Love is our new reality

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self with VIDEO – February 24th, 2022

ARE YOU FREELY INTENDING LOVE?                                   240

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – February 2022


Good Day to you our dear Lightworkers, our brave and wonderful wayshowers in this February of 2022.  We are so very proud of you for your progress in moving into the fifth dimension of love has been marvelous indeed.

You have realized who and what you are, what the human race truly is.  That is, each Human Being’s soul is a unique aspect of God, a unique drop of holy awareness that has chosen to expand his/her consciousness, and so also the consciousness of all that is, by having this human experience in the material realm.

In reality, in the spirit world, all we human souls are holy, wholly loving drops of water in the ocean of God consciousness.  We have chosen to put on this biological computer body of physicality and take on an ego, in order to experience what cannot be experienced in our heavenly reality.

We are brave souls indeed.  For, with no memory of our holy, loving nature, we come into this earthly world that is the opposite of who we truly are.

And our body, our mind, our ego are a computer system that is  easily programmed, easily entrained by those amongst who we are born into their way of being, their dysfunctions, their sarcasms, cruelties and aberrations.

It is a puzzle of negativity, a series of struggles we are here to negotiate.  It is our job here to take on these challenges successfully, and to remove one by one the negative entrainments that have been heaped upon us.

It is our job to realize that nothing wrong ever happened and to forgive all and everyone that we feel has wronged us.  And so to release our ego and its entrainment while in our earthly, bodily form and return to the love that we truly are.

This is the hero’s journey.  And you are hero’s indeed.  For, as lightworkers, you have weathered the barbs and insults of third dimensional negativity.  You have been a loving stranger in a foreign land, so cruelly treated that you were manipulated by dark psychological means into questioning your own reality.

And now is the time you have been working towards.  The great awakening is at hand.  The truth of mankind’s deception is seeping out, the frequency of the earth is rising and mankind is moving from fear to love.

And now you know what true unconditional agape love is.  You feel it deeply in your heart.  Love is not reserved for one person, or one act. Love is not reserved for just a few while hating others .  LOVE JUST IS.

It is a feeling, a knowing, a glowing that fills your being with peace and joy.  Love contains in the stream of total well-being that flows through you, feelings of compassion, forgiveness of all, trust, the knowing of truth, wisdom, discernment and so much more that is good and holy.

You understand now what it is to be in the third dimension of fear with its deep and dark emotions.  And you understand what it is to be in the love vibration with its sense of worth and beauty that transcends the world.  With its deep abiding comfort and peace that cannot be upset.

And yet we are not there all the time.  We are still reactive to the fearful words and actions and accusations of those still residing in the fear of the third dimension.

All that is not love, every action of our brethren that is not loving is a call for love.  We are all hurting and flailing about in the dark pit of guilt and shame that this earthly life provides us.

The third dimension does not know how to be loving and kind.  Sarcasms and put downs come naturally to their lips.  They are deeply programmed into negative behavior.  They are hurting, they do not love themselves or anyone else.

They are looking for love in all the wrong places and in all the wrong ways.  And we are still triggered by their absurd and ridiculous accusations.

It is time now for us to knowingly activate the love that flows freely through us.  We are at a stage where we can freely choose to do so.

The energy of love can be consciously directed to yourself or any and all of your brethren.

Love is an actual force in the world.  In fact, it is the most powerful force in the world.  And you can choose to transmit it at any time.

Just intend.  Think of the person or persons you’re sending love to, imagine them in your mind and intend.  Imagine waves of love radiating around you.  Put your attention on sending love and feel the warmth and well being flow through your body.

You will find yourself in the fifth dimension, aligned with your God nature, in sync with Source.  There is so much good in the fifth dimension.

Synchronicities will flow to you.  You will have a light step, a gentle hum of comfort and peace will be with you and joyful happiness and enthusiasm for life will encompass you.

You will find yourself compassionate and understanding of your hurting and antagonistic brethren.  You will see how they are caught in the vice of fear and hatred, jealousy and greed.

And you will be non reactive.  All their hurtful accusations are calls for love.  They need desperately to be heard.  Your non reactivity, your gentle listening, the loving vibration of your words, will appease them, will calm them, will answer their desperate calls for love.

Words such as “I hear you, I understand you, that must be difficult,” will calm them and answer their call for love.

This is how you lift their frequency, how you calm them,  how they start to move out of fear, for they have touched love.  They have been heard.  This is fulfilling the lightworker/wayshower function you came here to fulfill.

You will smile at how the anger leaves them when they hear your comforting words and see your gentle look and manner, the kind calm tone of your voice.

And for you, sending love, giving kind words and loving compassion and understanding is where the joy is.  It opens the heart, sets you free from the ego.  Sending love, giving kind words, transforms your consciousness.  Sending love energetically is a gift both to your brethren and yourself.

Send love to those you’re  struggling with and the nature of your relationship will change and you will lift your frequency.  And all you need do is to intend love.  You are now at a level of frequency where you can knowingly activate the love within you.

Yes indeed.  Don’t hate the dark, don’t fight for peace and love.  For, in so doing you join the negative vibration.  You cannot be in the love frequency when hate is in your thoughts.  You cannot intend love when you are thinking hate.

Instead, make love and joy, communion and camaraderie, compassionate listening and kind words of comfort so attractive that no-one around you wants or needs to be in the dark.

And send yourself love, intend love for yourself.  For you cannot love others until and unless you love yourself.  What’s not to love, you are a holy son of God, an aspect of your creator and you have successfully navigated the hero’s journey through the planet earth schoolrooms challenges.

And you are returning to love, sharing that love and raising the frequency of your still sleeping brethren.

In our earthly entrainment our ego is greedy, it wants to take.  It thinks happiness will come with getting, getting power, control, money, and material things.

True happiness, real joy comes from giving, giving lovingly without expectation of return.  When you give freely you will automatically receive in return.

Congratulations dear ones.  Your hero’s journey through the quagmire of Planet Earth negativity is almost over.  Intend love, be love, revel in the love vibration that you can now freely choose to dwell in.

You are fulfilling your lightworker destiny.  And the wonder of it is that the best is yet to come.  Yes, the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We are Blessed Beings Indeed.