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Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi, May 3d, 2017

Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: Are You Having Trouble Trusting the Process?

Are you having trouble trusting the process? You are not alone. Today we would like to focus your attention upon trusting the process of your desired manifested goals.

In the beginning of this year we labeled this year as the year of “Propulsion.” We offered you the analogy of a bow and arrow to signify the energy that would be most prevalent this year. Just as you would pull a bow string back and set your sight on the target you wish to hit, and then release the bow which would then launch the arrow towards the desired destination many of you are in the midst of this very same process.

The first three months of your calendar year were meant to help you better recognize your desired outcomes and get clear about the goals you intended to accomplish. Now that this time period has passed, you could liken this time to the act of letting the arrow go. The discomfort that many of you feel wells up simply because the arrow is no longer in your possession and yet it has not reached its destination either. This is when trusting the process is imperative.

So we would like to take this time to soften those discomforts, to ease the distress by reminding you that everything is exactly as it should be. Each of you have deliberately molded your passions, your interests, your goals and dreams in more detail than ever before. You have taken a laser focus upon where you want this proverbial arrow to land.

The time has now come to let go of your arrow and trust that all is being delivered to you. You have done much of the ground work. You have used your discernment to better navigate towards what you want to create going forward. This year is about trusting the process.

We remind you that there is always so much going on behind the scenes, far past what the five physical senses can detect, that if you can rely more heavily upon your intuitive senses you will feel the energy that has been set in motion. And this is why we say, we remind you to trust in this process.

Once an archer has pulled his bow back, and taken aim with precision he must let the arrow fly, trusting that he has set the coordinates accurately and now it is up to gravity to pull the arrow into place. And so it is with all of you, this past year has felt trying, challenging, unnerving and unsettling to most but you have accomplished so very much through the process.

Now it is time to let go and watch the wondrous Universe pull your dreams and goals into the physical and so we encourage you to trust in this process.

We hope that we have served you in some way.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides


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