything is holy.

And so the planet earth schoolroom experience is holy.  Nothing wrong ever happened.  We are holy souls learning greater love by experiencing the opposite, by experiencing fear.  We are here to make mistakes.

We make a mistake when we choose to think negatively in fear and resentment.  But truly it is not a mistake.   For this is a schoolroom which is designed for us to live in what we perceive as fear, until we have learned that we prefer love.

Fear does not really exist, but it is perceived here on earth to be very real.  Its purpose is to be our teacher.  For we are here in this material realm to experience fear, to feel it and to release it.

Each of us is making mistakes to learn greater love.  Each of us is on a divine hero’s journey through the challenges and discombobulation, the darkness, terror and trauma of the material realm.

We, holy sons of God, have not realized our holiness.  Rather we are living under the thrall of the false and divisive ideas that we have been taught.

And that is why we so need a miracle in this time of awakening and revelation.  The miracle that releases these false ideas of hurt and injustice.

And when the mind is freed of past resentments repeated in the present moment, it is free to realize that its present state is that of a holy son of God – as is that of all its brethren.

And so nothing wrong ever happened.  We were programmed into negative, false divisive, denigrating beliefs.  We thought and acted according to our programming.  It is a wonderful schoolroom that we souls embedded in human bodies have created for ourselves.

The release of dark and heavy past memories and resentments is what is happening to us in this time of the great awakening.  This is how we move into the fifth dimension of love.  This is the work of the miracle.

As the course in miracles says, remember nothing that you were taught for you were badly taught.  When ancient memories of hate appear, remember that their cause is gone.  Be glad that they are gone, for this is what you would be pardoned from.

This is the change that is now taking place in our world.  This is the true nature of the great awakening to love that we are experiencing at this time.

The great revelation of the corruption of the conspiracy of evil to control the planet is taking place.  Yet it cannot be changed at the level of form.  It must be changed at the level of each holy heart and mind of man.

And the miracle of the change of perception from fear to love is doing this.  As we release our dark programming, as we decide for loving thoughts in the present moment and release our concentration on past injustices, so we are free to ascend.

For what is ascension but moving into the love frequency.  So dear hearts, dear souls, be of good cheer.  The fifth dimension is our true immortal souls inheritance.  We are holy sons of God who have experienced the hero’s journey through the mire of negative programming and fear perceptions that are the nature of the planet earth schoolroom.

And as we allow the miracle of a change in perception to mould us into a new and present moment way of thinking, the best is, indeed, yet to come.

For as we change our thinking, so we change our world into reflecting the new and wonderful images and ideas that will flow into our world.

Love and light dear ones, love and light.  All is well in our world as we return to love through the miracle of a new and holy way of perceiving all that is around us.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, October 8th, 2021

THE FINAL LESSON FOR EMPATHS                                     

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – October 2021


And so we are in October of 2021.  And there is considerable chaos and discombobulation around us.  Our world seems crazy.

There is such a loving longing within your hearts dear ones, our dear lightworkers, our wonderful starseeds.  You feel so alone.  There are, now, for many of you, a few precious souls with whom you can commune.

Yet, the world around you is populated with low resonating third dimensional humanity who are falling more and more deeply into the deception perception, the illusional delusion that is the planet earth separation from source experience.

And sometimes, you even wonder if you have understood the world, and God’s plan for the world, rightly.  For most of you, our holy ones, still see yourselves as suffering from the outrageous words and deeds of your fellow travelers in this earthly realm.

Your situation, your concerns, the challenges you undergo from day to day, seem to be getting worse and worse as each day passes.

You expected your life to get easier.  As the Course in Miracles says, “you can have peace instead of this.”  And you expected peace at this stage.  And it is true that on occasion you do feel peaceful.  You feel the power of love, the wonder of source energy, of light, of truth coursing through your veins.

At these times you know that nothing wrong ever happened.  The words “I am the love, I am the light, I am the truth” circle in your thinking.

In fact, at these times, there is little thinking.  For thinking the thoughts of the material world keeps us from our holiness.  At these times there are beautiful, high vibrating goosebumps in your head.  And you feel lifted above the pain and hurt of this human world.

And yet, you do not stay in this holy resonance, in this beautiful upper room of love and light.  For dear ones, you godly empaths, you loving souls, you have suffered much from narcissistic abuse all your lives.

Before you ascend truly into the fifth love dimension, you needs must clear yourself of this deeply embedded programming.  And so you are being given the opportunities to do this.

These opportunities come in the form of lessons.  For remember, planet earth is a schoolroom for holy souls embedded in third dimensional human bodies to learn greater love.

Truly, you never were deeply third dimensional.  You had more of the love vibration embedded in your beingness.  You had greater access to the love of your soul than those around you.

And as is the way of human beings, you assumed that all around you thought and acted as honestly and authentically as you did.

Yet those around you were not like you.  Remember you brought in the light to save the world.  You volunteered to come to earth and not belong.   You knew you would have a very challenging task, for those around you were so deeply embedded in their ego programming and their limited negative understanding.

And as narcissists, as ego driven, low vibrating individuals controlled by the programming of the powers that be and manipulated and maneuvered into negative behavior, your brethren were attracted to your empathy, your lack of resistance to their prodding and poking.

They could not attack and denigrate each other without resistance.  You were the perfect victim, the perfect stooge for their insane thinking.

For, since the world around you appeared to laugh at you, to disparage and criticize you, you assumed that you must be wrong.  Everyone around you could not be wrong.  You must be the faulty one, you must be sinful and inadequate in every way.

Oh yes dear ones.  This lifetime has been very painful, very challenging for you.  Many of you turned to drink and drugs to escape from the pain.  Many overate, or didn’t eat, many lapsed into illness.  Anything, anything to escape the pain of feeling so unworthy, so unloved.

And the worst of it was that you learned not to love yourselves.  This is what made your life so difficult.  You, who loved all around you, learned not to love yourselves.

You became your own worst enemies.  You saw yourself through the eyes of the disparaging world around you.  You flailed about, you tried this, you tried that.  Your greatest ego problem was not arrogance, it was false humility.

I’m sorry, I apologize, I am not worthy became your mantra.  Life was so painful that some even voluntarily left this world by suicide or voluntary drug abuse or adopted illness.

And so now where do you stand dear ones, what is your situation?

In order to clear yourselves of the false ideas, the ego based programmed indoctrinated self denigration, you need to see it.  You cannot clear yourself of your human, low vibrating programming until you see exactly how you are programmed.

This is why you are still falling prey to the narcissism around you.  Be assured dear ones, precious empaths, that these days are your last days of apparent suffering on planet earth.

Nothing wrong ever happened.  Universal law dictates that you are given the experiences you need to clear yourselves.  And that is what is happening in your lives.

The difference between your earlier experiences and what is happening to you in these great apocalyptic days, is that the truth is being revealed to you.

As you are gaslighted and prodded and poked with the hurtful words and deeds of your narcissistic brethren, you are seeing the truth of their behavior and the truth of your apologetic response.

You are loving towards your brethren, now behave lovingly towards yourself.  It is not a sin to reject unkindness and devious, cruel, manipulative behavior.  Your brethren cannot help themselves for they are deeply embedded in the planet earth schoolroom.

They are learning the lessons of love through karma.  By being narcissistic, the narcissism that they have inflicted on others will come back to haunt them – and eventually they too will learn greater love.

That is what we are here to do, to learn greater love by experiencing the opposite.  All is holy, all are holy, planet earth is indeed a schoolroom for divine holy souls.

And now dear ones,  you are experiencing more of the outrageous behavior under which you have suffered all of your challenging life.  And be of good cheer dear ones for as this is the time of great revelation for the whole world, so it is a time of revelation for you.

Love yourselves deeply and intensely.  You are holy sons of God who are of a higher resonance than your human brethren.  You came here to bring the light of love, the power of free flowing source energy into the world.

You have suffered intensely for you were fodder for you low vibrating brethren.  Now nurture yourselves.  Let go of the control of your manipulative peers.  Know who you are.  Commune with source and commune with each other.

It is the nature of humanity to want that which appears unattainable, so you tend to want to long for communion with your low vibrating brethren and reject the easily attainable camaraderie of your fellow empaths.  For if something is easily attained it cannot be worth much.

Oh dear ones, you are doing very well indeed.  We, your brethren beyond the veil are inestimably proud of you.  This too will pass dear ones as you rise higher and higher in vibration.

You are the love, the light and the truth our precious souls, our wonderful empaths.  And, you know now, that the best is yet to come.   Yes, there is more discombobulation, more chaos ahead.

Yet you know in your hearts, that the old tired and sad world of separation, of conflict, of division, of arrogance and painful manipulation, of wars, of disease – is ending.

The days of evil, narcissistic entrapment are numbered.  You the meek, the humble, the holy will inherit the new earth.  As eventually will all your brethren.

For we are all holy.  Our souls are drops of water in the ocean of God consciousness.  There is nothing outside God.  This human world is just a blip in the enormous, the infinite, the never ending world of holy love and light.

Yes, be of good cheer our dear ones, for the best is yet to come.  God has built his plan for the salvation of the world on you.  Be well and know you will prosper dear friends.

You are the love, you are the light, you are the truth and you are freeing yourselves from the deception perception of schoolroom planet earth.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, August 3d, 2021

The Effects of Social Media | Aita Channeling Her Higher Self


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – August 2021

Good Day to you dear Starseeds, our Lightworkers on planet earth in this August of 2021, we are very pleased to connect with you. And so, August has arrived and we are still in the thick of the pantomime.

And we have come to see the planet earth situation clearly. We know now that the times we are living in are a great Shakespearian stage play, a movie the script of which we wrote ourselves.

It is an interplay of the devil and the divine. It is a tragedy comedy, illogical, upside down series of events designed for us great souls ensconced in human bodies to experience, the fear, the deep dark negative emotions, the loneliness and chaos that could not be experienced in our heavenly reality.

And so to school us, by the experience of the not preferred, by the living through hatred and chaos and separation and deep dark fear, and so to school us into greater love and compassion and deeper communion and camaraderie with each other.

And all that is happening is meant to be so. As we have often said, nothing wrong ever happened. There are no accidents on planet earth. What seems like absolute disaster, complete chaos and confusion, is in fact, the playing out of events as decreed by the divine itself, as intended by the great I am, and as designed by ourselves who are a part of that great I am.

And so, we know now that all we have ever been taught here on earth by our controllers, was a lie by the design of the dark forces that heaven sent to earth to play the part of the devil.

Contrary to all we have been told, our governments are not out to protect us or, to look after our best interests. They are, in fact, out to destroy us, to manipulate and maneuver us, to coerce us into behaviors that hurt us while meeting their nefarious plan.

Our information sources, our main stream media are representatives of these dark forces and sell the agenda of our dark controllers, the agenda of the devil.

They repeat in heavy tones their lies and disinfomation day after day and so program mankind into believing their story, their

false picture of what is happening in our world. They are reversing the truth and telling us that what is good is bad and what is bad is good.

Spirituality and reincarnation, we have been told, are not real, whereas they are the truth of our reality. We are divine souls having a human experience. Using our biological computer bodies as communication devices to allow us to function in this material world.

And as for reincarnation, we have, in truth, lived many, many lifetimes and played many, many parts in this planet earth soap opera where the good and the bad vie for our allegiance.

Moreover, the religions according to which we have been taught to create our picture of the world, are simply crowd control measures, designed to set faith against faith. For by these teachings we have learned to worship false gods and empty idols rather than behave lovingly and caringly towards each other.

Rather than unifying us, religions create murder and mayhem. Those who do not comply with the imposed rules and dogma have been punished both physically and mentally, and denigrated and rejected as sinful, wicked and immoral.

Our food, our air, our water have been polluted. Our environment has been contaminated to dumb down our bodies and weaken our will that we might be more compliant and subservient and less able to resist the demands of the powers that be.

And finally the science that is so lauded, so praised, so claimed to be absolute in the truth that it provides us, is a travesty of conjecture and misinterpretation and designed to mislead and deceive us.

And a large part of this plan is the emergence of computer social media sites. While they were touted as uniting us, as a new and powerful tool for friendship and communication, they have turned out to be a double edged tool.

They have become sources of fear and pain. For they are separation and division devices. They have taken the place of true communion and camaraderie.

We, in our holy heavenly spirit dimension are all one. As human beings our divine souls, ensconced in our human bodies, are still united.

Yet our minds and ego are so designed that we can live lives in apparent separation and isolation, be eminently programmable and so undergo individual experiences.

In this third dimensional low vibrating planet earth plane, by living through challenging events, and choosing between preferred and not preferred responses to these events, we can individuate our talents preferences and abilities.

And yet our souls deeply long for the togetherness and unity, the communion and camaraderie of our remembered heavenly existence.

We need each other, we long for true, honest and authentic fellowship.

Social media, communication by computer, was designed by the powers that be, by our controllers, to keep us apart.

When we are together we feel the warmth of our smiles we see the light shining in each others eyes. We feel each others energy, we lift each other by being mutually in the same space. We hear the tone of our words and feel the love of mixing our auras together

The hugs we give each other, the gentle touch are essential for our well being. Babies who are not loved and held and cuddled die from such neglect.

When we are together we have interactive conversations, we can respond to each other in real time and correct misinterpretations. With physical togetherness we can truly communicate with each other.

With social media, that is interaction by computer typewritten material alone, this very necessary, personal interaction is removed. And it has been replaced by superficial, inane postings. to prove each individuals superiority and prowess of a material kind.

And, alone and lonely, led by our ego and mind, social media participants look for empty signs of approval. They look for the number of followers they have. In their isolation they allow their mind to dwell on the negative comments they often receive to their postings.

And negative emotions, fear and feelings of not being good enough are the result. As the days pass the sadness, the sorrow, the loneliness increase as they feel rejection, and depression and feelings of severe despondency are frequently the result.

For the human touch has been removed. It is the desire of our controllers to separate us. And social media has achieved this objective to a great degree.

For united in our togetherness we are very powerful. In separation we are easy to control, easily programmable into compliance and subservience, fear and apathy.

Indeed social media is a double edged sword for there is another aspect to this. And that is that social media has become our alternative media source.

It is the place where truthers, those who have awakened to the truth of the planet earth conspiracy, can post their videos and tell the truth of human history.

It is the place where research can be done, and the lies of the main stream media exposed. And it is a great gift that the truth that is exposed is bringing down the powers that be, is uncovering the corruption, is removing the devil from planet earth.

And so, our dear ones, you who have awakened to the truth of the planet earth reality and your own divinity, you avoid social media for you do not relate to the superficial communication it provides.

But you do appreciate and very much enjoy following the videos of the truthers who do their best to provide honest reporting on the state of affairs on planet earth.

Yet even these reports are losing their attraction as the ascension process drags on day after day after day.

Be of good cheer dear ones, be of good cheer. All is progressing as it needs to on planet earth. It must needs do so for these great times of revelation are decreed by the divine.

And, as we well know in our hearts, the best is yet to come. Look to yourselves, concentrate on the good, the lovely, the light that you can feel now shining from your heart.

Refine your own nature. This great pause in the planet earth resurrection is a gift for you and for all of humanity to help them to awaken. The outrageous lies, the atrocious, abhorrent behavior of the dark ones has been accentuated to awaken your still sleeping brethren.

Yes, be of good cheer for indeed, we know in our heart that the best is yet to come. Love and light dear friends, love and light, for the best is yet to come as we ascend out of the low vibrating third dimensional paradigm.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – July 28, 2021



Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – July 2021

Good Day to you our dear Lightworkers on planet earth, in this July of 2021.  And so, the great awakening of planet earth is continuing and disinformation is everywhere.

You wonder now if those alternative news sources that you have been listening to so intently, and believing so completely, if they are, in fact, telling the truth.  Are they also disinformation sources?

You are getting to the point that you believe nothing and no-one.  Everything is becoming a “maybe” for you.  And this is good.  For in this upside down world, where promises are broken, where what is good is made out to be bad and what is holy is called evil, it is not wise to believe anything you are told.

We are living in a world where our five sense understanding has been paramount.  Only what we see, sense, touch, taste or smell has mattered.

That still small voice from within has been denied.  The voice of our soul, our intuition, our inner knowing has been pushed away, and we have been taught to believe that our governments, our doctors, our religions, our educational system know better than we do.

We have been taught to believe them implicitly.  And, even we lightworkers who have awakened to the knowing of our holy divinity. and the upside down nature of the planet earth experience, are still feeling unworthy.

We question ourselves at every turn.  Are we thinking rightly, are we worthy, are we judging others, do we deserve to ascend, and even will we ascend out of this third dimensional, heavy, negative matrix?

Why is it that those still caught in the trap of the five senses, those who believe all that they are told, live in arrogant certainty that they know everything?  While we, who see beyond the narrow confines of earthly physical perception, are uncertain of our new reality and feel unworthy?

We cannot speak our truth, we cannot share the big upside down picture of control and cruel deception that is now so obvious to us.  For, when we do so, our brethren taunt us for being “conspiracy theorists” and a danger to society.

The last thing we want is the dissension and discord that sharing our knowing creates.  And what do we know?  We know that the soul of mankind is divine.  We know that our bodies, our biological computers in which our souls reside, are temporary communication devices allowing us to experience the planet earth schoolroom.

We know that mankind is living in a great deception, a great illusion  where right has been called wrong and good has been called bad.  We know that all our governing systems have been corrupted and our media, our newspapers and television tell us outright lies.

And yet when we attempt to share this, our true understanding of life on planet earth, we are ridiculed and shamed and the anger of our brethren is turned upon us.

And we so often feel unworthy for we cannot but help judge those around us for their narrow understanding and unkind behavior.  And when we judge them, we feel guilty.

Projection makes perception, and we are projecting our own remaining defects and dysfunctions upon our brethren.

Our challenge, our great problem is that even though we have awakened to the truth of the greater reality beyond the five sense matrix, we have lived in that matrix for all of our many, many lifetimes.

And just as our brethren think in a narrow and confined, negative and limited way, so have we thought for eons as we negotiated the days of our many lives.

We, too, were indoctrinated with evil and self denigrating ideas.  We too were taught to speak and act unkindly.  We too were conditioned into the negative way of being that schoolroom planet earth imposes on its citizens.  And that way of thinking became a habit that is now a challenge to overcome.

The difference between us awakened ones, and our still sleeping brethren, is that we are doing our best to overcome that habitual negative thinking and deal with our dysfunctions and negative projections.

We are watching how we speak and we are careful as to how we act.

And, as we watch our words, we see how often we stray from the straight and and narrow path of love.  And we judge ourselves just as we judge our brethren.

Kindness, compassion and caring are our intent now.  We have an intense desire for belonging, for communion and camaraderie with our brethren.  And yet we cannot belong.

And we know now that our thinking creates our reality.  And yet, how can we not judge our brethren when we see how they think and act and are so unkind to each other?

It is a challenge indeed to change the way we have thought for lifetimes.  We have been deeply conditioned by the corruption of planet earth.

Yes, we have to a great degree quieted our minds.  Yes, we have reached a level of peace and joy and gratitude that is becoming our new beingness.

Yet still these thoughts of unworthiness, guilt and shame haunt us.  And we so long to belong in this human world that no longer meets our needs.

So, as we wait for our brethren to awaken, what is the answer?

We would be wise to focus, not on the details of what is happening in our world, or on the words and deeds of those around us.

Rather let us think of the big picture.  Planet earth is a schoolroom for divine souls to have a human experience.  We planned our lives before we were born into this physical realm.

There are no accidents.  Every now moment of every day, whether it be seen as positive or negative, contains within it a gift of experience from which we can learn that which we came here to learn.

Every experience we have, every thought we think, is needed for our ascension.  For we cannot change our thinking and our behavior until we see what needs to be changed.

So, acceptance and surrender is our answer.  Neutrality is the order of the day.  All that is happening around us, all that is said and done, is for us to see how we are dysfunctional, where we are loving and where we are not.

When we feel guilt or shame or dysfunction, when we have negative emotions, we are still thinking in a way that is not in sync with our soul’s desire.

So, be of good cheer dear ones.  This turmoil, this dissatisfaction too will pass.  Each day, as you negotiate the events of your lives, is important for your ascension.

For in each day you are seeing more of the truth of your thinking and behavior and you are moving into greater communion with your soul.  Each day you are feeling more peace, more joy, more love and light flowing through your mind and heart.

Yes, life is good and getting better and as you negotiate the end times chaos in the world and in your personal experience.  For you know now that this is a necessary part of the ascension process.

And, indeed, the wonder of it is that the best is yet to come.  Yes indeed we are very grateful for as we release our remaining negative and dysfunctional thinking, we know that the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, July 25th, 2021

EARTH’S LOW LEVEL OF VIBRATION                              

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – July 2021

On this day in late July of 2021, we are very pleased to connect with you.  Today we will talk of the very low level of vibration in which you exist on earth.

We often talk of you, dear souls, being multi dimensional.  And so you are.  But here on earth, with your souls ensconced within your human heart, within your biological computer bodies, you are in a very limited, a very low level of frequency.

All that is, everything, is about vibration and frequency.  Everything on earth, everything in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency.  That frequency determines the nature of the life form or the object.

Even what appears to us as solid furniture or living creatures, vibrate.  And that vibration is what allows them to be on this earth, in this hologram that is the universal experience, appearing as they appear.  And so, dear ones, you too, in this earthly realm, vibrate.  And it is the level at which you vibrate that makes you what you are.

As we have often said, Planet earth has been designed as a schoolroom for you, divine souls, to experience that which cannot be experienced in heaven.  To experience fear and all the negative emotions which are so prevalent in this dense vibration.

It is the density of the vibration, the low plane of frequency on which earth exists, that allows for the schoolroom experience.  Here on earth very little of your great multi dimensional soul is available to you.

Let us make this very clear.  Your soul is a part of God, a part of the great I am, a part of all that is.  Your soul is as a drop of water in the ocean of God consciousness.

You are an explorer, a traveler, an experiencer for God.  Your soul is an aspect of God that has volunteered to come to Earth, and place itself in your human heart, to experience the density, the pain and suffering that cannot be experienced in your true heavenly reality.

And your human body is a communication device that allows your soul to experience the low vibrating earthly realm.

How to set up such a reality.  If you truly knew who you are, this human experience would be a joke.  You could not suffer, or feel pain, dissension or argument if you remembered the great and grand, wonderful fragment of the divine that is your inheritance.

And so it was necessary for you to come to earth not knowing who you are, not remembering your divine reality.

All that is, the divine, the flowing the knowing, the glowing of love that is God, thirsts for knowledge of itself, thirsts for experience outside its glorious divine, heavenly reality.

In your heavenly existence, in the flow of the love of the great I Am, in the wonder of communion with all the aspects of the divine who are your true brethren, existence is wonderful.

You aspects of God that you truly are, are one.  You revel in being together, in true fellowship, in the knowing, the glowing the flowing of God.  You are telepathic, each and all share thoughts, share experience, share existence.

This oneness, this knowing that you truly are all great and grand souls, a part of the divine, is your true wonderful heavenly reality.  And yet magnificent as this is, there is little expansion.   And our God, the totality of all that we are, thirsts for knowledge.

And so was created the material realm, and so was created planet earth as a part of that material realm,  planet earth, a very low vibrating part of that material realm.

You, our dear ones, are very brave souls.  We cannot praise you enough.  For you have volunteered to come to earth to experience that with cannot be experienced in heaven.

In order to expand your consciousness, to individuate yourself from your fellows, to gain knowledge that you can report back to divinity, and to each other, you volunteered to come into this very low vibration of pain and suffering.

Very little of your divine soul is available to you here.  For you are born into the low vibration of fear, where love cannot enter.   In this schoolroom planet earth it is fear that is your teacher.

David Hawkins in his book “Power vs. Force” described, on a scale of 0 to 1000, the emotions that are felt on planet earth.  As souls are born on to this earthly plane, they enter into the low vibrations of shame and guilt and grief and fear, anger and hatred and jealousy.

These negative, fear filled emotions are our guides for behavior.  And our fellow humans, our brethren are our teachers.  For we are all educated by our parents, caretakers and governments into dysfunctional, unloving, hateful behavior.

As the bible says, the sins of the fathers shall be visited on the children for generations.  The dysfunctional parents, were treated unkindly, cruelly by their parents.

They, in turn, treat their children unkindly and cruelly.  We humans are programmable.  This is how the human experience works.  We take on the programs, the lifestyle, the emotions of those amongst whom we are born.

And so we are unkind to each other and from this, the negative low vibrating emotions are generated.  And we live in fear, we live in hatred of our unkind brethren.  We live in resentment and anger, in depression and apathy, jealousy and false pride.  We are resentful victims of those around us.

And it is our job to overcome all of this and return to our soul’s desire, return to our true heavenly vibration of love.  To have the courage, the bravery to step outside the norm of the low vibrating victimhood into which we were born.

And, here on earth, the negative emotions are our guide.  For we feel these negative emotions when we do not behave divinely towards ourselves, or towards our brethren.

It is here that choice comes in.  We can choose love or fear.  It takes great courage to choose love.  For the feeling of love is uncomfortable when we are wallowing in the low density of fear and when we are treated unkindly.

The emotion of courage is, on David Hawkins scale at 200.  All the negative emotions are below 200, all the positive emotions,  all the feelings that will raise us up back into our true loving reality, are above 200.

And so, we can choose the fear into which we are born and educated, or we can choose love.  And we have endless opportunities, innumerable challenges in this life to choose between the fearful and the loving emotions.

We are all programmed to various levels of fear, to various ways of behaving unkindly.  We prod and poke at each other with unkind words and deeds.

We become victims who must retaliate in the low, below 200, fear density with equal unkindness, hatred, anger and jealousy.  We are the ultimate hard done by injured parties.

Yet suppose we have the courage to respond to cruelty to hatred to anger with love.  Then the cruelty, the anger dissipate, for we lift our vibration and the vibration of those around us out of the pit of low density darkness.

Our emotions are our guide to living.  Negative emotions mean we have chosen to respond with one of the low vibrating fear feelings.  Positive emotions mean we have chosen to respond with one of the high vibrating loving emotions.

The positive emotions that exist in the zone from 200 to 1000 are optimism, willingness, forgiveness, reason, peace, harmony, acceptance, hope and happiness, joy and bliss and finally enlightenment.

Enlightenment means that we see the truth of our planet earth experience.  And that truth sets us free.  We see how we and our brethren are programmed into dark behaviors.  We have had the courage to step outside that programming, to examine our dysfunctions, and regardless of what is going on around us, we have had the courage to choose love.

In this human schoolroom of positive and negative emotions we are, by choosing between the preferred and the not preferred, individuating our personalities, refining our talents, our preferences, our abilities.

Rather than being a drop of like water in the ocean of God consciousness, we are becoming Gods like unto God himself.  For we must understand that we are a part of God.

That is a great and wonderful statement.  We are a part of God.  It is part of the training of schoolroom planet earth that we think of ourselves as sinful, poor, corrupt creatures.

Not so, we are a part of God experiencing pain and suffering to grow ourselves in the truth and knowledge, the love and light, that sets us free.

It is our job to have the courage to look at, to examine the dysfunctional behavior that we have been taught and by which we have lived.  Each negative emotion tells us that we are not behaving divinely.  It is our job to return to love and behave divinely.

As we repeat the same harsh and negative behaviors over and over again, we experience the same fear filled negative emotions over and over again.

We cannot repeat the same behavior and expect a different result.  And now, in this wonderful time of ascension, the low vibrating density in which the earth has so long existed is lifting.

Schoolroom planet earth is coming to an end for us.  We are ascending back into the love vibration.  And, the wonder of it is that the best is yet to come.

As we clear our dysfunctional, unkind behavior, as we learn to love ourselves and our brethren, as we learn to respond kindly, lovingly to all that happens around us, we are leaving the low density of our earthly fear entrainment behind.

We are very grateful for we would not be the compassionate, kind and wise beings that we are without our challenging earthly experience.

You, our dear lightworkers, are very brave souls.  You have overcome the world.  And, as you rise in frequency, the best is yet to come.  Yes indeed, the wonder of it is that the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings indeed.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, July 20th, 2021

Starseeds | Aita Channeling Her Higher Self

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – July 2021


It is July of 2021, and now starseeds, are truly awakening to who and what they are. You, our dear wayshowers, our wonderful representatives on planet earth today, are awakening to the truth of your magnificence.

At last you are coming into your own. You have moved beyond your earthly programming, for you have recognized the programs you were conditioned into believing. You have seen the truth of how you were programmed and that truth has set you free.

Who are starseeds? They are extremely sensitive and empathetic beings who function at a higher vibration of love than does the average human being.

Many starseeds have experienced life on other less dense planets. Some have not visited the material realm before, but came straight from their heavenly existence of love and light, of union with all that is.

Can you imagine what a difficult time they had, you had, in this dark and negatively oriented world. You, our dear ones, are of a higher frequency than the majority of mankind. You radiate love. You are extremely sensitive and empathetic. You sense the emotions of those around you as if they were your own.

You starseeds are a group of souls that have incarnated on earth during this time of planetary transition into a new and higher level of awareness, a new and love based reality.

You radiate love and light. As you awaken, your positive energy is changing the earth’s holographic field. That is what you came to earth to do, to shift planet earth and humanity into a higher consciousness by, collectively, creating a grid of positive energy that will change the earth’s holographic field.

This human schoolroom, planet earth environment, is based on frequency and vibration. The low vibration that humanity has lived in for generations past, allows fear to reign supreme. Allows the gift of contrast.

From experiencing the negative, the undesirable, the not preferred, we can see what we want. For we have lived through what we don’t want. That is what we came to planet earth to do, to live through what we don’t want.

And now this earthly world has completed another cycle through the procession of the equinox, through the planetary alignment that allowed the energies of schoolroom earth to be at the low vibration of fear and negative emotion.

For, only in this low energy, at this low vibration, can mankind experience the negativity that pummels them into a greater understanding of love.

And mankind has truly experienced the deep darkness of trials and tribulations, of pain and separation, and it is time for planet earth and its inhabitants to ascend from the pit of that negativity, from the knowing of contrast, to the christ consciousness.

The christ consciousness that is the divine light, the amount of the flow of the love of source energy, that can be incorporated into the human body, into the human biological computer, as mankind raises up from his nightmare dream of darkness.

Our dear starseeds it is your time to shine. It is your job now to help humanity. And you do so just by being here on earth and collectively radiating the christ consciousness that you now embody.

Hitherto, in your earthly journey you have had a challenging time. As a child you truly did not fit in with other children. You felt you were not at home on earth. You are very sensitive and empathetic and you felt the emotions of others.

You tended to be alone, for you found it hard to connect with your human brethren who had such different interests, such fearful thoughts. And yet, in many ways you were a people person, for when you could connect, you loved company.

You were considered to be strange by your human peers, you couldn’t fit into society, you were misinterpreted and lonely. You did not have many friends for, from your higher level of vibration, there were not many people you could relate to.

You were of a kinder, a more loving vibration, and you could not understand the narcissistic humans who poked and prodded at you with their words and deeds, who took advantage of your kindness.

Your purpose in life is to be of service to those around you, to help where you can. You set very high standards for yourself and are constantly concerned in case you have said or done anything to upset your brethren.

And your kindness, your concern was taken as weakness. You were harassed and put down for your empathy. Your humility and meekness were taken as a lack of strength.

And this lifetime of intimidation and persecution has made it hard for you to step forward, to speak your truth. And yet you truly, deeply want intimacy, authenticity, honest connection, communion and camaraderie.

You do not relate to the superficial relationships, the lack of honesty, the deceit that are the norm in the third dimensional, fear filled world.

You are a hunter, a seeker of spirituality. You are deeply interested in things of the spirit. You are mostly thinking about spiritual issues, reading spiritual books, researching spirituality. You are committed to your own self growth and that of those around you.

And, you have been through a powerful spiritual awakening. You now see the truth of the deception perception of mankind. You can see how they, and you, have been programmed.

You know now that earth is filled with divine souls, in human bodies, experiencing a dream state of negativity, in order that, by the contrast of darkness, they turn to love. You know that everyone is exactly where they need to be, doing exactly what they need to do.

You are now aware of how your thoughts and words create your reality. And how this is so for all of mankind. And so, you watch your words carefully. You question yourself constantly that your words be kind and caring, uplifting and encouraging.

And so you lift up all around you into a higher frequency. This is how you are saving the world. This is how you are uplifting humanity out of the pit of darkness and depravity he had fallen into.

Just as was intended, dear starseeds, your collective, combined energy is saving the world. For much as you have suffered, much as you have been rejected for your kindness, you have forgiven all.

You have dropped the victim story that is part of the journey of humanity here on earth. You know there are no accidents. All that you suffered you planned for yourself. You planned the positive and the negative experiences. So there is nothing to forgive, for nothing wrong ever happened.

And it is such a relief to know that. That is part of the truth that sets you free. Soul growth through forgiveness is the starseeds mission both for themselves and for others.

By healing yourselves, by forgiving yourselves, you are healing the world. You are transmuting negative energy and changing the vibration of the planet earth and its inhabitants.

You know now that religion and religious dogma are not important. It is love and compassion and universal law that rule the world. Unlike mainstream religion which would have you worship Jesus, you do your best to behave as Jesus did.

You are a being operating at a higher level of consciousness. And, for you to fulfill your mission, it is important that you realize this. This again, is part of the truth that sets you free.

And so our dear ones, life is good and getting better. As you self actualize yourself out of the pit of negative emotions, out of the low frequency of fear, you are fulfilling your mission.

Each day now as the loving energy of divinity pervades the earth, you feel more love, more light, more exuberance. And you shine that light beautifully on those around you. And, the wonder of it is that the best is yet to come.

Yes indeed, we are very grateful and most appreciative of what we are, where we are and what we know. And we know, that as we ascend into the new and holy vibration, the best times are yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self with VIDEO, July 17th, 2021

LIGHTWORKERS, HOW ARE YOU FEELING?                      

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – July 2021

In this July of 2021, we are very pleased to connect with you.  How are you feeling our dear ones,  our dear representatives on planet earth? What is your predominant emotion in this time of the great revelation, in this confusing great awakening experience?

Most of this human life that you are now living, has been dedicated to the third dimensional, low vibrating world of fear.  That is the experience that planet earth has provided for its inhabitants.  Fear has been your predominant feeling in the early part of your life.

This earthly journey, this material planet earth realm, was set up by Divinity, so that aspects of itself could experience other that what can be known in the everlasting, eternal and Divine heavenly reality that is the true inheritance of the aspects of God that we are.

God, love, Source Energy is all that is.  It is a flowing, a glowing, a knowing electromagnetic energy, an all encompassing power which is beyond human comprehension.

It is an energy which contains within it everything that is in the spirit and material realm. It is the love that is the universe and that powers the universe, the power that energizes the material realm.  It is energy that can be transmuted into form.

And the goal of this Divine love, the objective of the universe is to expand.  Our God, the flow of love that is God, thirsts for  knowledge, has an inherent desire for experience, to know all things, to comprehend all possibilities.

And we human beings, we bodies, we biological programmable computers have an aspect of God, a spark of the Divine, embedded within our human hearts.

In our heavenly existence, as Spirits without the heaviness and limitation of a body, we are in the flow of the oneness of heaven.  We are all united, we are telepathic, we are in bliss, in ecstasy, in that flow of Divine love, as we commune together.

God is the ocean that encompasses all that is.  We are as drops of water in that Ocean of God consciousness.  And, as such, all that God is, is available to us in our Divine reality.

We can access the akashic records, the massive cosmic compendium of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present or future for all life forms.  And so divine wisdom is ours and all knowledge is open to us.

And yet here on earth, our comprehension is tightly limited for we are in a very low vibration.  And we. ourselves, chose to come here.  For experiencing life as a human is a great gift to the Divine Souls that we are.

As we have often said, earth is a schoolroom.  All the souls that are here on earth in human bodies chose willingly and enthusiastically to come here.

The earthly life, in a human body, with no memory of the great I am, the great God consciousness that we are truly are, is very challenging.  For here we do not know we are Divine.

Here on earth we are in a very low limited field of vibration, a frequency that is ruled by fear.  That is ruled by negative emotions that do not exist in our heavenly realm.

Here we experience what we cannot experience in heaven.  Here we feel anger, hatred, jealousy, rage, apathy, depression, false pride and all the aspects of fear and negative emotion as human programming clashes with human programming.

For our bodies, our biological computers and our brains are eminently programmable.  Words repeated often, at low frequencies, with heavy intonation and dark and devious images and music, program us to take on their negative ideas.

These ideas, repeated and repeated form the filter of thoughts and beliefs through which we live life.  And filters of understanding clash with each other.

As programmable humans we take on the ideas we are given by our governments and their corrupt media representatives as if they were our own and we protect them with our very lives.  For we think we are that which we have been told we are.

This human realm is very important for the expansion of heavenly souls. That is why we volunteered to come to earth.  We knew that in experiencing the contrast, in knowing fear, in choosing between love and fear, we would expand our consciousness, we would know greater love.

And we, as aspects of God, in our soul nature, in heaven, set up this earthly dark and challenging experience for ourselves.  We planned our lives together with our soul family, our guides, our angels.

We set up the difficult experiences, the clashes of understanding, the arguments, the dissensions that we were to experience here on earth.

There are no accidents.  All that happens to us happens for a Divine purpose, for our growth and increased understanding, our growth into a deeper love a deeper peace, a greater bliss and ecstasy.

By experiencing the opposite of love, that truly does not exist in our divine reality, we come to know how great and wonderful, how powerful is the Divine, is the love in which we dwell as Divine souls.

And we come to understand and have great compassion for the suffering of our brethren.  You would not be the great, kind, caring, totally empathetic being that you are now if you had not been through the planet earth schoolroom.

You have been maneuvered and manipulated into choosing love by experiencing the deep dark pain of fear.   You have been sad, lonely and lived through separation from your brethren.

And so, how are you feeling now, our Divine and wonderful lightworkers, now that you are moving out of fear and into the fifth dimension of love.

You, our dear lightworkers, are different from the majority of your human brethren.  The schoolroom planet earth was set up for Divine souls to eat of the tree of good and evil.

It was set up for humans to feel the low vibrating, third dimensional, limited fear frequency.   Earth is as a great stage play.  Souls volunteer to come here and ensconce themselves in human bodies as actors.

Some play the part of the kind, the good, the loving individual, others play the part of the evil, the corrupt ones, the controllers.  It is the interplay of these different vested interests that allows for the dissension and strife that pummels Divine Souls into a greater  understanding of love.

And this stage play, this great pull between the light forces and the evil ones fell deeper and deeper into darkness.  Programmable mankind had become deeply controlled and entrenched in the thought system of the devious, nefarious human controllers.

Humanity was not able to lift itself above the fear filled frequency into which it had become entrenched.  And, with advances in technology, it seemed that planet earth and humans would destroy themselves.

Hence the call went out in heaven for help from volunteers.  Help from you, dear lightworkers, dear divine souls with a high expansion into the love vibration, carrying a high frequency, a wonderful aura of love and light.

You were not entrenched in the fear vibration.  You had not been programmed into believing you were inherently evil and sinful.  You knew love in a great, caring, loving and kind way.

Mankind could not lift its way out of its pit of darkness without your high frequency help.  And so you came to earth and ensconced your soul in a human body.

You did not belong, you knew that from the start.  You could not understand the unkindness the cruelty, the lack of love.  The spite, the malice, the depravity hurt you to the depth of your soul.

And you felt great pain.  For you were the ultimate kind one, the absolute empath living in an unempathetic world.  And so you felt the pain, you felt the fear, you felt the rejection that was your everyday reality as you negotiated your way through the challenges, the maze of human life.

Your kindness was taken as weakness.  Your empathy led you to being taunted, rejected and reviled by your brethren who were deeply entrenched in the low vibration of fear and separation.  Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

And now dear ones, dear Divine souls, our lightworker representatives on planet earth, how do you feel?  Now you have become conscious in an unconscious world.  Now that you know the truth of your divinity and your mission here on earth, you are moving into joy and peace and the wonderful flow of feeling compassion, caring and kindness.

You have left behind guilt and shame and you are confident of yourself and the knowing that you have now, the wisdom of the Divinity within, now shines without.

You see the big picture of human life.  You know that all souls are perfectly perfect where they are in schoolroom planet earth.  Each soul has arranged the journey for itself.

Each soul has set forth the challenges and the consequent feelings they would experience.  Each soul has given itself opportunities to choose love or fear at every turn of their human existence.

And so dear ones, accept your divine reality in joy.  Be in gratitude and thankfulness.  Rise up from the darkness of your not belonging feelings.

Realize that you have eaten from the tree of good and evil and so raised your understanding of the glory of your divine inheritance.  Be of good cheer, your time has come.  The truth has set you free.

Your human life, your deep and dark educational earthly experience has given you the understanding that you came to earth to attain.  You now deeply comprehend the programmable nature of the human being.

You can see how and why he is caught in the trap of the low vibration of fear.  And you know now who you are, and that you are no longer caught in that trap.  You are lightworkers, beings of love and light, whose high frequency will help the earth and humanity rise up above the third dimensional prison in which they have for so long been entrenched.

And so, be of good cheer dear friends, be of good cheer.  We know now that the best is yet to come.  Increasingly day by day we feel stronger, more confident, knowing of our Divine Soul and feeling peace and joy.  Yes, the best is yet to come as we raise our frequency, our love quotient higher and higher.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self with VIDEO – July 12th, 2021      

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – July 2021


And so it is July in the summer of 2021, and we are in the midst of the great awakening, in the midst of the great revelation of the deception perception that has been weighing so heavily on mankind.

What is that deception, what is the great delusion that humanity has been living under?  He has been living under the misconception that he is a body and that he is mortal and when he dies he will be no more.

He has been told that he is sinful in nature.  And that all the troubles in the world, all the hatred, the war, the acts of violence, the disease, the problems with the planet, climate change and all the conflict, division and separation are the fault of his degenerate nature.

And so he lives in guilt and shame believing he will go to hell.  And he is constantly fearful, for his world has become a living inferno of lack of abundance in all things, a fear filled enterprise. The governmental medical, educational, religious and political systems have all been corrupted to befuddle and frustrate rather than serve, to keep mankind in poverty, disease and limitation.

The devil, the controllers that came to earth to serve their own purposes, to feed off mankind’s fear appear to be succeeding in totally subjugating humanity.

Day by day the rules, the regulations, the separation become more and more severe. And mankind, dwelling in earth’s low third dimensional frequency, believes all he is told.

In the low vibration that the planet earth has inhabited for eons, mankind is caught in the trap of his own five senses.  He is in the limited understanding of his sight and his hearing.

For in this low density, he can only know what he perceives and he perceives through his physical senses.  The deception has been perpetrated by showing him the world that his controllers want him to see.

The news disseminated to him is full of lies.  And from this news, this untrue information, human beings form their idea of the world.  And their idea of the world in which we live, is fearful indeed.  Fear of death is paramount as the news sources parrot the message that danger is all around and death is imminent.

This is the great deception perception which humanity has come to earth to experience.  It is hard to believe but all is well with our world even though life seems to be more and more chaotic.  Every day there appears to be more violence, more injustice, more cruelty.

And this is as it should be, this is the time of the great revelation, the great awakening of mankind from his deep sleep, from his nightmare struggle with the devil, from his illusional delusion.

You are all great and grand beings.  You are all mightily powerful.  You are an aspect of Divine consciousness, a drop of water in the ocean of God.  You have ensconced your true divine beingness, your soul, hidden in your human heart in order to live this earthly life as a limited human being.

Earth is a schoolroom for divine souls.  The human body is a communication device, a biological computer that allows the human soul to function in the material environment, in the physical world that life on planet earth provides.

Human beings are here on earth to individuate their personalities, to work out their talents, their preferences and to refine their abilities.

The earthly experience provides the contrast, provides the play of dark against light, good against bad, the argument, the dissension, the temptation of corruption, the contrast, against which mankind can refine his personality.

And now we are in the time of the great revelation, the great awakening of mankind.  And so the massive corruption, the devious and nefarious deeds of the controllers are coming to the light.

And the truth of the deception, the reality of the delusion that we have been living under is being revealed.  And increasingly, more and more of our brethren are seeing the nature of the dark and devious program in which they have been living.

They are awakening to the fact that they are divine souls having a human experience.  They are points of divine consciousness ensconced in human bodies to experience what cannot be experienced in their heavenly reality, to experience the conflict and pain that will help them choose between dark and light.

Great pain leads to the realization, to the understanding that we do not want pain, we want to return to the loving reality that is our true heavenly inheritance.  And it is by making mistakes, by choosing against love, that we find we prefer love, we prefer communion and camaraderie with our brethren rather than hatred, division and dissension.

And this programming, this delusion under which we live, is happening to all of humanity, to those still sleeping and to us lightworkers who are awakening to the earthly deception.

For we lightworkers are also told a tale that is not true.  How many times have we been told by the truth community to expect certain events on specific dates.

How great has been our excitement and our expectation as we wait for the next date and the next date and the next date of universal revelation.

And yet, nothing happens and we are disappointed.  We too are being fed untrue news.  We, too can only comprehend that which we are told.  We too need to live by the precept “never believe anything anyone says, unless you have more than their words to go by.”

It is time, dear hearts, dear lightworkers to stop listening so intently to the videos that talk of dates for the takedown of the deep state players.  It is time to stop speculating on arrests, clones, executions and events that may or may not be happening behind the scenes.

For we are now moving up in frequency, we are moving back into the love vibration where we are in touch with our soul and our divine intuition.

And this constant speculation, this concentration on what may or may not be happening, is keeping us in a low vibration.

What we need to keep ourselves in, is the joyful enthusiasm of loving flow, the self actualization of the talents, preferences and abilities that we have refined here on earth.

We need to spend our time in peace and joy.  We need to follow our highest excitement, we need to do what we enjoy.  For that is our heavenly reality.  When we do what we enjoy we are following our souls desire.

We are leaving behind the human victim story that we have for so long endured.  We are leaving behind anger and resentment at how we have been treated.  We realize that nothing wrong ever happened.  We are not victims of arbitrary cruelty.

Our trials and tribulations were a gift that we planned for ourselves before we ever came to earth.  And living through these not preferred experiences, we learnt that, indeed, we do not prefer them.  We prefer, always, we prefer, love and communion and camaraderie with our brethren.

Let us look for no more dates, no more happenings.  Let us not live in the hopeless hope of dates and times and disappointment.  We know that we are ascending. We feel it in our very being.  Our souls resonate to the knowingness of our divinity.

Peace and joy and kindness and caring are our new reality.  Let us spend time growing ourselves, doing what we love to do.  Let us spend time communing with each other, enjoying the thrill of being with like minds, of finding each other.

For we know we are moving into the fifth dimension of love.  When we concentrate on the negative past, or on negatives in the moment, we bring the past into the present and thereby create the same negative future.  For our thoughts create our reality.

By dwelling on the negative we create more of the same.  We know there is a great and wonderful light of love at the end of the tunnel of revelation we are now experiencing.

We know we are inevitably and inexorably moving out of the low, fear filled third dimensional paradigm we have for so long inhabited.  We do not know, nor do we need to know all the events that will take place as we ascend.

We do not need to know how the revelations will take place, or the nefarious deeds that are still occurring as the controllers do their best to keep their power.  We do know they will not succeed.  Their time is fast moving towards its end.

And so dear ones,  you are here to save the world, to lift it up with your radiant vibration, your high frequency of love and joy.  To fulfill your mission you needs must keep that frequency high.

So, although it is against all of your earthly conditioning, turn away from the negative, give up discombobulating and confusing speculation and concentrate on the good and the lovely.

Follow your highest excitement, your joy.  For in so doing you are helping mankind and fulfilling your destiny of moving into the fifth dimension of love, of realizing your divine nature, of knowing your soul’s desires while you are in this human body.

So, be of good cheer dear hearts, dear souls.  All is well in your world and life is good and getting better.  And the wonder of it is that the best is yet to come.  Yes,  as you feel the flowing the knowing the glowing of love burgeoning within you, you know that the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.