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Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, December 29th, 2021


THIS IS HOW YOU HAVE BEEN PROGRAMMED                               304

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – December 2021

Good Day to you dear Lightworkers, our dear high frequency beings on planet earth in this December of 2021.  And so time passes and the great awakening of humanity, in this time of revelation, continues.

Indeed there is much for the wonderful, brave souls of humanity, to awaken to.  There is the great corruption of the planetary governance system of money, of politics, of medicine, of history.  There is the enslavement of mankind, and his dumbing down by chemical and psychological means.

There is the realization to be made that he/she is not the sinful, incapable, sorry, mortal that he has been made out to be, but a divine soul in schoolroom planet earth, a part of God in a human body, learning lessons of greater love, expanding consciousness.

And then, last but not least, that he/she has been programmed through his earthly training, programmed out of his natural, loving, divine state of being.  He has been tricked and trained, into developing an ego, which is a thought system that is against the nature of his souls desire.

The ego is a thought system that is adversarial and negative, full of fearful, threatening thoughts and inconsistent desires with a need for power and control.

It is nothing more than the thoughts and ideas of those amongst whom we are born.  It is the system of thought that allows us to experience the planet earth schoolroom with all its challenging happenings, and its lack of control over its circumstances.

The ego is a download of the ideas and experiences of others.  We are biological computers.  The brain is like a hard drive.  When we are born that hard drive is empty.  So, just like a computer, it needs to be programmed.

On birth you are programmed by your parents.  They themselves have been programmed.  So they can only teach us what they have learnt.

With the best intentions they pass on the perceptions, the ideas and beliefs they hold to be true.

We are born as a child who is naturally a free spirit, in tune with our soul, joyful and happy.  This child is spontaneous.  He/she wants to laugh, to run, to jump, to color, to have fun.

This is trained out of him from inception.  There is an old saying that is very true, “Give me a boy until he is seven, and I will show you the man.”

We go to school for 12 or more years.  At the young age of 4 or 5 we are taught, against our nature and our natural desire, to submit to authority.

Our teachers and caretakers tell us when we can speak, when we can eat, when we can go to the toilet.

Our parents even tell us how we should feel.  They are allowed to be sad, or angry, depressed or shaming and blaming.  We, on the other hand, as children, always have to be glad.  We are not allowed our feelings.  And when we do not obey we, when we are angry, or we argue, we are punished.  And so the majority of us suppress our feelings and submit.

We are told what to believe and inevitably we learn to believe the particular prejudices of our parents.  The ideas of the society, amongst whom we are born, are instilled into us.

And so we become confirmed, catholics or protestants, democrats or republicans, believers in abortion or anti abortion, prejudiced against all those that are different from us. The list of entrained beliefs goes on and on.

And you can’t protest, you can’t be unhappy.  As children we must be glad.  If you want to fit in and be approved of, you must talk as your society does, dress as they do, think as they do.

And then there are the painful, trite sayings that are said to us thoughtlessly over and over again throughout our lives.  We are made to feel less than, not good enough by words such as: “you won’t amount to anything. You’re stupid.  That’s ridiculous.  Can’t you do anything right.”

On and on goes the negative litany of words and historical sayings that the human mind is trained to repeat over and over again.  It is the accumulation, of all this programming, that forms the human ego.

The ego is the idea of ourselves and our world that has been imprinted upon us.  Much of this process is painful, for we are taught to think of ourselves as sinners, who are inadequate and not worthy of life or living.

These oh so hurtful thoughts we suppress.  We force them into our subconscious, for they are too painful to contemplate.  And so we have cognitive dissonance.

Our soul, has a natural wish to be perfect, whole, complete and  loving.  Our soul knows us as the holy beings that we are.  And yet our subconsciously repressed ego feelings inevitably tempt us to behave in inconsistent ways.  We say one thing from our soul nature and do another from our ego entrainment.

If we are christians we are taught to worship a perfect god in human form who is held up to us, as an example of how to be.  We are exhorted to be perfect as he is perfect.  And of course we fail for we are not perfect, we are human.  In fact we are here on earth to experience imperfection.

We try to control our world by controlling our brethren.  We want power for we feel powerless.  And so comes in conflict, division and separation from each other.

We have been trained to distance ourselves from each other. For we fear the hurtful prods and pokes of the painful words that we expect to hear.

And so this is the hero’s journey that we all undertake when we, divine souls that we truly are, come to planet earth and ensconce ourselves in human bodies.

A human life is a perceptual programming download from cradle to grave.  And through our peers, television programs, news, movies, religions, governments our programming continues throughout our lives.

We are here to expand consciousness.  To grow our wisdom, our love, our compassion our understanding of all that is, by experiencing the challenges that this human life gives us.

The aim and objective is to first be programmed, and then to see how we’ve been programmed.  To bring to our our awareness every one of the false ideas, beliefs and false prejudices that have been trained into us.

And so our minds need to be massively retrained.  Our unconscious programming needs to be revealed to us, revealed and replaced with new programming.

For nothing can be changed until it is seen.  This is what the great awakening is all about.  This is the individual revelation that we are each and all going through.

And as we see and release each mistaken, prejudiced belief, we heal ourselves.  We return slowly, inevitably to our soul nature.  The spontaneity, the joy, the happiness of childhood return.  Indeed, as the bible says, be ye as little children.

There are no accidents.  We plan our lives before we come to earth.  And when we awaken from our negative entrainment, we are given the experiences we need, to see how we have been falsely entrained.

And how can we help this process along?  We reverse the programming process.  We retrain ourselves with constant repetition of the truth.

We ask for help.  We say prayers for help to leave behind the ego.

I ask that my mind be transformed from fearful into loving.  Please show me what I’m doing that creates fear in my mind.  Please show me the next thing I need to know about myself

I am the love, I am the light, I am the truth.  I, and all my brethren, are holy souls in human bodies.  We are immortal, eternal beings of love and light.

I know who I am, the divine in manifestation in a body experiencing the planet earth schoolroom.  I know what I am, I am a creator, I create as my own creator creates through thought word and manifestation.

I know how I serve, by the amount of light and love I radiate into the world.

I am divine, I am divine, I am divine.  Love courses through me, I feel its glowing, its flowing.  I am knowing my true nature is love.

Repetition, repetition, repetition of false beliefs trained us into fear.  It is the repetition of the truth of our being that takes us out of that fear and returns us to the love vibration.

And so dear ones, as you do return to your true, spontaneous loving nature, the best is yet to come.  Indeed, as we move back into the 5th dimension, as we leave behind our earthly programming, the best is yet to come.

For as you have become fully conscious, and you have released the hold that your programmed ego understanding had over you, you gain control over you thoughts and actions.  And now you become the producer, director, actor and writer of your own script in this planet earth stage play.

You have control of what happens in your life.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.