Love is our new reality

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self with VIDEO, October 13th, 2021


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – October 2021


Good day to you dear lightworkers, our dear representatives on planet earth on this October day of 2021.  And so we are reaching a turning point.  Planet earth and humanity are in great chaos, great division and great separation.

Division and separation are in every sphere of human life.  Brother is warring against brother.  It seems we need a miracle to release us from this war, from this seemingly impossible situation.  And yes indeed, we do need a miracle.

But perhaps it is not the kind of miracle that magically comes from heaven and immediately removes the dark ones, removes the minions of the devil that are busily orchestrating occurrences on planet earth in these great apocalyptic times.

What then is a miracle? What kind of a miracle do we need?  A miracle as described in the Course in Miracles, is a change in perception for each individual human being.

That change in perception takes us from ancient hatreds, from living in the resentments and perceived injustices and injuries of our past, to the peace and love that pass all understanding that is only available when we are living in the present moment.

Schoolroom planet earth is so designed that, through our negative programming, our minds dwell on the past in the present moment.

And so we are kept embroiled in past negativity, and kept from awareness of the present and all the possible good that is held for us in that present, that now moment.

The conditions prevalent on planet earth today are the collective representation of our individual negative thinking.  The outer collective situation is a manifestation of our inner thought world.  And that world is created by the programming we receive and the beliefs and thoughts we hold.

The miracle of the course in miracles, the miracle that we need to ascend to the fifth dimension of love, that miracle is the change in perception that removes our programming.

Our memory is selective.  We can choose what to think.  When we keep bringing up past wrongs, thinking about them, remembering them, turning them over and over in our mind, we feel heavy, guilty, angry, sad and  revengeful.

Remembering past hurts brings them into the present and prevents enjoyment of that present.  And the present now moment is the only moment we ever have.  To heal ourselves, and thus to heal the world we need to release our thinking about the past.

When we release past hurtful memories of negative events, the mind is free to remember our holiness, to remember who we truly are – holy sons of God.  And then, with the mind quiet and peaceful, love pours in.  And as the images in our inner thought world change, so does the manifestation of our outer world out picture into a loving and supportive environment.

In the third dimensional frequency, our thoughts were primarily of memories of the past.  Now, moving into the fifth dimension the past is being released, and our thinking can be of the present moment and who we truly are in the present moment.

For our natural inheritance as holy sons of God is that we are very holy,  created by God in his likeness.

It is a decision.  A simple but not easy decision.  It is simple because it is just a decision.  We can decide to let go of grievances.  We can let go of that interminable round of hurtful memories that circle round and round in our brain.

And yet it is not easy.  For we have been so heavily programmed into negativity and resentment, separation and division.  We have been deeply entrained into blaming and resenting our brethren.  We want to make someone else guilty for every hurtful experience we have.

The holy truth about ourselves is concealed as long as we cherish and live in the repeated memory of wrongs done to us.  The past is causing our present hatred and resentment and peace will not come until we change our perception and release that past.

Planet earth is a schoolroom to learn greater love.  We were programmed by our parents our caretakers, our educational, political, medical and religious institutions to take their philosophies, their beliefs, as our own.

This is the way the planet earth hero’ journey works.  We are programmed into resentment and separation.

And so the young deride the old, each religion looks down on other religions, republicans hate democrats, black is set against white, the slim look down on the overweight, the rich denigrate the poor.

It is this programming that the miracle removes. This is how the planet earth schoolroom works.  It is said that the sins of the fathers shall be visited on the children.  Indeed it is so, for we are programmed into our families ancient and delusional thinking.  This is the deception perception.

The deception perception is that we think and believe what we are taught to think and believe and then behave according to the beliefs that we have been taught to hold.

Each of the individual humans on earth holds uniquely skewed belief systems which control their thoughts and their behavior.

The miracle removes these belief systems and brings the realization that all is Divine.  Planet earth is a schoolroom to learn greater love.  We are all holy sons of God whatever class or category we fall into.  For there is nothing outside God.  All and everything is holy.

And so the planet earth schoolroom experience is holy.  Nothing wrong ever happened.  We are holy souls learning greater love by experiencing the opposite, by experiencing fear.  We are here to make mistakes.

We make a mistake when we choose to think negatively in fear and resentment.  But truly it is not a mistake.   For this is a schoolroom which is designed for us to live in what we perceive as fear, until we have learned that we prefer love.

Fear does not really exist, but it is perceived here on earth to be very real.  Its purpose is to be our teacher.  For we are here in this material realm to experience fear, to feel it and to release it.

Each of us is making mistakes to learn greater love.  Each of us is on a divine hero’s journey through the challenges and discombobulation, the darkness, terror and trauma of the material realm.

We, holy sons of God, have not realized our holiness.  Rather we are living under the thrall of the false and divisive ideas that we have been taught.

And that is why we so need a miracle in this time of awakening and revelation.  The miracle that releases these false ideas of hurt and injustice.

And when the mind is freed of past resentments repeated in the present moment, it is free to realize that its present state is that of a holy son of God – as is that of all its brethren.

And so nothing wrong ever happened.  We were programmed into negative, false divisive, denigrating beliefs.  We thought and acted according to our programming.  It is a wonderful schoolroom that we souls embedded in human bodies have created for ourselves.

The release of dark and heavy past memories and resentments is what is happening to us in this time of the great awakening.  This is how we move into the fifth dimension of love.  This is the work of the miracle.

As the course in miracles says, remember nothing that you were taught for you were badly taught.  When ancient memories of hate appear, remember that their cause is gone.  Be glad that they are gone, for this is what you would be pardoned from.

This is the change that is now taking place in our world.  This is the true nature of the great awakening to love that we are experiencing at this time.

The great revelation of the corruption of the conspiracy of evil to control the planet is taking place.  Yet it cannot be changed at the level of form.  It must be changed at the level of each holy heart and mind of man.

And the miracle of the change of perception from fear to love is doing this.  As we release our dark programming, as we decide for loving thoughts in the present moment and release our concentration on past injustices, so we are free to ascend.

For what is ascension but moving into the love frequency.  So dear hearts, dear souls, be of good cheer.  The fifth dimension is our true immortal souls inheritance.  We are holy sons of God who have experienced the hero’s journey through the mire of negative programming and fear perceptions that are the nature of the planet earth schoolroom.

And as we allow the miracle of a change in perception to mould us into a new and present moment way of thinking, the best is, indeed, yet to come.

For as we change our thinking, so we change our world into reflecting the new and wonderful images and ideas that will flow into our world.

Love and light dear ones, love and light.  All is well in our world as we return to love through the miracle of a new and holy way of perceiving all that is around us.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.