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Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Norén, October 10th, 2021

Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Norén, October 10th, 2021


It is with great pleasure that we can announce that people have risen to the fourth and fifth dimensions. Which means that it has gone so much faster with this increase and that much is due to changes in the Universe and on Earth. A lot has happened with the work behind the scenes that has accelerated the events on Earth, and it is very gratifying.

Unfortunately, this means that a new outbreak of virus has intensified and it is not only Covid, but also so-called old flu viruses. This means that many will leave Earth, especially the elderly in the population and especially those who have received these so-called vaccines. The side effects have started to show and it is mainly the young people in the population who will be hardest hit.

The people who are unvaccinated will do best. Their antibodies against old flu viruses are a good protection and in addition they do not have the harmful substances in their bodies that the vaccines have and which collide with the old virus strains.

It will be a difficult time with very severe side effects and disease of the virus for very many people. Those who leave the Earth to the other side of the web will be large in numbers. Because of that, there will be a global shutdown that will last for a few months, during which time there will be many revelations about what the dark has had for an agenda against the people. Some people leave Earth due to the shock of revelations and very many people become very confused with a lot of work for light workers for these people. After that, the Earth is different and totally changed.

The change has taken place within the people and they will see reality in a completely different way. Gone is the illusion of the old matrix and the veil is gone to the other side. This too will be a shock to both lightworkers and all other people.

The people who can not go on to the ascension but have to stay in the lower vibration have moved there completely unaware of it themselves. These are people who need to get longer development in the lower vibration and they come when they are ready.

This development has gone faster than we had thought, but now is the time. Many lightworkers have asked for a not too difficult time and our Father God has great mercy for the people. The prayers have been granted.

We love and respect people for their strong will for the planet, but also for the love everyone shows for each other.

Galactic Light Federation


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