Love is our new reality

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Aita Channeling Her Higher Self with VIDEO- November 2nd, 2021


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – November 2021

And a very good day to you dear lightworkers, dear souls here on planet earth in your human bodies in this November of 2021.

And indeed the chaos, the dark mind control, the separation of humanity from one another in frequency, in understanding of this earthly world, continues and becomes more and more apparent to you who are the empaths who have come to earth to help your brethren.

The third dimensional and fifth dimensional timelines are separating.  Those souls who have chosen to remain in the third dimension are falling more and more deeply into their programmed delusional perception.

As they listen to the words of the control system, with which they are bombarded 24 hours a day, they become more and more fearful.  For they are told that death and danger are all around.

They are told to avoid their dangerous brethren.  They are in trauma and terror and so are easily controlled to do what the controllers, those who play the part of the devil, wish them to do.

You, our dear lightworkers are in a different timeline.  You see the big picture of the planet earth awakening process.  You see how the devil, how evil is manipulating your brethren.

You feel the waves of love that are being poured upon the earth.  You are frequently deliciously light headed as you integrate this love into your mind and body and radiate it out into the world.

You know,intuitively in your heart, that you are ascending.  You no longer feel the fear in the deep and dark way that you did when you, too inhabited the low frequency of the third dimensional world.

You know you are divine.  You are learning to love yourself, to love the soul that animates your human body for it is an aspect of God.  A drop of the love that is God.

And, with that love pre-eminent in your being, you behave lovingly.  You are careful of your words, for you know your thinking creates your reality.  You know now that every word you speak, every thought that you think is a prayer.

And, you see the big picture of the corruption of humanity by the controllers, by evil, here on schoolroom planet earth.

You see how they twist the truth.  You see how with lies, they pound  fear and dread into your still sleeping brethren.  You see how your brethren are convinced that mankind is dangerous, how humanity is sinful.  You see how brother is divided against brother.

Indeed, human beings are basically humane, kind and loving.  Yet at this time of revelation, this great awakening time of 2021, the devil’s fearful message has taken the kindness out of mankind, the humane out of humanity.

Trauma and terror are now the order of the day as your frightened brethren take on the fearful messages that are pounded into them by the media, the government, the educational and medical systems, all of which have been corrupted by the controllers, taken over by evil.

The deception perception in this low vibrating planet earth third dimensional environment is now plain for all to see who have ears to hear and eyes to see.  Yes those who are deluded by the mind control, convinced by the words of earthly authority, cannot see this.

This is the nature of schoolroom planet earth experience.  This is how the controllers, the devil and God, love – vie for the soul of humanity.

We, that is all of us, came to earth to expand our soul consciousness, to increase our love quotient and understanding of love by experiencing what is not in heaven, by experiencing fear.

It is the nature of the earthly experience that we do not remember that we are great souls, parts of God consciousness.  Instead we are convinced by all around us that we are mortal and sinful beings and must live in fear of each other.

It is also the nature of the earthly experience that there are periodically times of awakening, times of revelation, times of graduation for those souls who are ready to graduate from the planet earth schoolroom.

This time in our 21st century is such a time.  You. our dear empaths, our dear lightworkers, are graduating from the third fear dimension.  You are in the fourth dimension, graduating to the fifth dimension where you leave fear behind, where you emanate love, light, laughter, joy, kindness, caring and compassion.

Compassion is pre-eminent in you now.  For you understand that your still fearful brethren cannot speak the words of love.  Each frightened word they speak is a call for love.  Yet they do not know this.

You are uniting with your Christ consciousness, you are knowing and feeling the love that animates the universe, the love that creates communion and camaraderie and thus unites all souls in the love frequency that is the true power that animates the material and spiritual realm.

Your still sleeping brethren feel alone and are very lonely and frightened.  Combative belief systems have been pounded into them.  They want union and communion with their brethren but they cannot find it.

For they do not speak words of love.  In their blindness they parrot the words, the beliefs they have been taught.  And each of them have differing beliefs.  And so thought system and beliefs clash with thought system and beliefs.

And so brother argues with brother as they defend their delusional ideas.  As the course in miracles says: “In my defenselessness my safety lies.”

You dear ones need not defend your beliefs.  It is your compassion, your kindness, your caring that now animate your behavior.

You cannot convince those who are entrenched in low frequency programming.  You cannot convince those who in arrogant certainty propound their beliefs to the world.

Yet you can listen, you can and do sympathize, empathize. You can say gentle calming words of oneness, of unity, of understanding.  You no longer need challenge them with your own false and delusional understanding for you have dropped your programmed beliefs.

You have moved out of the fear dimension.  You have moved out of arrogant certainty that the beliefs you hold are absolutely correct and must be defended at all costs.

You can now speak of love, of communion of camaraderie.  You can now say, “Yes I understand.  That must be challenging.”  You can now listen to the call for love that is behind the fearful utterances.  And you can respond kindly.

And so, by your loving response to their fearful attack, you can awaken your brethren from their awful dream.  For all attacks, all defenses of programmed thought systems are calls for love, are a desperate desire for union and communion.

Be of good cheer, dear hearts, dear souls.  For all is proceeding as it needs to.  You are the saviors of the world.  This time and place is why you volunteered to come to earth.

Words of kindness, words of love and caring come easily to you now.  Just be, just breathe, just be the wonderful high vibrating souls that you are.

You have learnt you cannot teach your deeply fear programmed brethren who are looking for love in all the wrong places.  Yet you can spread waves of love by your defenseless, by your loving aura and calm demeanor.

You are the love, you are the light, you are the truth.  You know who you are.  You are the divine in manifestation.  You are a soul in a human body.  You are an aspect of God, a drop of water in the ocean of God consciousness.

You know what you are.  You are a creator, you create as the creator creates, through thought, word and manifestation.  Remember that every thought is a prayer that will manifest your reality.

And, you know how you serve, by the amount of light and love you radiate into the world, by your defenseless demeanor, your kindness and caring.

Yes, be of good cheer, dear hearts, dear souls.  All is proceeding as it needs to in this great awakening time on planet earth.  Go within and commune with your soul, commune with the love that animates the universe.

Unite with your brethren in all ways in all days.  Think love and love will rule your life.  Understand that all is divine.  Your brethren are divine souls having a human, planet earth, schoolroom experience.

They are divine souls sleeping, having a fearful dream.  They have forgotten who they truly are.  You are here to help awaken them.  You are the love, you are the light, you are the truth.

And, as the great awakening, continues, the best is yet to come dear ones.  Yes, the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.