Love is our new reality

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Let Joy be your Compass | Aita’s Higher Self, July 22nd, 2020

Let Joy be your Compass | Aita’s Higher Self

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – July 2020

Good Day to you Dear Lightworkers, Starseeds, we are very pleased to connect with you. Today we emphasize the importance of joy.

It is true to say that all Human Beings, at a Soul level, are searching for, and wanting to be in joy. They want to be content, happy, fulfilled, in peace and free of all fears, worries and concerns.

This, however, has not been the natural Earthly state. Earth is a sphere, a dominion of separation. a world of duality. You beautiful Souls came to Earth to experience just that, separation and duality.

In the Spirit Realm there is only love. Spirits do learn and grow, but they are content and in the joy and peace vibration, and so do not feel pushed to exert themselves.

This Human Realm was created as a place where Souls, in body temples, would experience fear. In this fear experience, they would realize how much they did not want to be in that low and Soul crushing vibration.

Then there are the Beings on Earth through whom the dark Satanic forces play. What has been called satan, the devil, evil runs riot on Planet Earth. Satanic, dark thoughts and feelings are inherent in, and natural to certain elements of the population.

They are the dark ones that enjoy the pain and fear felt by empathic humans. They feed off fear. They feel good when others feel bad. They drain Human love and light and replace it with darkness, anger and depression.

It is in their very beingness to be evil. They are as cats playing with mice, torturing them and getting pleasure from doing that. They have no heart, no compassion for suffering, in fact they enjoy the suffering of Humanity, so they play cruelly with the Humans under their control.

This is their role. This is how the Planet Earth hologram training simulator works. Earth is indeed a schoolroom with the dark forces doing all that they can to control the light and loving ones and put them into fear.

Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, you have been fooled. You have been indoctrinated by the satanic ones to believe that you are poor, powerless, insignificant victims who have no control over your environment.

As the old saying goes, yours not to question why, yours just to do or die. So, you have allowed yourself to be buffeted back and forth by the machinations, by the contradictory words and deeds and control of the negative power brokers.

And this is as it should be. How else are you to feel and know that you do not prefer darkness, fear and negativity. Here on earth, having been embroiled in just that, you realize, deeply, that light and love are your true nature and your Souls desire.

Now, you have awakened, you have seen the way Mankind is controlled. You can see how your brethren, that are still in the down spiral of fear vibration, are manipulated with words and the magical spells they create.

You see how easy it was to convince the population to buy toilet paper, paper towels and to wear masks and social distance. Those in the fear vibration need something that they can physically do, that they can cling onto in their mind, to feel some part of safety, to hide their fears behind.

And, although you, Dear Ones, cringe at wearing masks, at social distancing, although you do not want to be faceless, voiceless and identityless. The fearful ones do want this and they police each other and you, for they perceive all around them need to comply with all the rules and regulations.

The big question now is, what do you, our Dear Ones, do about this situation. How do you lift yourself up above the discombobulation and chaos of the world. How do you assist in this great awakening.

The answer is easy, be in your greatest joy. You have been taught that life is not joyful, that life is difficult. You have been told to wipe that smile off your face. You have been taught you are not in control of your destiny. You have been convinced that you are sinful and need to be contrite and apologetic, defer to your betters, confess your sins.

All of this is so not true. You are great and powerful Souls. More powerful than you realize. Your feelings and thoughts do, here on this Earthly plane design your environment. What you imagine you are, what you believe you deserve, is what you get.

The universe does, in fact, rearrange itself to create your reality. So, having seen the big picture of life, and how the dark and the light are playing against each other on Planet Earth, you can now rearrange your reality by rearranging your thoughts and feelings.

How to do this? Do not wallow in the past. Realize that nothing wrong ever happened. Earth has been your schoolroom. All the people that you perceived to be so negative were your teachers.

Now, Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, turn to joy. Turn to your highest excitement. Forgiveness is never thinking about, or talking about past events again. Leave your past behind, it has served you well, and turn to joy.

Allow yourself to do that which you are in joy doing. Allow yourself to find your passion. Yes, you can keep a benevolent eye on what is going on in the turbulent world around you, but do not concentrate on that.

Energy flows where attention goes. Focus on what you enjoy, put your energy into your passion. Every moment, every day ask what will I enjoy doing right now, in this moment. What will please me.

This goes against the grain of all you have been taught. You have been told you must work hard to achieve. You have been taught to struggle.

If you are struggling you are not in your element. Each of us, as we have frequently said, has talents, preferences and abilities. Use yours, do what you are talented at, do what you prefer to do, use your natural inherent abilities and you will be in the love vibration.

And, by doing so, a new and wonderful world will be your reality and you will uplift the world around you. And as others see you happy, content and peaceful, they will awaken, and realize that this is also possible for them.

Your passion, your joy is your Souls way of telling you that you are taking the right direction. Your feeling of happiness is your compass for knowing that you are in alignment with your Souls desire.

Just be, just breathe Dear Hearts. This is not only the time of the apocalypse, this is also the time of the great awakening. You are part of that great awakening.

You are awakening from fear to love, from pain to joy and even bliss. You are freeing yourself of the fear entrainment. You are in the upper room watching the discombobulation and chaos of the apocalypse.

All is well in your world, when, as Joseph Campbell said, you follow your bliss. You are the light the radiance that is leading Planet Earth and its inhabitants into the light and wondrous fifth dimensional love paradigm. Rest lovingly in your enjoyment of all you do knowing that the great awakening is at hand.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We are Blessed Beings indeed.