Aita Channeling Her Higher Self with VIDEO – July 12th, 2021      

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – July 2021


And so it is July in the summer of 2021, and we are in the midst of the great awakening, in the midst of the great revelation of the deception perception that has been weighing so heavily on mankind.

What is that deception, what is the great delusion that humanity has been living under?  He has been living under the misconception that he is a body and that he is mortal and when he dies he will be no more.

He has been told that he is sinful in nature.  And that all the troubles in the world, all the hatred, the war, the acts of violence, the disease, the problems with the planet, climate change and all the conflict, division and separation are the fault of his degenerate nature.

And so he lives in guilt and shame believing he will go to hell.  And he is constantly fearful, for his world has become a living inferno of lack of abundance in all things, a fear filled enterprise. The governmental medical, educational, religious and political systems have all been corrupted to befuddle and frustrate rather than serve, to keep mankind in poverty, disease and limitation.

The devil, the controllers that came to earth to serve their own purposes, to feed off mankind’s fear appear to be succeeding in totally subjugating humanity.

Day by day the rules, the regulations, the separation become more and more severe. And mankind, dwelling in earth’s low third dimensional frequency, believes all he is told.

In the low vibration that the planet earth has inhabited for eons, mankind is caught in the trap of his own five senses.  He is in the limited understanding of his sight and his hearing.

For in this low density, he can only know what he perceives and he perceives through his physical senses.  The deception has been perpetrated by showing him the world that his controllers want him to see.

The news disseminated to him is full of lies.  And from this news, this untrue information, human beings form their idea of the world.  And their idea of the world in which we live, is fearful indeed.  Fear of death is paramount as the news sources parrot the message that danger is all around and death is imminent.

This is the great deception perception which humanity has come to earth to experience.  It is hard to believe but all is well with our world even though life seems to be more and more chaotic.  Every day there appears to be more violence, more injustice, more cruelty.

And this is as it should be, this is the time of the great revelation, the great awakening of mankind from his deep sleep, from his nightmare struggle with the devil, from his illusional delusion.

You are all great and grand beings.  You are all mightily powerful.  You are an aspect of Divine consciousness, a drop of water in the ocean of God.  You have ensconced your true divine beingness, your soul, hidden in your human heart in order to live this earthly life as a limited human being.

Earth is a schoolroom for divine souls.  The human body is a communication device, a biological computer that allows the human soul to function in the material environment, in the physical world that life on planet earth provides.

Human beings are here on earth to individuate their personalities, to work out their talents, their preferences and to refine their abilities.

The earthly experience provides the contrast, provides the play of dark against light, good against bad, the argument, the dissension, the temptation of corruption, the contrast, against which mankind can refine his personality.

And now we are in the time of the great revelation, the great awakening of mankind.  And so the massive corruption, the devious and nefarious deeds of the controllers are coming to the light.

And the truth of the deception, the reality of the delusion that we have been living under is being revealed.  And increasingly, more and more of our brethren are seeing the nature of the dark and devious program in which they have been living.

They are awakening to the fact that they are divine souls having a human experience.  They are points of divine consciousness ensconced in human bodies to experience what cannot be experienced in their heavenly reality, to experience the conflict and pain that will help them choose between dark and light.

Great pain leads to the realization, to the understanding that we do not want pain, we want to return to the loving reality that is our true heavenly inheritance.  And it is by making mistakes, by choosing against love, that we find we prefer love, we prefer communion and camaraderie with our brethren rather than hatred, division and dissension.

And this programming, this delusion under which we live, is happening to all of humanity, to those still sleeping and to us lightworkers who are awakening to the earthly deception.

For we lightworkers are also told a tale that is not true.  How many times have we been told by the truth community to expect certain events on specific dates.

How great has been our excitement and our expectation as we wait for the next date and the next date and the next date of universal revelation.

And yet, nothing happens and we are disappointed.  We too are being fed untrue news.  We, too can only comprehend that which we are told.  We too need to live by the precept “never believe anything anyone says, unless you have more than their words to go by.”

It is time, dear hearts, dear lightworkers to stop listening so intently to the videos that talk of dates for the takedown of the deep state players.  It is time to stop speculating on arrests, clones, executions and events that may or may not be happening behind the scenes.

For we are now moving up in frequency, we are moving back into the love vibration where we are in touch with our soul and our divine intuition.

And this constant speculation, this concentration on what may or may not be happening, is keeping us in a low vibration.

What we need to keep ourselves in, is the joyful enthusiasm of loving flow, the self actualization of the talents, preferences and abilities that we have refined here on earth.

We need to spend our time in peace and joy.  We need to follow our highest excitement, we need to do what we enjoy.  For that is our heavenly reality.  When we do what we enjoy we are following our souls desire.

We are leaving behind the human victim story that we have for so long endured.  We are leaving behind anger and resentment at how we have been treated.  We realize that nothing wrong ever happened.  We are not victims of arbitrary cruelty.

Our trials and tribulations were a gift that we planned for ourselves before we ever came to earth.  And living through these not preferred experiences, we learnt that, indeed, we do not prefer them.  We prefer, always, we prefer, love and communion and camaraderie with our brethren.

Let us look for no more dates, no more happenings.  Let us not live in the hopeless hope of dates and times and disappointment.  We know that we are ascending. We feel it in our very being.  Our souls resonate to the knowingness of our divinity.

Peace and joy and kindness and caring are our new reality.  Let us spend time growing ourselves, doing what we love to do.  Let us spend time communing with each other, enjoying the thrill of being with like minds, of finding each other.

For we know we are moving into the fifth dimension of love.  When we concentrate on the negative past, or on negatives in the moment, we bring the past into the present and thereby create the same negative future.  For our thoughts create our reality.

By dwelling on the negative we create more of the same.  We know there is a great and wonderful light of love at the end of the tunnel of revelation we are now experiencing.

We know we are inevitably and inexorably moving out of the low, fear filled third dimensional paradigm we have for so long inhabited.  We do not know, nor do we need to know all the events that will take place as we ascend.

We do not need to know how the revelations will take place, or the nefarious deeds that are still occurring as the controllers do their best to keep their power.  We do know they will not succeed.  Their time is fast moving towards its end.

And so dear ones,  you are here to save the world, to lift it up with your radiant vibration, your high frequency of love and joy.  To fulfill your mission you needs must keep that frequency high.

So, although it is against all of your earthly conditioning, turn away from the negative, give up discombobulating and confusing speculation and concentrate on the good and the lovely.

Follow your highest excitement, your joy.  For in so doing you are helping mankind and fulfilling your destiny of moving into the fifth dimension of love, of realizing your divine nature, of knowing your soul’s desires while you are in this human body.

So, be of good cheer dear hearts, dear souls.  All is well in your world and life is good and getting better.  And the wonder of it is that the best is yet to come.  Yes,  as you feel the flowing the knowing the glowing of love burgeoning within you, you know that the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.