The Angels via Elisabeth, July 23

The Angels: Being the Light

July 23, 2015

Channel: Elizabeth Ayres Escher (


In the Beginning there was the Word and the Word was Light.

Thus starts one of the books of the New Testament. Of course your human minds have to know… just what IS the Light and what IS the Word?

As Angels we know these things as we are these things. We understand our true essence and do not need to struggle to understand what is not spoken. We just know.

As humans who have long suffered under the illusion that you are separated from Source, you are only now beginning to receive glimmerings of what we already have known forever within our existence. And some of you now understand that you CHOSE to forget who you were for the sake of bringing the Light to those who have long dwelt in darkness. This was a service and mission that you were both selected for and volunteered to do, upon a benighted planet, the last one to ascend within this known Universe.

You are not alone. You are not separate from Source. The entire Universe resides within your energy body, as potential, waiting that moment when you begin to allow the whisperings of soul to penetrate your self-hatred and misappropriated human understanding of life.

Let the warmth of the Inner Sun melt away the self-hatred and self-judgment. You have not failed by being here, by being alive upon this strange world. You have chosen to BE here, now, for the greatest occasion of the beginning of an unprecedented period of change and transformation of this world. And it is happening BECAUSE you ARE here.

So allow us to dry your tears as years of misguided teachings and beliefs are washed away in the light of understanding that comes as you open to the whispers of your inner voice, to the wisdom that ever abides within, that can only be accessed through an open heart.

Release the barriers that surround your heart, release your fears and judgment, of yourself and of others who at first do not seem to be like you, but are, truly, as you are One at your innermost core.

Even now that Core, your essence, is being exposed to the world. The Light within is shining through the human miasma of the centuries of living here in one culture after another, in one body after another, to gain experience and wisdom… the wisdom that will come to be useful as you look upon the changing world and see the possibilities that lie before each person if only they also turn to the Light and embrace the fullness of their Beingness.

We see you as you ARE, a multidimensional being who has taken on form as many individuals, but whom is, at the core, at its true essence, One being, completely aligned with the Source energy.

It may not seem this way to many who are still experiencing the effects of human confusion, as the misunderstandings and knowledge derived from those who do feel separated from Source, now fight to retain what they believe is their right to be free of the dominion of Source. This ego-driven fear now drives these frightened ones to threaten and cajole their fellows, to use unmitigated force to attempt to control what cannot be contained, the awakening of the humans around them.

Your galaxy has moved into a new region of space that contains energy that is now supporting change and transformation, at least for those who allow the energies to penetrate to their core. Those who resist will face change forced upon them through forces outside their control. There is no earthly way to control what is happening world-wide, indeed, throughout your solar system.

Your scientists have seen the changes occurring in your Sun and on the other planets in your solar system, although many of you are still ignorant of these changes. This ignorance has been forced upon you by those who still seek to control through outer circumstances, your consciousness and your life.

Yet now, you can step beyond these controllers’ attempts to corral human consciousness. By going within, you enter into worlds beyond the knowledge of those who are not in alignment with the music of the Spheres, or the soft whispers of the soul to the human heart. No bars on the windows can contain the awakening process of those who heed the inner voice of wisdom and love.

Your world and your lives are undergoing a profound transformation, one that will take you well beyond what you have experienced within the time frame of the last several thousand years. And you will take the necessary steps to allow these changes as you are in tune with the inner murmurings of the Soul, which guides and protects each step that you take, whether or not you know in advance where that step will take you.

Allow fear to be washed from your body, allow the healing that has taken place to now be transformed into deeds, as you begin to move, first as individuals, then as communities and collectives, forward with the intent to heal your world and to create lives of abundance, joy and peace for all life.

As a flower responds to the warmth of the sun, your DNA is undergoing an alternation, allowing those parts that have been off-line for centuries to now come back online. As this natural process occurs, your inner wisdom and gifts will unfold and be revealed to yourself and to those who share your daily life. You will know, in the ever present Now, what it is that needs to be done. You will contain within yourself, as you gain access to the Akashic Library, what and now to go about things in order to accomplish that which has, at least in the past, been written off as being impossible to accomplish. It will be done as it is the Will of the Source, the Creator, for these things to happen, now. And yet, your acknowledgement and acceptance of this Will is also needed as Spirit works in cooperation, not separation.

You are embodied Spirit, a divine being who dwells within a vessel made up of the materials from the body of the planet upon which a portion of your awareness now resides. As more of your presence is allowed to be present within that same vessel, you are undergoing a profound alteration in the manner in which you approach daily life. It is as if your entire world has been turned topsy-turvy. And so it is, that Spirit does not work or function in the manner in which you have been taught to accept as “the way it is” as a youngster. That “way” was false and corrupt and designed to control so that a few powerful individuals ruled an entire planet and held the population under their sway. That time is now gone and although the effects will linger until completely transmuted; you have been given the opportunity to take control of your own lives through your sacred intent and desire to work WITH life and with Spirit.

You will discover as you undergo the necessary cleansings by the elements (fire, air, earth and water) that your life takes on a completely new meaning. Spirit supports life. Life responds in kind by translating spirit into a multitude of creative new forms.

You will discover, in the near “future”, just what amazing synchronicities will occur in your life to transform it into something that you would not recognize today as being possible, let alone probable. Allow Spirit to transform you, from the inside out and become and embody the full potential that you already carry within your energy field, as a living god, a creator being, as one and in full unified resonance with Source energy.

We are ever present and await your permission and acceptance of our assistance to help you move through these intense times with grace and ease. Speak to us in whispers or shouts; we will come quicker than thought and hold you up as you undergo these miraculous times of wonder and change.

We are the Angels of the Legions of the Divine Mother, who ever watches over her children and who responds to their prayers and walks through their meditations.


©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,


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