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Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, January 10th, 2022


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – January 2022                     305

Good Day to you our dear Lightworkers here in planet earth schoolroom in this January of 2022.  We are very pleased to connect with you.

Firstly we want to tell you that we are very proud of you.  You have come so far in enlightening yourself of the heavy and challenging programming that you have experienced.  And in so doing you have lifted the frequency of all those living life on planet earth today.

Your journey through this low frequency, third dimensional hologram has been fraught with pain, fear and feelings of isolation.

All human beings are biological computers created by God to house souls.  Souls which are a spark of the great Holy Spirit, the flow of electro magnetic energy that is God.

They are as a drop of water in the ocean of God consciousness.  A drop of himself that God sent out to experience all that can be experienced.

A drop that would experience what it perceived to be good and bad, the preferred and not preferred that makes up the duality of human life.

And in living through these trials and tribulations, desires and joys reach a neutral point of peace, acceptance, understanding and wisdom that could then expand his/her own consciousness and the consciousness of all that is.

There are many bands of frequency, of awareness of consciousness of the truth, in Gods universe.  Earth, as we have often said, is the lowest of the low in frequency.  Earth is the most challenging of environments in which souls exist in the material realm.

There is no hell.  Living through the human experience on earth is the closest that souls get to being in hell.

Human Beings on earth are incredibly brave and wise souls.  For they come to earth knowing that they will have a very challenging journey. For here on earth they experience contrast in a major way.

And they do this without knowing their divine nature.  They are born as babies into a world that has been contaminated by negativity and selfishness.  Each child is programmed and trained into a uniquely Individual and skewed view of the world.

As children, they have no choice but to accept the prejudices of their particular society.  They are tricked into accepting the behaviors, the ideas, the judgmental attitudes of their parents and teachers.

What is it to be enlightened.  It is to, one by one, release the ideas, the attitudes, and the prejudices that one was taught.  This is not an easy process.  For the biological computer, the mind of the human being, holds on desperately to what it has been taught.

And human beings, in their hearts, long for the communion and camaraderie that they experienced in heaven.  They deeply desire approval from each other.  And so, even when their heart tells them otherwise, they conform to the expectation of those around them.

This is duality.  The desire for oneness and heavenly love, yet living in a world of division and separation, prejudicial beliefs and programmed judgements.

At first, in the early years of our life, there is no choice.  For this is the period of programming into negativity and prejudice.  The curriculum of planet earth must be pounded into the child, by repetition, for them to experience the human hero’s journey.

Then, as they live and conduct themselves as they have been taught, the pain of negative emotions is experienced.  For each human is uniquely programmed.  Each believes that what he/she has been taught is true.

Each is angrily emotional in protection of their beliefs against opposition from others, who have been taught to think differently.  And each one wants to convince others to think as they do to the point of aggression and war.

This is hell on earth indeed.  And, over time, the negative forces that had been set up to achieve the purpose of the planet earth schoolroom, became so powerful that the majority of souls on earth became caught up in the seemingly never ending round of reincarnation and negativity.

So the question was how to save the world?  How to bring back to God the sparks of himself that He had sent out to experience schoolroom planet earth?,

How to enlighten human beings from their programmed negative and prejudicial thoughts, ideas and behaviors?

That is where you our dear lightworkers came in.  The word went out in the spirit realm that planet earth was in difficulty.  The great souls that had gone to earth to experience the human, low frequency, fearful life, were so caught up in the experience that they did not know how to escape.

You volunteered to come to earth to help.  You are wonderful souls indeed.  For you are of a higher vibration.  You brought more of the electro magnetic energy that is love with you.  Let us say that you embodied more of the Christ consciousness in your soul nature.

You were holy loving empaths who were super sensitive to the needs of those around you and ready to help, love and treasure your fellow human beings.

And so you came to earth as babies.  And, the majority of you were placed in very dark and negative families.  For, in order to help, in order to raise the frequency of the earth, you needed to experience human life at its darkest and most difficult.

Just by being here with your loving, inherently kind nature, you radiated waves of love into the environment around you.  You lifted the frequency of those who were caught up in the earthly round of darkness and negativity.

And this dear ones, is why you have had such a challenging time.  You are all empaths, loving, kind, well meaning people, living in a world of narcissists.  The humans caught up in the planet earth darkness and duality are all, to some degree narcissists.

For they are educated into a belief that they are superior to others, into feelings of greed and envy, anger and self centered arrogance.  They have a great need for power and control over others and so are manipulative and exploitive of those around them.

And in their need for control, they gaslight their friends.  That is, they emotionally abuse them by creating a false narrative and thus project their own negative characteristics onto those around them.  So that the target of their abuse, who is likely to be empathetic and loving, questions their own judgement and reality and learns to live in guilt and shame.

This is the life that you have lived our dear lightworkers.  For because you are empaths, narcissists are magnetically drawn towards you.  Yet you do not protest.  You react lovingly.  In your human nature you are truthful and honest and you believe that those around you are truthful and honest.

Not so, the narcissists of the world are anything but honest.  And so you have fallen into deep feelings of guilt and shame.  For you feel you must be inadequate as a human being, for otherwise you would not have been called too sensitive, ungrateful, unreasonable and never satisfied.

This has been the nature of your journey on planet earth.  It has been challenging indeed.  And you have had much to unravel.  In your journey to enlightenment you have had to see through the false thinking, the faulty hypotheses that formed your guilt, your shame.

And this you are in the process of doing.  Great times are ahead dear ones.  We are approaching the time of true revelation of the corruption of the world.  We are near the time when the truth of the planet earth schoolroom will surface and the world returns from narcissistic ensnarement to love.

We are approaching the time when all beings on planet earth will return to being empaths and sensitive to each others feelings.  Where their main desire will be to be loving and be loved.  Where they no longer prod and poke at each other with hurtful words and phrases.

Yes, dear ones, the best is yet to come.  Your planet earth hero’s journey is almost over. You have eaten of the tree of good and evil.  You have succeed in raising the frequency of planet earth.

In your defenselessness your safety lies.  As the bible says. The meek shall inherit the earth.  All is well in your world.  Yes indeed the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.