Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, October 8th, 2021

THE FINAL LESSON FOR EMPATHS                                     

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – October 2021


And so we are in October of 2021.  And there is considerable chaos and discombobulation around us.  Our world seems crazy.

There is such a loving longing within your hearts dear ones, our dear lightworkers, our wonderful starseeds.  You feel so alone.  There are, now, for many of you, a few precious souls with whom you can commune.

Yet, the world around you is populated with low resonating third dimensional humanity who are falling more and more deeply into the deception perception, the illusional delusion that is the planet earth separation from source experience.

And sometimes, you even wonder if you have understood the world, and God’s plan for the world, rightly.  For most of you, our holy ones, still see yourselves as suffering from the outrageous words and deeds of your fellow travelers in this earthly realm.

Your situation, your concerns, the challenges you undergo from day to day, seem to be getting worse and worse as each day passes.

You expected your life to get easier.  As the Course in Miracles says, “you can have peace instead of this.”  And you expected peace at this stage.  And it is true that on occasion you do feel peaceful.  You feel the power of love, the wonder of source energy, of light, of truth coursing through your veins.

At these times you know that nothing wrong ever happened.  The words “I am the love, I am the light, I am the truth” circle in your thinking.

In fact, at these times, there is little thinking.  For thinking the thoughts of the material world keeps us from our holiness.  At these times there are beautiful, high vibrating goosebumps in your head.  And you feel lifted above the pain and hurt of this human world.

And yet, you do not stay in this holy resonance, in this beautiful upper room of love and light.  For dear ones, you godly empaths, you loving souls, you have suffered much from narcissistic abuse all your lives.

Before you ascend truly into the fifth love dimension, you needs must clear yourself of this deeply embedded programming.  And so you are being given the opportunities to do this.

These opportunities come in the form of lessons.  For remember, planet earth is a schoolroom for holy souls embedded in third dimensional human bodies to learn greater love.

Truly, you never were deeply third dimensional.  You had more of the love vibration embedded in your beingness.  You had greater access to the love of your soul than those around you.

And as is the way of human beings, you assumed that all around you thought and acted as honestly and authentically as you did.

Yet those around you were not like you.  Remember you brought in the light to save the world.  You volunteered to come to earth and not belong.   You knew you would have a very challenging task, for those around you were so deeply embedded in their ego programming and their limited negative understanding.

And as narcissists, as ego driven, low vibrating individuals controlled by the programming of the powers that be and manipulated and maneuvered into negative behavior, your brethren were attracted to your empathy, your lack of resistance to their prodding and poking.

They could not attack and denigrate each other without resistance.  You were the perfect victim, the perfect stooge for their insane thinking.

For, since the world around you appeared to laugh at you, to disparage and criticize you, you assumed that you must be wrong.  Everyone around you could not be wrong.  You must be the faulty one, you must be sinful and inadequate in every way.

Oh yes dear ones.  This lifetime has been very painful, very challenging for you.  Many of you turned to drink and drugs to escape from the pain.  Many overate, or didn’t eat, many lapsed into illness.  Anything, anything to escape the pain of feeling so unworthy, so unloved.

And the worst of it was that you learned not to love yourselves.  This is what made your life so difficult.  You, who loved all around you, learned not to love yourselves.

You became your own worst enemies.  You saw yourself through the eyes of the disparaging world around you.  You flailed about, you tried this, you tried that.  Your greatest ego problem was not arrogance, it was false humility.

I’m sorry, I apologize, I am not worthy became your mantra.  Life was so painful that some even voluntarily left this world by suicide or voluntary drug abuse or adopted illness.

And so now where do you stand dear ones, what is your situation?

In order to clear yourselves of the false ideas, the ego based programmed indoctrinated self denigration, you need to see it.  You cannot clear yourself of your human, low vibrating programming until you see exactly how you are programmed.

This is why you are still falling prey to the narcissism around you.  Be assured dear ones, precious empaths, that these days are your last days of apparent suffering on planet earth.

Nothing wrong ever happened.  Universal law dictates that you are given the experiences you need to clear yourselves.  And that is what is happening in your lives.

The difference between your earlier experiences and what is happening to you in these great apocalyptic days, is that the truth is being revealed to you.

As you are gaslighted and prodded and poked with the hurtful words and deeds of your narcissistic brethren, you are seeing the truth of their behavior and the truth of your apologetic response.

You are loving towards your brethren, now behave lovingly towards yourself.  It is not a sin to reject unkindness and devious, cruel, manipulative behavior.  Your brethren cannot help themselves for they are deeply embedded in the planet earth schoolroom.

They are learning the lessons of love through karma.  By being narcissistic, the narcissism that they have inflicted on others will come back to haunt them – and eventually they too will learn greater love.

That is what we are here to do, to learn greater love by experiencing the opposite.  All is holy, all are holy, planet earth is indeed a schoolroom for divine holy souls.

And now dear ones,  you are experiencing more of the outrageous behavior under which you have suffered all of your challenging life.  And be of good cheer dear ones for as this is the time of great revelation for the whole world, so it is a time of revelation for you.

Love yourselves deeply and intensely.  You are holy sons of God who are of a higher resonance than your human brethren.  You came here to bring the light of love, the power of free flowing source energy into the world.

You have suffered intensely for you were fodder for you low vibrating brethren.  Now nurture yourselves.  Let go of the control of your manipulative peers.  Know who you are.  Commune with source and commune with each other.

It is the nature of humanity to want that which appears unattainable, so you tend to want to long for communion with your low vibrating brethren and reject the easily attainable camaraderie of your fellow empaths.  For if something is easily attained it cannot be worth much.

Oh dear ones, you are doing very well indeed.  We, your brethren beyond the veil are inestimably proud of you.  This too will pass dear ones as you rise higher and higher in vibration.

You are the love, the light and the truth our precious souls, our wonderful empaths.  And, you know now, that the best is yet to come.   Yes, there is more discombobulation, more chaos ahead.

Yet you know in your hearts, that the old tired and sad world of separation, of conflict, of division, of arrogance and painful manipulation, of wars, of disease – is ending.

The days of evil, narcissistic entrapment are numbered.  You the meek, the humble, the holy will inherit the new earth.  As eventually will all your brethren.

For we are all holy.  Our souls are drops of water in the ocean of God consciousness.  There is nothing outside God.  This human world is just a blip in the enormous, the infinite, the never ending world of holy love and light.

Yes, be of good cheer our dear ones, for the best is yet to come.  God has built his plan for the salvation of the world on you.  Be well and know you will prosper dear friends.

You are the love, you are the light, you are the truth and you are freeing yourselves from the deception perception of schoolroom planet earth.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.