Love is our new reality

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The Galactic Federation of Light via Karen Vivenzio, December 18th, 2022

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The Galactic Federation of Light via Karen Vivenzio

Dear Ones, we wish to see you vibrant and healthy and shining bright in this season of light. We are sending emissaries of love to your planet at this time, to rejoice in all that has transpired since this experiment started. For Earth was always meant to be a paradise and now it is simply emerging from quarantine and joining the rest of the light forces in the universe. For so many have risen in vibration that it is easy for us to see how you can benefit the rest of humanity, the rest of God’s family, if your lives are made more easy. 

So dear lightworkers, dear beacons of love, it is time to ease up on the 3D world of which you have become. Allow yourself to receive the blessings that you need. For you are only as helpful as you are fulfilled, so let your cup be filled and runneth over so that you can share the bounty with the others. For in our hearts, we see you shining, bright and light and filled with joy. And in our minds, we know you have been drowning and we are here now to help you dearest children of light. We are hearing your cries for help and we are answering the call. 

For it won’t be long now, for you to rejoice. For victory to be yours and for all that you have been through to simply wash away in our arms. We are the light emissaries for which you have longed, you have prayed, sometimes it appeared in vain, but appearances are not what they may seem. 

So take heart, in the coming days, allowing the darkness to wash away. To keep your vibration clean, rubbing the tarnish off the diamonds within, sing, breathe, new sparkling energy. Allow your souls to rest. Wait for what comes next. 

We are here for you, and soon the masks will come off. We will rejoice with you in our gentle arms. 

The Galactic Federation of Light 

We have enjoyed connecting with you at this time – It Is Time.

Blessings – Karen, in union with my higher self

Karen Vivenzio, Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light