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Angels In White via Karen Vivenzio, November 13th, 2018


Angels In White via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest child, holy and light, you are in store for many surprises tonight. For what appears to be conflict in your heart and mind is really the remnants of the old paradigm exiting for the last time. What you are left with is space to fill with all that you desire to manifest in the coming times. For you have exited the last of the third dimension and you are fully into the fourth moving into the fifth. Times will be changing rapidly now through the end of this year. 2019 welcomes in many changes that you are having difficulty comprehending but know this, the world will look like an entirely different place come the new year. Ringing in the remnants of the fourth dimension and fully welcoming in the fifth by then. We know this is currently beyond comprehension but everything coming to the surface in the next two months will soon leave (all conflict, all dis-ease is on its way out – surfacing to be healed and released / focus on healing and releasing all of your own discomfort / dis-ease) to be replaced by a higher paradigm / higher way of thinking and new solutions to the problems that you have been struggling with. This is the resolution of current disasters (natural and otherwise) from a new perspective focused on love and the blessings of everyone involved dear child. For everyone is getting fed up with living the life in such a terrible style, all will be looking for ways to get out of the mess that has been created, all will start to work in concert with each other for a better way to live and be and address the needs of those in most dire straights – charitable giving will largely increase and in much better ways to distribute and address the most pressing needs. There will be so many hurting that helping will be the only way to see you through the ever changing landscape and the remnants of such dis-ease. This is how the blessing times will be ushered in, when there is no other way to go but up, when all of humanities resources have been placed in one cup and the people in charge begin to wake up. You have to hit rock bottom before you can move up. That is where you are right now, the bottom of the cup, starting to look up. So have faith dear child, you are leaving the old you behind and moving into the new paradigm. It may be hard to see at this time but change is upon you and you will not only survive but thrive, it is up to you and all of you to work in concert with each other helping the others to move up in their own due time.

We are the legions of light and we have enjoyed connecting with you at this time. Get ready to put on your dancing shoes for all will turn in the changing tide. More changes being communicated to you in due time, when you are ready, the changes will come floating in and it is miracles that you will begin to witness.

Open your hearts and your minds and fill the world with your joy, your gratitude and your holy desire, that is the elixir to bring in new light. For you are each the blessings that you so desire and you are each the catalysts to the change that needs to transpire.

Sit still in the moment and focus on all that you cherish. Let go of the rest and open your hearts to the blessings in store for you – not just what you want to receive but how you can give to others who have less than you. For sharing is the name of the game and the joys of giving in this season of hope and blessing. For what you receive shall grow in infinite measure for that you allow yourself to give. We hope you can en-joy the wellness with which you are allowing yourselves to give. Allow the light to come in. Allow the space by giving away as much as you can. Allow the joy that this brings in.

With many hearts and blessings of love transforming and transfiguring your world, we support you in the holiest of love and light – sending you help and directing you in completing the transition to likeness of mind, hands outstretched to welcome in the changing tide. Moving on up to the highest dimensions – a whole new world in which to reside. Shaking your hands and embracing you dear child. For each of you possesses a holy gift, find out what it is and learn to give, give, give. Lighting up the heavens as you learn to shine your light, making a difference in this tapestry called life.

This is a message from your Angels in White, we are one with you in heart and spirit tonight. Blessings, dear child, child of light.

Just one thought – If no one was coming to save you, how would you save yourself dear child?

Peace, Love, and Blessings –

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,,

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

It’s time to embrace the Divine in YOU!