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The Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren, December 20th, 2022

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Justice must be done for all countries in the world. This is a message for a great manifestation for justice to be something that all countries will go through.

The balance in the world is far too skewed and the countries that are rich must give more of their wealth to the countries that do not have as much means for continued development. There are far too many people crying out for justice for their lives, work and even for their children. The rulers of these countries have taken most from the population which is their right to a good standard of living.

Much of the funds come from drug trafficking, among other things, and this major problem must end to give people hope for a better future. It is not possible to lead a country where all welfare comes from drugs. Many people have started to stand up against these leaders and it is slowly turning in favor of the population, but it is not going fast enough.

All funds that go directly to the leaders will be distributed to the people for their survival. The children need an adult population that supports education and innovation for the future. Far too many children may be lost if there is no change.

Justice must be balanced in all countries for the survival of all. This means that there will be difficult and troubled times ahead. You have to count on an angry population that does not want to be on a leash anymore, but they want their freedom and live their lives in a fair way for the good of all.

Expect turbulence among the people and in nature where many leave Earth to the other side of the web due to natural disasters. This is something that must happen for the sake of the population and the survival of humanity. All countries must have the same opportunities for their development and no country is better than other countries in the world.

The Galactic Federation of Light

Many thanks. In loving service. I AM