Love is our new reality

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Angels by Birth – Poem by Galaxygirl, February 3d, 2018

Published on Feb 6, 2018

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Angels surround, peace abounds
Alongside fractured memories of rough days –
Of timelines past and parallel,
And as I send the violet flame to purify all into light,
The purple fire illuminates as it burns.

For we are light, encased in form –
Much like the chrysalis and the butterfly.
We are told we are the hope of heaven
As we “system bust this space quadrant” –
The stakes are high, this game beyond intense, With the highest intergalactic viewership,
Making the super bowl look like sandbox play.

For we are told we are all creators,
Learning to form with thought, love, intention
And our heart-minds must be in tune
To the whisper of the Christ deep within
Guiding our moments that stretch into our lives.

Do you ever wonder what it was truly like in the beginning?
When God thought to play with creation and
When galaxies were birthed?
And heaven stretched wide open?

Did it hurt?
Or is this the female perspective I contribute?
We are all being stretched, birthed through the Portal of 5D,
And at this moment feels never ending.
Yet, I see the light and excitement of our arrival ever closer
Ever more within our grasp –
But for now, the darkness of the wait comforts me
For I am squeezed in an all encompassing embrace of the All.

And I realize, what else could there be in this moment but perfection?
For if we are but fractals of Source at play,
The expansiveness and lessons learned in my heart now
Are more than enough.

May we be who we have been searching for.
May we be the leaders we have been longing for.
May we be the orators, the artists, the musicians from whom we seek inspiration.
For the world desperately needs our light;

And the cosmic pulse, the ‘sun sneeze’, the recalibration of Humanity, of Gaia, of everything is upon us –
May we anchor it with fierce determination
And expand further as we continually traverse
The never ending cycle of ascension;

That is why this moment is more than enough For it is all of these moments wrapped together
This must be what “the Now” means to our higher dimensional selves,
That continually cheer us through the long birth canal,
This ascension portal that we create
With every resolve to anchor the light into the mundane and the uncomfortable…and transform it!

And it’s not glamorous.
But it’s glorious!
And I’m grateful for the bruising of the birth
For long journeys provide the greatest learning
For those who know where to look.

Recorded in my heart space
This journey I will always treasure
When the light infused, illuminated and restored
Creating an even more beautiful template
For a new creation
A new life
A new birth
For you and me, for Gaia

Happy Birthday friends.
Let’s create anew, united, One.