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Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi, July 20th, 2017

Today we would like to focus your attention upon your desires. Each of you have many desires, some of which have come to full fruition and many others that you are still shaping, shifting and molding.

It is quite common for humans to feel doubtful about some of their desires. Perhaps you feel as though you are “asking for too much” or that you have very little chance of ever actually manifesting them. This is what we would like to further elaborate upon today if we may.

You see, from our perspective, everything, and we mean literally everything is energy that is vibrating at a particular rate or speed. Here in the non-physical realms we do not translate our experiences with our eyes, or our ears or with our feeling of touch; rather we experience it vibrationally.

Every single thought that you have ever thought was once a vibration which you became an exact match to and translated into a concept, something a bit more tangible. Humans tend to think in pictures. Yes of course you each have that inner dialog going on in your mind but you watch your thoughts appear in your minds eye like a holographic movie most of your waking life.

When you experience something, it could be anything at all; you are able to determine your opinion of the experience. You can quickly decipher whether you loved the experience or if you never want to experience something like that again and everything in between. You look around at your reality constantly arranging things in your mind of what you do and do not want. Your desires are born from the experiences you have manifested as well as what you have witnessed in others.

When you decided to incarnate into your physical body you knew that you were capable of manifesting absolutely anything you wanted. Yet once you came here and began to immerse yourselves in your day-to-day life you started to doubt your ability. You began to base your expectations on practicality and the likelihood of something actually manifesting for you.

Each of you are creator beings. You create constantly. Your physical reality was never meant to bind you, or imprison you. It was meant to be a way to receive constant feedback of your most dominant vibrations, the sum total of your most habitual thoughts.

Your reality was meant to be used like a rutter on a ship, to help you steer towards what you want and away from what you do not want. Yet we see most humans become stuck in situations that they do not like because they cannot remove their focus from everything that seems to be falling apart, or upon what is not here yet. When this becomes the most dominant focus, you can only receive more of it.

Your dreams were never meant to taunt you, to make you feel not good enough, to make you feel incapable. If you desire something, there is absolutely a way of manifesting it fully, it just might not be the way you had expected. When you desire something, you have created it already vibrationally, energetically. The only thing left to do is to match the speed of that desire so it can become translatable to your physical senses.

It’s right here, everything you want is right here, there is nowhere else for it to be. But because you cannot translate it physically you doubt its existence.

It does not matter how big something is that you want, there is nothing that is too big for you to create. You would not have been able to conjure the idea or the desire in the first place if you did not possess the ability to manifest it physically. This is without exception.

You are so much more capable than you have given yourself credit for. Your life is not left up to chance, luck or coincidences. You are the one deciding what is meant to be through your focus and beliefs. You are the creator and you have no limitations placed upon you except the ones you believe you have.

You are divine creator beings who wanted to play in the physical realm for the joy of manifesting your desires into a fully physical world. So we remind you, that if there is a will, there is also a way. Allow the Universe to deliver all that you ask.

In love and light, We are your Angelic Guides


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