Love is our new reality

Karen Vivenzio

Josie, Angel on High via Karen Vivenzio, February 25th, 2023


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The Angel Collective via Karen Vivenzio, February 21st, 2023

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Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, February 9th, 2023

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The Legions of Light via Karen Vivenzio, February 9th, 2023


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Penelope Angel of Grace via Karen Vivenzio, December 30th, 2022

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Penelope Angel of Grace via Karen Vivenzio

Holy child of the heavenly light, we are so happy to see that the beauty and grace of God is shining through your heart and mind. Let me repeat – the powers that be are changing hands. Be no mistake about it, earth will be lifted into the higher dimensions, one field energetically speaking, one united soul-full family of God reaching into the lower octaves of heaven on earth. 

Let it be said, this will be your best new year yet. To have and to hold the future- the creation of what comes next. For this was always supposed to end. The future is unplanned, uncharted territory – new dimension is opening up because of your vision and your love. 

The collective consciousness of humanity has created this new portal, this new opening into the higher realms. And we wish for you to know it has been said that humanity is rising beyond all expectations previously led. 

The way of the future is yours. Reckoning coming for all the sins of the past. Release, relief for humanity at last. 

Breathe it in. Go deeper now. 

You are released.

You are relieved of the duty to stand guard.

All is in our hands now. Let Go. Let God.

Amen and Blessed Be from here to inifinity. 

Blessings across the lands of what you call monetary. Sharing resources. Plenty to spare.

Allow your hearts to rest now my dears.

For infinite blessings are being shared and showered among the human race. 

No more waste.

No more hate.

  • This is Penelope – Angel of Grace

Showering you with love and blessings ‘from above’

Blessings – Karen, in union with my higher self

Karen Vivenzio, Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light


The Galactic Federation of Light via Karen Vivenzio, December 18th, 2022

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The Galactic Federation of Light via Karen Vivenzio

Dear Ones, we wish to see you vibrant and healthy and shining bright in this season of light. We are sending emissaries of love to your planet at this time, to rejoice in all that has transpired since this experiment started. For Earth was always meant to be a paradise and now it is simply emerging from quarantine and joining the rest of the light forces in the universe. For so many have risen in vibration that it is easy for us to see how you can benefit the rest of humanity, the rest of God’s family, if your lives are made more easy. 

So dear lightworkers, dear beacons of love, it is time to ease up on the 3D world of which you have become. Allow yourself to receive the blessings that you need. For you are only as helpful as you are fulfilled, so let your cup be filled and runneth over so that you can share the bounty with the others. For in our hearts, we see you shining, bright and light and filled with joy. And in our minds, we know you have been drowning and we are here now to help you dearest children of light. We are hearing your cries for help and we are answering the call. 

For it won’t be long now, for you to rejoice. For victory to be yours and for all that you have been through to simply wash away in our arms. We are the light emissaries for which you have longed, you have prayed, sometimes it appeared in vain, but appearances are not what they may seem. 

So take heart, in the coming days, allowing the darkness to wash away. To keep your vibration clean, rubbing the tarnish off the diamonds within, sing, breathe, new sparkling energy. Allow your souls to rest. Wait for what comes next. 

We are here for you, and soon the masks will come off. We will rejoice with you in our gentle arms. 

The Galactic Federation of Light 

We have enjoyed connecting with you at this time – It Is Time.

Blessings – Karen, in union with my higher self

Karen Vivenzio, Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light


Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, July 24th, 2019


Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest child, you are a magnificent and holy creature of light – you were born to stand out in the bright sunshine. You do not need to be mired in the troubles at hand. You were meant to reach out with a loving hand.

Allow yourself the time and space to breathe in more light – to open your heart and allow the demons of destruction to clear from your heart and mind. For you have been mired in much fright. There are so many dramas playing out on all different levels. Take a break from the dramas dear child.

Allow your heart to open and mend. And then to begin again.

It matters not what is on the evening news.

It matters not the truths that will be coming through.

All that matters is how you feel inside.

All that matters is to clear your own vibration and to let in more light.

For you are a transformer, an energy transformer, and we are sending you more light to bring in and conduce (a conductor of light, put yourself to good use) – to bring in the energy of the other dimensions and allow it to clear through you.

For that is your purpose and your mission – so sit in the stillness and allow the waves of energy to transfer and transform through your magnificent energetic structure – your electrical currents are currently overloaded. Rest and clear. And allow the other dimensions to come near. Collapsing and colliding – needs to be sorted out, raise your vibration to allow the electrical currents to clear and dissolve all that is no longer involved. For there are many energies coming at you, competing for your attention, allow them to route themselves out, those that no longer belong will disappear before the next new dawn.

For when the sun appears next in the sky, the whole world will be changed, as if in the blink of an eye. For today, just rest and relax, breathe in the new and cart out the old, allow the changes to unfold. Through you, in you, and all around you dear child.

Allow yourself / your soul to become the conduit of the energies at hand and sort out the differences between each wave that comes in.

Soon you will see the magic at hand.

When all the dimensions begin to appear again.

Round and round this cycle of life, when old becomes new and new becomes old, great changes at hand. Cycling through each and every man (man, woman, and child) showing the light of the universe – so many forms, so many lights, so many vibrations coming together to make it all right. Melding and blending the best from each new scene so that the new dimension that is born is all a gleam. Shining bright your individual lights, until the past is reformed and the night becomes light.

Many blessings to you dearest children of light – honoring you as the saviors tonight. For I AM Your Mother, and You are Children of Mine, Each and Every One of You Honoring the Light – For You Are Divine and I AM Your Light. I AM Your Blessing speaking to you tonight.

With love in your hearts, march on to the light, bringing it in and grounding it now – that is your mission, that is your only job tonight. To take in the light and allow your energy centers to clear, to move this energy now onto the new dimension that is being built right here, through you, each of you, as transformers you see, to meld the light into infinite waves of harmony.

Blessings to you dearest children of mine, for you are divine and you are the light.

With love, light, and blessings Your Mother Divine.


Blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

How to Embrace the Divine in YOU!


The Angel Collective via Karen Vivenzio, July 23, 2019


The Angel Collective via Karen Vivenzio

Children of light –we see you, we hear you, dearest children, we know of your plights, we know you are currently in fear of the truths that may come to bear. For much as you know there have been many crimes going on behind the scenes, you have not let the truth come fully into your awareness, preferring to remain on the periphery of your existence due to the painful nature of the crimes and how much humanity has succumbed to the vibration of fear and the way you have allowed it to control your true nature.

For your true nature is filled with love and light, laughter and joy emanating from you all of the time. The rest is a distraction, a disappointment, discontent to keep you from owning your magnificence.

You have been told that you are ‘no good’, that you have to struggle to amount to ‘something’ of importance in this world.

That is SO UNTRUE!! You were born to be uniquely YOU!

You do NOT have to struggle just to remain who you are.

It is your job to journey in remembrance, not forgetfulness dear ones.

It is your job to listen to your inner wisdom, to your higher self, to ‘tune in’ to the higher vibrations of the angelic realm. To become consciously aware that you are so much more than you seem. To appear out of nowhere the lives of which you have dreamed. For it is all in the making now, the curtains coming down, and all that has been hidden will be in the forefront of your awareness through the news on the televisions and radios and the vibration of clearing that ensues. For it is all coming to the forefront now. It can no longer be hidden or stuffed down. All of the wisdom you have been accumulating throughout your many lifetimes, will rise to the surface of your awareness and help you through these most turbulent changing times. For it has been a herculean effort to get you all where you are now. There is so much tiredness going around. For you have had to be strong and had to fight through the fires of doubt to become uniquely you and you have weathered many storms on your pathway home, but now you have finally arrived at the stake in the ground, the point from which you cannot turn around, and this dear friends is where you will finally find common ground – a reason for hope and embracing and erasing the dividing lines – for there is comfort in healing and you will soon realize all that has been hidden and how it has damaged your lives. For your lives have been filled with lies, and broken homes have occurred because of these most trying times.

It is time to uncover the love in your hearts, to stretch your arms out far and wide, and allow the comfort of the blessing times to usher you into a state that is no longer based on what divides but that which unifies hearts and minds.

For what you will see in the coming days will truly blow all preconceived notions of separation away. People will be holding hands in the streets, walking up to greet everyone you meet. For what you will realize, is the disguise so many have worn, the masks will be taken off and what you will need to do, what you will want to do, is band together in unity and love to erase the pain and the agony of the truths to come.

For you are the beautiful, magnificent, and holy leaders of old. The ancient wisdom teachers, opening the gates to a brand new stage. Releasing the troubles and woes and doubts and fears and allowing the unification of the nation to come about from the revelations at hand and moving across great lands.

There will be no more hiding. There will be no more pretending. The humans will find out just what their leaders have been up to and there will leave no doubt, there is unity in numbers and that love will be your only way now.

The past is gone but you will witness it all.

Saying goodbye to the dangers

Welcoming your neighbors

Lending a helping hand

Spreading your wisdom across many lands

Standing in sorrow and opening your hearts

To the way of the everlasting light of love no matter what belief system or religion you call yourselves dear ones.

For you will see the lines of separation so clear, and why they were put there.

And you will realize that you will no longer allow anyone else to have power over you – that you are in charge and others are in charge of themselves too.

You cannot cower in the corners of despair, it is up to you now to claim the power within and the life you want to lead.

It will have nothing to do with power or control over others, simply what makes you happy – that will be what you lay your claim to dear ones. For no longer will you have the mention of money and its entrapments but you will move more freely in the spirit of sharing and there will be plenty to go around. The stores will be opened and new money passed around.

Rejoicing will be many – and for many reasons it may be, but the true fortune being told is the freedom you will now seek. The confidence in the old ways will return, the way the earth was before ‘evil’ was born – you will now see the lands coming clean and the waters will return quite pristine. Flowers will bloom as will every living thing, as everything blooms in the spirit of harmony. And you will hear the angels sing of love everlasting.

Dream, dream, dream.

For We are your Ancestors, and Your Future Selves, coming to tell you of the journey you will take – rest up now for there is so much at stake, so much for you to do, and so much for you to refrain. For even in these changing times, the memories remain of what it took to get here and the lives you leave behind, for all of you to surrender in the coming times – letting go of fear, allowing newness to draw you near, welcoming in the changes, breathing deep to stay afloat, and knowing beyond all knowing that this is what you came here for. To make a difference, to lend a hand, to help the others who may not understand. So shore up your energy, reserve your strength, there is much that is about to change.

With love and blessings to all our dear friends, we are the Angel Collective welcoming you in, to the heart of Creation, for rest and rejuvenation. We are holding your hands, you are safe in these lands, surrounded by Angels and heavenly teachers of all types, dear friends.

Open your hearts and begin again.

For we are one nation, and we are your dear friends.


With love, light, blessings, and much gratitude – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

How to Embrace the Divine in YOU!


Archangel Michael via Karen Vivenzio, July 11th, 2019


Archangel Michael via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest Child, Archangel Michael here – it has been a while, your vibration has finally cleared enough to hear and intuit my vibration once again.

For I AM here for you and standing in front of you – guiding you out of the depths of fear dearest hearts and into the courage to confront the demons of the past that have plagued you in the background of your existence for quite some time dear children.

For you are the warriors of light and we know it has not been an easy path for you to transcend, walking seemingly alone in the darkness. And then, with this most recent arrest, the light is coming out behind you dear children. For once the darkness has been brought out completely and washed away in the memory of what has passed, you will once again begin to breathe more freely – with the demons placed away, into another world and you will move forward unencumbered by the burdens that have just been released and you shall sigh a collective sigh of relief. For this most aggregious transgression has been underlying the heart of fear in this dimension and the release of the warrants coming will continue to let the air out of the balloon – releasing the fear and comforting those who have been victimized by this type of horrendous crime for many many millennia dear children.

For the lives that have been lost in covering this up, and the many many victims for which justice has been sought, is a major victory for those standing in the light dear ones. But not all those who say they are innocent actually are, there may be a few, but most of those whose names have already been put into the light of day are guilty of the crimes to which they will have to pay. And you have seen that it is not delegated to one small tribe, but to many across the ‘higher’ walks of life – men and women and children all involved in these dastardly schemes, too many to count now it seems. And we have tried to protect you – tried to intervene, but the power of the ages / divine will vs. divine intervention only allowed a minimal impact – for some reason, you have chosen to witness and participate in the recognition of such a sordid state and to rectify the ramifications before it is too late.

For you will be moving forward shortly, into the unknown lands – with your hearts and hands cleared of any interference from the ‘dark’ ones – the ‘fallen’ ones will move off and over to dissolve into dust, the lessons they have brought with them will be enough.

The air has been cleared, dirty laundry hung out to dry, and in the sunshine you will find, a more legitimate enterprise that has only been a front for the decrepit and deceitful to hide behind. This too will be routed out and cleared of any less fortunate magnifications of dark light and in the days that follow, the world shall begin to sparkle and shine with the hearts and minds of the infinite light.

Many blessings to you dearest children of light – may you walk ever forward knowing what is right and that it is time for the record to be cleared and for you to emerge free and clear from the disturbances experienced here.

The heavy lifting has been done, new world has begun.

Sit and watch what is to come.

For there is so much more waiting to move out – coming to the surface to be cleared out.

Fragments of light now shining through, holes in the atmosphere allowing the deepest rays of light from way on high to start to shine and reverberate through your skies.

In many ways this has not been too long

And in many others it has been far from done

Now the song has been sung and it is time to sing along

Watching and waiting for the shift has begun


With love and blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

How to Embrace the Divine in YOU!


Angels in White via Karen Vivenzio, July 10th, 2019


Angels in White via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest Children, Holy Blessings are being bestowed upon you while you sleep at night. Into our chambers of healing your souls have gone and rested and rejuvenated and before long, you will see the fruits of your labors manifesting in the 3D world you see. Before you there is an endless road of opportunity – to recreate the life that you see and bring it into the higher dimensions thoughtfully. Allow yourselves to rest, for it is not through effort that the changes will commence but through the tending of your inner spirit / your holy light that you will begin to shine and effortlessly the stars will begin to align. For your soul groups are being called forth to gather in harmony and peace and allow the light of your collective group to begin to shine. For in the evenings, in the dreamtime, the chambers are alight with activity from your souls’ minds and together you are planning the event to come to you where the stars align and the souls come together as one group, one light, one mission to fulfill. Helpers will be found all around you. And the still small voice that beckons from within will sing the harmony and the balance to draw the others in. And together you will stand tall, one voice from the mountaintop calling them all – drawing them near to you, sweet hearts and minds, and together you will move forward in delight – a sacred and holy tribe of one heart and one mind to make a difference whichever way that you decide.

For in the evenings when you are resting, you are planning and your soul is rejuvenating and the ideas are flowing, everything appears in ease and grace and that is how it will come to be on this land of yours – it will be filled with ease and grace and the support will appear when you are most in need and the rest of your days spent coasting along with symphony of angels, helpers, masters, and guides to travel with you, by your sides.

Open the winds of change.

Allow the floodgates to wash away the fear of your own demise.

Look at the world with surprise in your eyes.

For what you thought was lost has now been found.

Ancient relics emerging from the ground.

To learn and teach and speak that which you have come to know.

This is the final stage of the show.

Open your hearts and take a bow, we are moving into the future now.

Bright and cheerful and full of bliss. Yes, this world is transforming.

Let it be and soon you will be in symphony – walking slowly into the way of light, showing the others the way out of their current plights.

For you are the masters come to the earth this day to show all who are open, another way.

With love in our hearts, we bow with you, as the final stages of the curtain closes and another opens for you.

We are the Angels in White and we have enjoyed connecting with you at this time.

Blessings and Light dearest Children of Light – For You are the Beacons, Get Ready, Set, Take Flight!


With love, light, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

How to Embrace the Divine in YOU!


Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, July 3d, 2019


Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest child- you are a magnificent shining beacon of glorious Creator light. Your life is but a mirage – a creative canvas on which you paint new experiences day after day. This is a way station, a holding place, an earthly vessel – a ship on which you have arrived to witness most extraordinary times. Not everyone who volunteered was allowed to arrive at this time. This is most auspicious, it is a deep honor for you to join the human angelic tribe at this time. For never before has humanity been on the brink of such a tremendous turning point.

The lights are shining far and wide.

The ships in the skies are stationed close by, waiting for the time when contact will be made and not in fright.

For we are welcoming in huge amounts of light, boring through the holes in the atmosphere to envelope you here.

There are many millions of us on the ground, setting the stage for the new life you have found. Founded on sense of purpose, in service to the millions more who need us. For we are the tribe of light and we have arrived to welcome in the incoming light and all the forms of life that will stream forth now and in the coming days. It is not far off. We know you have heard us say it before, but for real, for truth is now coming forth. It has started streaming in from many dimensions, now that the openings have begun to release allowing the incoming flux of light to remove all debris from the atmosphere around the earth has begun to give way to a less structured, more fluid / porous barrier of sorts. It is from here that you will be joining your brethren in the universe – where you will meld with your Mother Earth into the heavens above and all will become one – part of the multi-verse stem of Creation.

New sounds will stream forth.

Waves of color and light will weave in and all around you, awakening within you the desire to find the wisdom of the ancient and holy tribes. It is there, within the deep divide, that you will find messages from the masters that transcend all time. For you will know when you arrive. For you will be filled and surrounded by a deep abiding faith in the goodness of humankind and it is from this place of harmony and grace that you will start to heal all the divides and become one once again with your own special light tribe.

For there are many tribes of light, not just one dear child.

There are many facets of the divine within you dear child.

There are many colors within the rainbow tribe of light – there are the Angels, the Masters, the Hologram types, there are the Fairies, and Others, all kinds of great lives. We know this must seem strange to you but awaken your inner heart dear child and see every one, every being of light around you, as a master of some kind, weaving their own inner magic into the infinite fabric of light to heart of the new creation that is beaming and breathing all around you. For you are the magic of the new dawn and we have been waiting for you to turn the lights on.

With love and great blessings we stand by your side – Your Mother, Your Father, dear Clementine.

Open your hearts to the love deep inside and allow it to heal you – one at a time.

For I AM Your Mother Divine and I now bless all creatures of light, weaving in the fabric of a new life.


With love, light, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

How to Embrace the Divine in YOU!







Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, July 1st, 2019


Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest child, holiness is all around you, you just need to look beyond the readily apparent to find what is happening behind the scenes. Out of sight, out of mind. People only believe what can be seen with the naked eye. But we wish to tell you at this time many are awakening and beginning to feel an entirely different vibe. For what is appearing on the surface is not what is really going on. The symptoms of dis-ease are what is appearing, all of the grime coming to the surface to clear out. The truth is, internally, much change is coming about. For as the dirt and grime rises to the surface it moves up and out and then what is left behind is purified and clear, in much better shape than it appears. That is what is happening with your world. Despite the events on the surface full of trouble and turmoil, what is underneath is cleaning up and clearing out – harnessing a power and a vibration that is much more clear and in synch with who you are and what you are really all about.

There is no harm in studying the path you have taken, what is working and what is forsaken, learning to heal and to release all that is no longer needed or wanted is just part of the journey you have taken. You are in the midst of great change within and you need no longer look to the surface to find out what shape you are in. The only truth is the clarity of light healing and harmonizing within you dear children. The rest is noise / it is illusion / it is what is no longer wanted rising up and coming out to be released dear ones, not to be internalized any longer. It is time to let go of all of it, all that no longer serves, no more attention to be placed on it.

Your sense of reality is shifting dear ones. It is moving from the outward in, with your focus beginning to apprehend that what occurs within will be reflected outside, not the other way around. What is unseen and unknown is more powerful than what appears before you in the outer world, for the outer world is really just a reflection of all that you need to let go of / all that no longer belongs being released from your inner sanctum of wisdom and grace.

Let go and let God as the saying says. Open your heart and mind to release the illusion of fear that is in front of you all the time. Go deep within and begin to plan how the journey of the surface will appear in the years ahead. For now is a period of reflection dear ones, to review all that you have been through and all that no longer serves you, to set the stage for another stage in the human race. To reset and renew the love that is inside of you. To know that no matter how it appears on the surface, the eyes of the soul do not lie, what is more important is how it feels inside. You cannot see what you do not feel, it is time to heal. The shadow world is coming to an end. It is time to go within and find the courage and the strength to rebuild, to start again – fresh and clear, within your mind’s eye – to create anew, fresh perspective – free and clear of all that you have let go of, free from the illusion of fear.

You are no longer prisoner to the way others would like you to see your world.

What you know is a reflection of your inner sight, your inner soul. This is the only ‘real’ world you should know. Have faith in what is unseen, what is happening behind the scenes, for soon all shall be revealed that the illusions of the third dimension soon shall dissolve. Before your eyes a new world shall appear, this will be a reflection of your love, not your fear. Waiting for the streamers of fear to clear. So do not feed them – do not continue to feed that fear. Like a cancer growing and building upon itself, the world you see before you – the outer world – is a reflection of who you are NOT, not the other way around.

It is time to reflect what you want to be found, not the resistance or the patterns of fear, but the patterns of love replacing them my dear.

With love and great blessings we stand by your side, witnessing the fall of creation for the very last time. For you have the power to decide, where you put your focus is where you will reside – will it be the fear of the outer sanctum or the beauty that lies within? It is up to you to decide – the focus you choose will determine your existence from here on in.

We hope you choose the beauty within. Have faith dear children. Have faith and choose to begin again, focus within.

With love and blessings, I AM Your Mother Divine and you are all blessed children of mine. In peace, love, and light we are standing by your side. Witness the greatness within humankind.

Blessings dear children, blessings dearest children of light.


With love and blessings, Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

How to Embrace the Divine in YOU!


Legions of Light via Karen Vivenzio, June 26th, 2019


Legions of Light via Karen Vivenzio

Holy child, my friend, my light, a beacon of my life – we live and breathe through you dear ones, for each of you is a beacon of the Creator’s light. Each of you with your own separate path to walk along, allowing us to live through your individual songs. For each life, each light, is a fraction of the divine – weaving together a song of light that encompasses all of the lessons each of you has agreed to take on. For each lesson that you take on and heal, you are moving through the tides of change for not only yourself but everyone. Each is a part of the one whole sum of energy and light that life is built upon.

Each and every life has a purpose, a mission, a set of lessons to be taught and learned. Each life has value, even if it is just to sit and listen to the birds. The energy emitted from each and every soul is in itself serving a divine purpose and adding to the energy of the greater whole. Each time a soul falls down or lies about in despair, the energy of the whole feels it and lifts them up to transcend.

Reach out your hands and help those in need. For you are helping yourself each time you respond to another in deed. It is not selfish or selfless but necessary dear ones, it matters not which land you come from, which religion you believe in, which circumstances you find yourselves in – you are all, each and every one of you, along with each and every spirit you commune with, part of one great whole. It is up to you to see the oneness of all and to respond in like and in kind to all the vibrations you wish to heal – to all the people and life filled beings you see around you. There is no one else but you who can add your specific vibration, your specific life force nature to the call that beckons you.

So listen to yourselves dear ones.

Hear the call of others in need and lend a hand – for when you do you will be surprised but spectacular turn of events.

For what feeds one feeds another and the miracles that come from sharing of your magic, your magnificence, your own holy ground transcend all understanding to allow you to live a life so profound.

That is what it takes dear ones, to find your inner spirit, the holiness within – by reaching out a helping hand and forgetting about yourself / losing yourself in the divine plan. Holiness, kindness, selflessness – these are the virtues which you employ to land yourself in the midst of the divine energies that will transport you on high – to a land of warm breezes and joyful embraces – to a world that will awaken all of your senses. Embrace yourselves dear ones, allow the hand of fate to bring you the opportunities to transcend this unholy dimension and lift you into the land of one nation – one people – one place to a call home – the land of your hearts dear ones, the land of your hearts dear ones. As above, so below.

We leave you in contemplation – to see how you can serve – to learn from the lessons you have taken on and to lend your light to those in need, to learn how to lift them up so that all can transcend into their own inner magnificence.


We are the Legions of Light and we come to you at this time to lift your spirits and shore up your light. For you are the beacons of hope – fill yourselves full with your own bright white light.

Blessings of love – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

How to Embrace the Divine in YOU!



Sananda via Karen Vivenzio, June 25th, 2019


Sananda via Karen Vivenzio

Holy child, sister, friend – I am Sananda here with you again. I praise you for reaching out to me in remembrance of many lifetimes spent in devotion to the cause sometimes with ceremony and circumstance, in other notions not stored up in so many facts. For the historians tell you a story – that is all it is. For true communion with the divine it must move beyond said facts and into the realm of feeling – of acknowledgement through your own heart and soul an inner knowing that moves beyond the veil of perception and into the world of inner truth, of inner sanctity, of sweet Mother’s womb.

It is here in the darkness and comfort of your own inner world that you can see beyond the veil of doubt and fear and move away from despair. For the outer world is where the comparisons take place, where the outer appearances are all out of place. For what matters, what is real, is how you feel. That is the beauty of being human, to have the opportunity to explore many emotions. The ups and downs and in betweens, that is what being human means. How flat and boring it would be to roll along in life without an emotion, without a fragment of devotion. It is your passion, your purpose that fills your life with love. A demonstration of devotion – a passionate fragment of what it means to be one with the universe and yet on your own. An independence born of your capacity to feel and to act upon those feelings that brings you into the realm of your own inner world.

It is not so much that you need to pray, but that you need to play. You need to feel the joy that you want to bring into the world. You need to be an open conduit for the emotions that you seek to experience and then to spread the wealth of love that flows from within. It is not enough to pray if you do not feel what you say. If you do not experience it like the air that you breathe, it cannot come to be. For the energy moves through you out into the world of form. Through you means through your emotions – the water of imagination in its many forms.

So sit still and allow the emotions to move through you. It is not about being perfect but allowing the imperfections to show themselves then move on. It is not to be stagnant with worry and fear but to flow with the love of the atmosphere.

What I showed you, in my lifetime as Jesus, is to move through the emotions of whatever life presents and to rise above it again and again. Allow the circumstance to appear and then to flow through you wherever it needs to in order to clear. When the storm passes, you will suddenly see beyond the clouds of perception in to the beautiful green of the living trees. As the trees stand tall, rooted in the ground, swaying with the storms that rage around them, so shall you stand tall and weather it all. You cannot block the winds of change, but embrace them and nourish them you may.

Sway with the light and the tides of change march on.

Envelope yourself in a blanket of love and watch yourself sway as the music turns on.

Filling your heart and your soul with the deep abiding love of the symphonies of light that dance on.

Allow the vibration of the sweet music to embrace you, unravelling your defenses and enlivening your senses. As you become fully awake, know without a shadow of a doubt that this life this light this vivre de joie is yours to embrace and employ. To allow you to see with brightened new eyes and to take on the fortune you so design.

For life is yours for the taking and all what you make it.

So say your prayers but feel them fully my dears, and know deep within the vibration you are now resonating in. It is your creation, your design, it is mine to simply oblige – to allow the light to shine and to provide safe sanctuary from the darkest times.

For wallowing in the past is not the way to build a life that lasts. When things go beyond right circumstance look to the path that will last. Build a life and a faith that walks a smoother path, allowing the ebbs and flows to move freely without blocking or seeking but just by being.

With love in my heart to all of you dears, my angels depart – sailing ahead. I wait and I wonder for you to sit in my lap, all of your troubles and sorrows, and take a nap. Rest dearest children of light, for you have had a wonderful fright. Now is the time to push fear aside and wake up to the knowing of where I reside so shall you my child. Open your heart, put your hands in mine, and take a bow, for this lifetime is moving aside and you are stepping more fully into your emblazoned new paradigm. It is time for you to fly. It is time for you to fly.

For I AM Sananda and I AM your guide.


With love, light and blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

How to Embrace the Divine in YOU!


Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, June 19th, 2019


Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest children – we are holding you close in our warm embrace, waiting for the seeds of divine grace to sweep you up and move away all remnants of dis-ease. Allow the warming comfort of the seasonal winds of change. We realize you are feeling like you have heard this so many times before, and in fact, you have dearest ones. In fact you have.

Time moves in circular motion, up the spiral of ascension, but round and around the same fault lines albeit at higher and higher dimensions. So you feel and see the same things many times, and many times emotions and prophecies circle round and round but each time you sense and see them you are doing so at a slightly higher octave than the time before. And so, the spiral continues moving around and up, around and up, until you reach the highest level of awareness and choose another path. Then you move to another spiral and another set of lessons.

So dearest children, if you find yourself struggling with the same nuances, the same disruptive energies, time and time again, be aware of how the struggle lifts and changes – if ever so slightly, each time it appears. And become aware my dearest children of light, how shining a loving light on the situation will allow a slightly elevated response to the last time you found yourself circling around. With hope and light, a new way will be shown. A new spiral, a new path to be found.

Ask yourselves in the moment of panic, aggravation, or downright depression – what is the trigger, the release, that allows me to walk into a state of inner bliss? Do you need to step away, hold on tighter, or let go and move on up on your own? What is the magic button that opens the hidden doorway to a new spiral, a new dimension, a new set of circumstances? How long must you last on the current spiral of doubt? Is there rung you can swing from and catch the next ladder, the next spiral?

Sit and think about this now.

How to get out of the box you find yourselves in now.

Is there a window or a doorway that you can peer out and see the vast landscapes of other choices, of other circumstances, and how will you gracefully find your way onto the new path that you crave?

The answer is to ALLOW. Allow the wisdom to flow within. Allow it to rise up so that you can feel it, sense it, breathe it in. It is here in the void of the letting go that the lightbulbs go off and new ideas are found. Rising up from within you unfettered and proud. Allowing you to voice them out loud.

Make a deal with yourselves precious children of light, that you will no longer meet the same circumstances on the spiral of life, without moving them up a notch and conquering the climb. One step at a time. One step, one rung, one spiral up the ladder of ascension – one small step at a time.

Soon we shall see your dear heads appearing up out of the mist, above the clouds of deception, and into freedom at last. It all begins with one simple step.


Blessings dear ones, we are by your sides, for I AM Your Mother Divine and you are all blessed beacons of holiness tonight.


With love, light, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

How to Embrace the Divine in YOU!



Arthur of Lemurian Times via Karen Vivenzio, June 12, 2019


Arthur of Lemurian Times via Karen Vivenzio

Holy Children of the infinite heart and mind – we are filling your souls full with your own divine white light and let us be clear, you are divine beacons of love and light that were meant to speak out and lead and shine your lights on the whole of the 3rd dimension and the leaders of the path of transformation and resurrection – for the world that is to come is one in which you feel equally at peace and at home and well rested from the journey that appears as if it has taken so long. But beware, dearest children of light, you may have to walk through some very dark times, you may have to bear witness to all that has transpired, for it is the collective consciousness that is now rising and you must be strong to deliver yourselves from the bad news that is about to be let loose. It is all the debris and waste of good fortune that will be laid before you, and as awful and low vibration as it is, the truth will set you free – moving from separation into unity. For all the hardened hearts around the world will bear witness to this truth and in themselves the love that has been well hidden will be broken loose and rising up to the surface where the love in their hearts will join with yours and all that is hidden will be no more. You are freed to explore the love you seek, the dimensional shift of which we speak.

When all are united, humanity in the kindest fashion, that is when we will return in human form, to stand before you and embrace you – for though you know we are here and you feel us and sense us, we see there is still doubt – for we are as real as you allow us to be. Figments of your imagination – that is merely your blockage between the dimensions. Welcome in your visions of light. Welcome in the changing tides. For the energy waves that are coming to you now are the waves of light and love that will carry you high above the seas of unrest and into the wellness you do expect. For in the nights to come you will see many stars in the skies and know this, dear ones, we are among you as you fly into the magic of your own inner light – during the dream time among the stars at night – you will fly and you will see the dimensional divide and you will rise up into the higher realms to be counseled and protected, shoring up your energy for the flight back home, back to the lower dimensions to be of service and then to rest in the higher realms.

For all souls at this station, we are one in one nation – forever holding hands with the Creator, the beacon of love that shines from above and we embrace you as one, for we are all united in heart and mind, and we are too rising above in infinite oneness and infinite light.

Embracing you all with the new energies of light – sharing our thoughts during the dream time. Helping and healing the sacred scribes, energizing and enlivening the awakening minds. For we are your future come to life – you are all deserving of the blessing times and we are bringing that awareness to your hearts and minds.

Rest in the knowing that you are sublime, you are the creators – come back to light/life. Allow yourselves the freedom to flow from the knowledge deep inside and embrace these higher forms of light that are seeping into your hearts tonight. Allow the embrace of your blessed Mother Divine and all of the forms she appears to you in your life. For She is the harbinger of the Blessing Times and She is calling you all back into the higher realms tonight – for rest, rejuvenation, peacefully you reside next to her and above the rising tides.

For protection and love – peace be with you my friends, for I AM Arthur of Legend, Speaking from the higher dimensions – walk with me into the labyrinth of hope – all will begin to make sense if you just let go and allow the tide that is rising within you – the part of you that seeks out truth – to wash over you and through you cleansing your soul, bringing new meaning to all that you think you already know.

For now, we bid you adieau – the Legions of Light rising inside of You.

Of the legends and masters and guides you have been told many stories and many untruths, it is time to open and awaken to the magic within you. The fairy tales have been just that, tools to awaken within you the magic of the mystery that is about to unfold. The legends and myths of days long past and yet they are still occurring as the spiral of time never ends, it simply winds its way back again dear friends. And soon you will meet your higher selves, welcoming you in from the higher realms, where magic and light dance with your souls tonight and all that has passed will reside no more, for we have returned to help even the score, balancing the scales between hearts and desire, allowing the healing of all that divides and sealing the fates of those who rise into one heart and one infinite stream of never ending love and peace of mind.

Blessings dearest children of light – I AM the beacon of hope and you are dearest friends of mine. I AM Arthur of the Lemurian Times.

With love, light, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

How to Embrace the Divine in YOU!



Angels of the New Beginning via Karen Vivenzio, June 4th, 2019


Angels of the New Beginning via Karen Vivenzio

Holy children, we appear before you today in humbleness and gratitude for the roles you have played. Journeying into the densist vibrations full of alienation and yet you are full of hope and contemplation. It is not enough to say we are supporting you, look for the elements all around you for your proof. For so many have asked / requested that we send you a sign that the world is changing and what we say to you now is ‘open your eyes’. There are so many signs we send everyday, it is not your imagination but the world at play. Take another look around you – so many signs we send every day – whether it be the flower that blossoms into full bloom to bring you cheer or the butterfly that opens ready to fly, from the feathers we put along your path to the books with the messages you need to hear that show up for you when you need them dear children.

There are so many ways we communicate with you – you don’t have to see or hear us to know that we are there. We are a much a part of the world as the trees you see and the air you breathe. Fundamentally, we are as much a part of you as you are of us. We all come from the same substance.

The Father / Mother God has created us all. The light they put forth encompasses us all.

We are your partners, your saviors, just as you are ours. For you have taken on the role and experience of the physicality while we have opted to hold the energy for change within our holy vibrational substance – for we may not have bodies but we most certainly have wings – and we are ready to hold you up and lift you out of the tragedies.

Take our hands by holding your faith and allow the infinite embrace of love to seep into your awareness and next time you think you are imagining the signs, ask for more and we will comply. For it is our deepest desire to be recognized as your partners in this game you call life.

We are more than able to be in more than one place at one time. That is the beauty of this life, we can serve one or all at the same time.

So be not afraid and hold onto the line – for we will be drawing in the dimensions one at a time. Reconciling the misfortunes and the sublime, unifying the vibrations / drawing the lines. And please know this, as you move forward from this point on, you will be more and more supported than you have since found. For the turning point has come and gone and we are holding you – bringing you forward into the realms unknown. For this is much to see and rejoice in dearest children of love. Soon you will see the rewards pouring forth and holding you in dear embrace as you put one foot forward to finish this play.

Now comes the dawning of the bright new age – another play, another stage. March on forward and take your place.

The Angels of the New Beginning – holding you tight and keeping you safe, open and welcome our loving embrace.


With love, light, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

How to Embrace the Divine in YOU!




Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, June 3d, 2019


Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest children of the infinite light – change is upon you ever so bright shining forth into the abyss so that you can see what the truth really is. A figment of your imagination my dears. For what is reality if not created from your deepest fears. That is what you see displayed on the screens – your deepest darkest fears coming to the surface to get ready to leave. Once you have confronted the darkness of your collective past, you will find the courage to let go and create only what you want to last.

For you have been journeying for many many years, through the world of dreams and fears. It was part of your journey to go down into the bowels of hell creating without regard of whether you would do well. Fears running rampant in your subconscious mind, re-creating the dramatic circumstances on which you learned to thrive. But that is not what was intended dear child, you have let your imaginations run wild. It is time to return to a state of control, minding your emotions instead of letting them control the old show.

The wild wild west has been laid down to rest. Now is the time for peacefulness.

No longer the shadow side raging out of control but giving way to the fortitude and peacefulness of your own souls.

For the ego has run its course, with all of its manifestations making life appear at its worst. You would do well dearest hearts to return to your centers and make a fresh new start. Turn off the radio, the tv and more. Sit in the stillness, allow the silence to envelope you once more. The outward expression fed from your inner light, a beacon of hope for others to keep in their sights.

For the crumbling of old, you need to let go. Let the chips fall where they may but stay in your centers each and every day. For conflict and fury, just walk away. Allow only your own inner energy to process and the fear falls away. For you have come so far to see life in a new way, do not let the machinations of others make you sway away from the duty you know and love – to beautify the world with blessings and to hold the others up.

For your life mission, all of you who seek, is to garner the holy spirit within you so that others may also learn to be free – to shatter the notions of rules and control and to heighten their own inner awareness. You are not travelling alone. There are many who seek and dare not to be meek – their voices soon to be heard, and so shall you, each learn to speak – of the many journeys you have taken along the way and the triumphant spirit that rises to the challenge each and every time you are in need.

So take your cloaks and your daggers and put them away in memory’s chambers.

Remove the curtains and the blinds, fully embrace your own sweet light – ancient and wise, the teachings shall arise within your field of inner knowing. Sit with this and know you are strong, wise, full of wondrous hope – this is your pardon, your rest, your time of great bliss.

Step outside the abyss, do not fall in with it.

Know you are rising up now to the higher dimensions where only love exists.


You are embraced, you are loved for what you have become is the saviors of the world and the universe to come. For you are my shining lights – my honor, my respect, and the signals of what comes next.

So lift your heads above the fear and know that we are near.

For I AM Your Mother Divine dearest hearts, and you are all dearest children of mine.


With love and blessings, Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

How to Embrace the Divine in YOU!




Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, June 2nd, 2019


Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest child, you are a wonder and a de-light, we are shining our magnificence through all of you tonight. You are all divine children of light and wonder and we are honored to share with you the wisdom that has taken so long for you to be ready to hear.

For dearest children, we are here for you, we are near you and we hear you every minute of every breath. We are always surrounding you in a blanket of love whether you can see us or not. This is not the race of the ages we wish to impart, it is the simplicity of love within your hearts.

It may not matter much to you right now, but in the coming days, you will take the bow. Steering the ships of wisdom and light into the center of your hearts to shine your light ever so bright as the secrets long kept start to creep into your awareness. For so many truths to come out that you will wonder – what on earth is this world about. Never fear, do not move into dis-ease but glorify the magnificence of what this means. Earth’s children have come so far in their recovery of wisdom and light and though the darkness may crawl out from under the wings from which it has been hidden so long, it means dearest hearts, that you have risen high enough to stand your ground and watch as the dominoes begin to fall.

For you are wiser and stronger in your faith than ever before and the legions of light are surrounding you now, you will not fail but will rise up in love and understanding and holding the hands of those many many souls who will be so afraid and disillusioned by what they learn, when the truth starts to crawl out. Slowly the light will dawn and dearest hearts, you will become one in spirit and love and truth of what it means for humanity – all the separate factions will not mean a thing, for once the truth begins to seep out, the many millions of hearts will unite as one front against the intolerance, and the dis-illusionment will serve as the glue that binds all of humanity into unity and a return to grace, for not even the hardest of hearts will be able to fathom all of what has taken place.

This is not to scare you or put you into fear, but into a state of grand expectation, the world is becoming more clear. And it is sacred to say that we are holding you safe, in a suspended state of anticipation, for the rules are about to break.

Speak now and stay safe.

The wind in your sails will carry you the rest of the way.

When you are afraid, speak your truth and let the rest fall where it may.

In love light and blessings to you, your Father, your Mother, and the Truth within You.


Open your eyes, minds, and hearts and embrace the truth deep within, for what you are about to witness you have known about but have just been too afraid to hear. Allow yourself to be witness to the changing of the guard and the truths to come out now, so large. So long you have waited to trust yourselves enough to let the cat out of the bag and receive it standing up. You will not fall from grace, but climb back up – by burying the truth no longer, you will be freed to unite and to love without interference from those you fear most – for their power will be no longer once the truth has been told. And the memories of Eden will rise up again, ever so bold. Memories of bliss and of peace will reign in your souls and the ghosts of memories so old will flow in to comfort your souls. It is a full return journey to break the molds, to step out of the boxes of what you have been told, and to recover the memories lost for so long – for your inner glory to belong in the new song. One heart to another the lights will all shine, from within the depths of your being, you will feel renewed – full of light and love to one another and within you too.

With blessings dear hearts we now sing to you – of the glorious ranges and symphonies of Angels, surrounding you. For just as you have said you are afraid, we know you to be ever so valiantly brave. You have come all this way, dearest children of mine, it is time, now, it is time. Keep on holding your faith and know we are here, waiting for the world / the word to clear.

With love and great blessings, I AM Your Mother Divine sending my love to all of you – dearest children of light.

In unity and grace, blessings to you, for you are the future dear ones – blessings to you.


With love, light, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

How to Embrace the Divine in YOU!

Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, May 26th, 2019


Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest child, holy and bright you shine your light and never before has there been such an opportunity to soar higher and higher dearest one. For you have done the hard work, the rest is easy and is yet to come. For the future you are planning can be seen for many miles, the joyful expression like the face of a child. For you have finally allowed the heavens to help you out and we are stretching out our hands to pull you up. You are never alone dearest one. You are never alone.

We are here from the higher realms to lend you our hands, our wisdom, and the love that flows through our hearts dear one. We are finally able to connect and help. You are able to hear us now, You are able to see through the veil. The transparency is coming – the legions of light walking among you are here to show you how to step through to the other side then come back around – crossing between the realms you call home and embracing the future force field of positive energy that is waiting to be found. For your vibration has risen higher and higher and we see with much confidence that the truth will soon be coming out. Legions of liars in chains. Your own chains unbound – soon you will be much freer to roam around and find the light inside of you that so desperately wants to be found.

No longer will you be confined to the history you have been told. The world will open up for you and you will be able to see with so much more clarity than you have up to this point. We are waiting to serve you then dear child. We are waiting ‘in the wings’ with our hands outstretched, ready to catch you when you are ready to see what comes next.

For in the beginning life was so much simpler than this. Before the conflagrations of angst and anger and spiritual deception there was light and love and grace. Now you are returning to this place of heaven on earth and all you deserve. For the warriors of light from which you were born laid fast the foundation you now stand upon. There is a threshold of truth ready to come out and you are now on the cusp and ready to find out what has stood between you and your own divine worth for you are now ready to move forward. Out into the wild blue yonder, among the sea and the stars, you are looking for your purpose, more than what you have found so far. And the truth is this, dearest child of light, you were meant to fly with the condor and embrace the darkest of nights so that you could land in the middle – a beacon from heaven but rooted in earth – to shine your light forward and gather the worst, hold them in your embrace then release them to transform – a bright and shining nation now being born.

The Hosts of Heaven offer their service, in conjunction with my own legions of light, these are the harbingers of your heavenly tribe – for you are angels on earth ready to serve and we are at your feet ready to guide. For you are the messengers of the human angelic tribe and we are your ancestors, your parents, your friends and we are sending much love from the heavens again and again. The door is now open for you to go inside and find the love in your heart dearest child of mine.

For I AM Your Mother Divine and you are all very blessed children of mine.

With love, light, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

How to Embrace the Divine in YOU!