Love is our new reality

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Andromedans via Galaxygirl, October 21st, 2017

Message from the Andromedans for October 21, 2017

We are the Andromedans. We greet you today with great hope and expectation for your planet and your species, her species. We were involved with the initial seeding of life in this glorious blue orb; everything was pulsing with light and life and love. It was a truly wonderful creative process / endeavor and an honor to take part in it, so as it is also great honor for you all who are embodied in this most auspicious of times, in this glorious Now, that you should be able to be here and lend your light.

You are weary. You have traveled from the stars and been gone a long while. We are eager for the reunions and the great rememberings to occur – for they will, and they already are with some of you.

Tell us what you wish us to tell you! Ask for assistance and we will gladly give it. We Andromedans are your galactic neighbors. We have splendid, glorious alive ships that hold vast populations of all life. Many of us live in the ships; they are our home away from home, and we enjoy stopping and interacting with our galactic family – our brothers and sisters – and so we are interacting with you, through this one, as a neighborly “Hello! What do you need or require? May we take your trash out?” I assure you, we don’t need to borrow a cup of sugar! But we would love to hear your stories, your shared experiences, for they are to be your most priceless memories of these brief moments, that seem never ending to you, but are not in actuality.

Remember time doesn’t exist for us. Soon it will not for you. All is changing, marching on at galactic speed. The travel will amaze and delight you, for you have been so horrendously limited, it is shocking to observe. Truly parts of your planet are languidly in the dark ages. Clean water, housing, healthy alive foods are your birthright, for your are truly the creators of old, simply embodied at this Now moment.

It is true, certain, that your current fleshly form is requiring more and more light, because it is becoming more and more light filled. Lay on the Earth and absorb her love, her light, her energy rays that she so gladly shares with you, her precious ones. Eat lightly, avoid alcohol, avoid meat and animal products so that you can better adapt to the coming energy waves that are engulfing your planet and your fleshly form.

Evolve with ease; eat right and rest. Laugh. Be silly, be loving, be open and friendly with each other. You are each other’s greatest allies and assets, you who are awake. You are turning the tide together. Look how strong you have become in the process, planet turners. We behold you with great honor and respect for your service to Gaia and humanity.

That is all for now. We are the Andromedans. We are your family and we bid you farewell. Until we meet again!

— Submitted by galaxygirl