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Penelope Angel of Grace via Karen Vivenzio, December 30th, 2022

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Penelope Angel of Grace via Karen Vivenzio

Holy child of the heavenly light, we are so happy to see that the beauty and grace of God is shining through your heart and mind. Let me repeat – the powers that be are changing hands. Be no mistake about it, earth will be lifted into the higher dimensions, one field energetically speaking, one united soul-full family of God reaching into the lower octaves of heaven on earth. 

Let it be said, this will be your best new year yet. To have and to hold the future- the creation of what comes next. For this was always supposed to end. The future is unplanned, uncharted territory – new dimension is opening up because of your vision and your love. 

The collective consciousness of humanity has created this new portal, this new opening into the higher realms. And we wish for you to know it has been said that humanity is rising beyond all expectations previously led. 

The way of the future is yours. Reckoning coming for all the sins of the past. Release, relief for humanity at last. 

Breathe it in. Go deeper now. 

You are released.

You are relieved of the duty to stand guard.

All is in our hands now. Let Go. Let God.

Amen and Blessed Be from here to inifinity. 

Blessings across the lands of what you call monetary. Sharing resources. Plenty to spare.

Allow your hearts to rest now my dears.

For infinite blessings are being shared and showered among the human race. 

No more waste.

No more hate.

  • This is Penelope – Angel of Grace

Showering you with love and blessings ‘from above’

Blessings – Karen, in union with my higher self

Karen Vivenzio, Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light


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