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Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) (channeled messages)

Source Via Galaxygirl | January 22, 2023

Source 1/22/2023

I am Source. I am the out-breath and the in-breath and the space between. I am ever present within and throughout your many lifetimes. I am with you in any direction, with any choice I am present. You all need to realize that you exist within a multitude of realities simultaneously. This one was asking for my opinion on a business decision, and I told her that all would be good options. In your life, in your expansion, there are many directions that you can take. All are ultimately for the benefit of experience, for the soul’s journey is a long pathway with many twists and turns, with hidden valleys that expand into open scenery. Sometimes the beauty is breathtaking and at other times it is suffocating your breath, for the emotions of the heavier times are difficult to sift and sort through. But I am there with you in the midst of all things. Know this. And I am loving you and have loved you through every moment of all of your experiences. Feel the peace of knowing.

This one has been silent for some time as she has been integrating, you all have been integrating massive amounts of plasma love light that is being filtered through your world, and as the plasma interacts with the density there is much silt that comes up, muddying the waters. It is much like dropping a stone into a pond and disturbing the sediment beneath. The energetics on your world will never be the same.

I am Source. All is well. You knew that you would be the ones in the lake seeing through the debris with the stirring currents. Once in a while after a particularly good meditation you feel as if your face has been able to reach through the muddy water to the surface and perceive the clear blue skies, the mountain scenery, and yet you plunge back into the silt. See with a clear mind and a balanced heart. (I am seeing fish with bubbles of light around them so they can see in the darker waters). You are shining so brightly for the others. They will see your light and learn to glow on their own.

I am Source. Behold I am making all things new. You my awakened warriors, do not lose heart. Now is the time to shine brightest as darker days are coming and your light will be most needed. I am extremely proud of my Lightworkers. I am with you in every decision, and I feel your pain and impatience. (I am seeing a large rug being woven intricately and am seeing the time it takes to weave a rug. There are many threads, details, patterns). You are a part of my intricate pattern. Without the Lightworkers and their many threads the rug would not hold. There would be holes in it. Your light, your threads of light in this analogy are the living fire that binds the threads. That is why we were showing this one a rug being lit on fire, and she was concerned. But know that the fire binds, the intention of the Lightworkers’ light binds those to the new earth that are choosing to journey there, just as it directs others to an alternative path.

I am Source. I come near, I am near, I have always been within you. We are one. We are expanding the greatness of what was to what will be and you are an integral part of this adventure. I am thankful for you. The sunsets are always most vibrant when there is ash in the sky. Yet the light shines on, tenaciously. All is well. Let peace be your vibratory frequency and it will guide you home.

I am Source.

~ galaxygirl

The Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren, January 19th, 2023

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With all that is happening now at this rapid pace on Earth and for its inhabitants, there are imminent events pending that affect people in the most important and costly functions of life. Many will perceive it as a miracle while others will not even notice what has happened. Those people who understand that it is a shift to a higher dimension take these events as confirmation of what they have known for a long time.

There is so much that needs to be known and also be updated with higher knowledge in technical functions, but also in medicine that endangers the entire population with toxic substances in the various medicines that are supposed to be available to cure diseases. This is happening in all countries and things will come out that will be shocking but also a confirmation of what very many people have understood for a long time.

With the new souls incarnating more and more on Earth as humans, a new and innovative era has begun to provide the people who have technical knowledge from before with more advanced programs to create more functional methods and related to computers. These computers are more advanced with functions that are not as easy to manipulate as in today’s computers. They will be impossible to destroy with the criminal methods that have been used in the past and will continue to be completely safe for all users. This occupation of destroying and manipulating other people’s computers and enjoying themselves at the expense of others will end.

During this year, so much will happen for the whole population and many miracles will be a joy when so much negative is happening in the world. People need something gratifying in life to gain distance from what is happening around them and it shows that it is not only negative events after all. It can be something to start thinking about what may come that happens in the sign of light. The surprises will be many and very positive, even if there are also negative events in the world.

It is not possible to influence everywhere because there are still those areas that have a lot of darkness and where people have not progressed so far in higher consciousness. Yet there are a great many people who send their light around the world, knowingly or unknowingly, and it raises most people to a higher vibration. The many bases that have existed of the dark ones are now being used in the capacity of the light and more and more of the dark entities have disappeared from Earth to other places to be judged.

Much has been done behind the scenes that is not yet visible, but the light is accelerating with the strong energies that are hitting the Earth to eliminate the last remnants of the veil and programming. Everyone is working on everything that can bring more results for the victory of light and love is rising more and more in the Universe as so many people raise their awareness and vibration. It bodes well for the ascent.

The Galactic Federation of Light


The Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren, December 27th, 2022

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Due to the current development in the world with severe contradictions against the ruling and increasing infections with new variants of the Covid virus, it is particularly important that everyone thinks about what thoughts and ideas they have about the future.

It has been pointed out so many times, but it bears repeating that it is so important to try to be patient and keep your high vibration for the sake of the entire population with positive thoughts and intentions in life. Much is changing rapidly now in the world and many revelations are coming out that are both surprising and upsetting to many people. It is good if you can see it as something that must come forward and in that way be cleansed from the Earth and also from the people.

Already in the first months of the new year, some changes will be noticed concerning many leaders on Earth and these leaders will be deposed because new ones must come from the people in an honest way. Justice will be what sets the mark on the world going forward and that applies to everything that refers to injustice for all people. A fair distribution of funds that primarily belong to the people must be carried out by new leaders in some countries, who previously kept it for their own gain. It will make a big difference in the living conditions of their people.

Justice will also be shown to the people who suffer severe drought with famine when funds are set aside for the people who come to help with supplies. Especially the future of the children is at stake when this happens and these children will be the ones who will receive many innovative proposals for improvement regarding agriculture and grain on the new Earth. Cooperation and knowledge is something that becomes very clear when this difficult time comes and this also refers to peace in the world.

It is a joy to see how many people have begun to understand this development for Earth and that it is the only way for everyone to open their eyes to this amazing planet that has so many resources if you use it in the right way that benefits everyone on this planet. The people have a lot to learn and they will. Even now, certain people are selected for many important decisions that will be decisive for how the continued development will be for the Earth in the future. Above all, to convince the leaders of the world how important it is to preserve the peace for a long time to come if you want to save humanity from elimination. This time is very critical for the continued existence of humanity, but with much light and love for the people to strengthen and help from the many civilizations that watch over and protect the Earth, it will be a great victory.

The Galactic Federation of Light


The Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren, December 20th, 2022

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Justice must be done for all countries in the world. This is a message for a great manifestation for justice to be something that all countries will go through.

The balance in the world is far too skewed and the countries that are rich must give more of their wealth to the countries that do not have as much means for continued development. There are far too many people crying out for justice for their lives, work and even for their children. The rulers of these countries have taken most from the population which is their right to a good standard of living.

Much of the funds come from drug trafficking, among other things, and this major problem must end to give people hope for a better future. It is not possible to lead a country where all welfare comes from drugs. Many people have started to stand up against these leaders and it is slowly turning in favor of the population, but it is not going fast enough.

All funds that go directly to the leaders will be distributed to the people for their survival. The children need an adult population that supports education and innovation for the future. Far too many children may be lost if there is no change.

Justice must be balanced in all countries for the survival of all. This means that there will be difficult and troubled times ahead. You have to count on an angry population that does not want to be on a leash anymore, but they want their freedom and live their lives in a fair way for the good of all.

Expect turbulence among the people and in nature where many leave Earth to the other side of the web due to natural disasters. This is something that must happen for the sake of the population and the survival of humanity. All countries must have the same opportunities for their development and no country is better than other countries in the world.

The Galactic Federation of Light

Many thanks. In loving service. I AM


The Galactic Federation of Light via Karen Vivenzio, December 18th, 2022

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The Galactic Federation of Light via Karen Vivenzio

Dear Ones, we wish to see you vibrant and healthy and shining bright in this season of light. We are sending emissaries of love to your planet at this time, to rejoice in all that has transpired since this experiment started. For Earth was always meant to be a paradise and now it is simply emerging from quarantine and joining the rest of the light forces in the universe. For so many have risen in vibration that it is easy for us to see how you can benefit the rest of humanity, the rest of God’s family, if your lives are made more easy. 

So dear lightworkers, dear beacons of love, it is time to ease up on the 3D world of which you have become. Allow yourself to receive the blessings that you need. For you are only as helpful as you are fulfilled, so let your cup be filled and runneth over so that you can share the bounty with the others. For in our hearts, we see you shining, bright and light and filled with joy. And in our minds, we know you have been drowning and we are here now to help you dearest children of light. We are hearing your cries for help and we are answering the call. 

For it won’t be long now, for you to rejoice. For victory to be yours and for all that you have been through to simply wash away in our arms. We are the light emissaries for which you have longed, you have prayed, sometimes it appeared in vain, but appearances are not what they may seem. 

So take heart, in the coming days, allowing the darkness to wash away. To keep your vibration clean, rubbing the tarnish off the diamonds within, sing, breathe, new sparkling energy. Allow your souls to rest. Wait for what comes next. 

We are here for you, and soon the masks will come off. We will rejoice with you in our gentle arms. 

The Galactic Federation of Light 

We have enjoyed connecting with you at this time – It Is Time.

Blessings – Karen, in union with my higher self

Karen Vivenzio, Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light


Mira from the Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner, June 1, 2022

Mira from the Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner | June 1, 2022

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council from Valerie Donner, June 1, 2022

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council working full-time with the Earth Council.

Currently, there is much to behold on the earth. The comings and goings are quite exquisite. The light, the life, the cleansing and clearing, are transforming your planet. We also celebrate the removal of the dark ones. Their removal is long overdue. It should warm your hearts to know their reactions to being removed. They are getting what they deserve and will never be allowed to return to the earth again.

You are in a time of restoration that is an important necessity for the survival of the earth and life upon it. We would recommend the ground crew consciously strive to cleanse their bodies, minds, thoughts, and words, because this will also affect the consciousness greatly. By becoming more aware of vibratory sounds that come from your vocal cords, you will begin to understand how you can make higher contributions to elevating the consciousness of the planet. The old thoughts and words are stagnant. The fear-based visuals used in movies, and other media, contaminate and will no longer be acceptable on the earth. If you pay attention, you’ll begin to see how some people are already delving into this subject. They are powerful and they are going to cripple some of these businesses that have been perpetuating the toxicities.

Please go into your hearts and rank what is most important to you. Ask where you can be of great service and assess where your passion is first and foremost. We assure you that you will have the resources that you need to follow your hearts. You can become examples to others so they can do likewise. Your communities and your expanded spiritual families are drawing close. This is how you go about creating the Golden Age. You might also remove those you have put on a pedestal. Realize you are all equal and some of those on the pedestal do not deserve to be there. What’s important is your light and your gallant hearts directing you to your most passionate projects.

As the old systems begin to fail, you may find yourselves working miraculously to create new systems. Some of you already have ideas for starting anew. The earth will become your canvas and you will use your paintbrush to create your infinitely beautiful new earth. By looking around you will notice, with your raising consciousness, where attention is needed. From these observations you’ll be able to gather other like-minded friends to take action.

Begin to imagine a safe, quiet, clean, cooperative, loving, well-functioning, happy, fun, and joyful new planet. See how joyful it will be for us, your galactic family, to come and go. You will share, and we will share, and learn from each other. We are excited about being with you. We enjoy celebrations and there will be many.

What do you have to do now, ground crew? Hold the light. Pay attention. Watch the skies. Follow your heart. Create new dreams. Have compassion for everyone. Release fear and choose love. Be in your truth. Help others. Share. Be in nature. Enjoy animals. Let go of what no longer serves you. Stay in the present. Be patient. Look for magic and miracles. Feel the well-being that is here now and continue to improve upon it. Take good care of yourselves.

The skies around the earth are filled with your galactic brothers and sisters. We are doing our part for the transformation of the earth, as well as, for all of creation. The earth is so special that what happens here affects all of life. You are special too. Please understand the truth of these words. We are all so pleased to be with you and to experience this ascension together.

I am Mira sending you lots of Love.

Vrillon via Erena Velazquez | March 27, 2022

Vrillon via Erena Velazquez | March 27, 2022


March 27, 2022

Greetings Humans,

I am Vrillon from Ashtar Galactic Command speaking to your race today. My first contact with your planet was almost 45 years ago, when I came to warn your planet. Our intentions were to show ourselves, and we made a decision to withhold our appearance, you were not ready to accept our existence.

The communication was through the UK Television local channel. Today is my first communication since 1977. Your planet Earth is in the situation, where you need to make a decision about your fate. Many of you are still not awake, and awaken ones need to move to higher realms and help others to receive the Light.

Unfortunately, many souls are going to leave this plane of existence due to poison in form of shots. You have still a long way to go to a full awaking and many changes your world requires to move to New Age. All of the politicians need replacement by the structure of small groups, which are going serve your race.

Your ground special forces have been removing the beings who are threat to you. Ukraine is not the only place, where the cleanup is necessary. They are going to continue their global operation. We are present in your skies and observe the events happening on Earth.

This year is the turning point in the history of your civilization. AI, Khazarian Mafia, Outworlders and other Evil Entities Who are trying to destroy your world. They need to be removed permanently without a chance to return. Your destiny is in your hands. You are our Brothers and Sisters who are from different Planets, Galaxies and Universes.

As soon you remember, who you are, you are going to regain your spiritual powers. The ground work is your responsibilities not ours. We are going to continue keep your skies safe from the Cosmos. Thank you Universal Channel

We are Sending Our Supreme Love and the Truth from the Cosmos.

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

Galactic Federation of Light via Erena Velazquez | March 12, 2022

Galactic Federation of Light via Erena Velazquez | March 12, 2022

March 12, 2022

Greetings Humankind,

We are the Galactic Federation of Light sending this transmission through Universal Channel. We have been working on dismantling a few left over Reincarnation Machines, and we made a lot of progress by finding their locations. We had also encounter with the Reptilians on Mars as they tried to sneak to your planet. As you can see, we are busy to trying to keep the peace.

All of the events on Earth have been engineered by pure evil. Right now, the Corrupted Souls want to push you to the limit in desperation of survival as the prices are going to continue to skyrocket for daily necessities. Remember, you are multidimensional beings, and you have enough power in you to win. Don’t let fear to control your life.

Your governments don’t have any authorities over humankind unless you allow them to be. You need to unify and start the clean up. Don’t wait, when the rest of population wakes up. Many of them are going to continue to be asleep, and stay in 3D reality. Their evolution is going happen in their timing.

The special forces are dismantling bioweapon labs, nuclear nukes and etc. in Ukraine. These type operations are going to start in different locations worldly. Please, open yourselves to the real truth. Don’t listen anymore to the Fake Media. The one who claims to be the Queen of Canada is imposter, and it’s implanted by the Khazarian mafia. Some of the channelers are also brainwashed and controlled by the Dark Entities.

The Light Warrior’s responsibilities are to put an end of the evil existence on Mother Earth. Please, stop entertaining negative emotions and start living in high energies., which enriching and helping in the transition to a New World. You can’t allow anymore to be exploited by the Darkness. The Dark Entities are exposing themselves each day more and more, and their hidden agendas are coming to the Light.

Don’t get discouraged, thousands and thousands fight for Liberation of Earth, it’s almost over. Thank you Universal Channel We sending our Love and Support

Stay Positive and Strong
The Galactic Federation of Light

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

Galactic Federation of Light via Dancing Dolphin, December 18th, 2021

Grand News to Bring much Jubilation | Galactic Federation of Light via Dancing Dolphin

Galactic Federation of Light:

“Grand news to bring much jubilation…your Ascension Event!”

“This message regarding the Ascension Event is general in nature and is meant to be broadcast to all peoples of Gaia.” The Galactic Federation of Light

December 18, 2021

“We come with this message tonight for all our Gaian family. Things have been changing dramatically upon your world, and you have all felt it for many years now. The pace has quickened. World events are happening that you do not understand. Massive energy has been sent to Gaia via solar flares and other celestial events. Your personal lives changed severely in the last year and a half, and this break forced many Gaians to re-evaluate their lives. All this chaos is not coincidence, dear Gaians. It is all connected, all of this has a purpose, and that purpose is your Ascension.

It is the time for hu-manity on Gaia to Ascend. This is grand, historic news that should bring much jubilation to your hearts! Much jubilation! It is not something to be feared, it is something to be ecstatic about! For this process, your spiritual development, has been millennia in the making—millennia! Many races of the Galactic Federation have watched over Gaia and your progress (you as in the hu-mans on Gaia) all this time.

This message is meant to be broadcast to all Gaians; it is not just intended for the spiritually aware. Those who are unaware of the Ascension of all hu-mans need to be informed so that everyone may experience this natural process with ease and joy.

As ascension events happen so very infrequently, and no Beings generally live long enough in-between these events, there are no records that you may refer to if you research the Ascension. There is no information on what happened last time. And to be clear, the structure of the Ascension you will experiences is vastly different than any other that has happened prior on Gaia. This time, Gaians have chosen to ascend in their bodies, as opposed to ‘passing over’ as you say, and their spirit being elevated to the next level without a body. Yes, we said ‘Gaians have chosen’ as “you” as a collective decided how your Ascension would occur.

Many of you may have experienced what some people refer to as “Ascension symptoms” as your bodies have literally been changed in these last 20-30 years. You have been increasing your vibrations and slowly ascending all this time, of course. Gradually your bodies have been changed, the matter that makes up your bodies has been changed. You are lighter. You literally can hold more light in your bodies now than you did 20 or 30 years ago; much, much more light! Have you noticed that you eat differently? Sleep differently? Many people understand these things; but many others have not heard of them and may be surprised when certain things begin to happen. This is why we wished to come speak with you tonight.

The first thing that you may notice when the Ascension Event begins to happen, (if you are on the side of the planet where people are awake and going about their day), is that people will suddenly become quiet. If they are driving a car, they will pull over because their Higher Self is telling them to do so. If they are running, say jogging for exercise, they will stop. So, whatever people are doing, they will suddenly stop and be quiet. We account for things such as flying airplanes, people going very fast in cars, trains or ships. We watch over and protect them.

People will want to lay down where-ever they are. If you are working in an office, you will put your head down on your desk. Or, if you are working outdoors at a construction site, or just outside in general, people will stop and lay down where they were standing. In the hours preceding this event, people will be guided to find a place where they may lay down. For example, if they are driving, they will be guided to pull over and find a place to park so that they may lay down in their cars. The Ascension Event is one that people will need to be unconscious. It is something where people will need to lay down and rest as they will be in a state of extreme exhaustion, just wanting sleep. It is a natural process.

The people on the dark side of the planet will experience this while they are asleep. In this manner, you will dream the experience. Everyone will dream the experience. It will be a beautiful dream! Honestly, people will dream of some mode of transportation, and they will get off this transportation at the appropriate spot for them. There are many different levels that people will be ascending to and that should make sense to everyone because people are at all different levels spiritually, so it is not like everyone will arrive at the same point. Do you understand?

People will go to the area that feels comfortable to them, whether it is 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D or higher. When they get there, they will rest for a bit more, they literally are going there in their bodies. They will dream the experience but wake up there in their bodies. You will not feel afraid, you will feel a bit confused but your Angel guides, your Spirit guides and/or your Higher Self will be there to talk you through it.

We give you these examples of what the Ascension Event may look like in your world with the hope that this information will be a comfort to many. We know that there is concern regarding the separation of your family and friends who may end up in a different destination than you. When that happens (because it will happen to many different people), you will not mourn them as if they are dead. You will understand that you went to where you were meant to go, and they did the same. You will feel connected to them, you will still remember them. You will mourn their loss, but not as if they were dead. You will feel comforted. As we stated earlier, your Angel and Spirit Guides and Higher Self will always be with you to provide understanding.

We will take our leave. We are happy to have brought you this message on this night. We are the ones of the Galactic Federation of Light who have been tasked with sending this message to Gaians. Adonai. Namaste.”

Please feel free share this message!
Received through Dancing Dolphin
Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

Galactic Federation of Light via Dancing Dolphin, October 23th, 2021

Galactic Federation of Light via Dancing Dolphin

Crop Circle translation – Galactic Federation of Light

Star Glyph of June 2009 in England

Received through Dancing Dolphin October 23, 2021

Image courtesy of Lucy Pringle’s website: Hu-mans* of Earth,

Attention! Attention! The time of the ‘Great Experiment’ has ended. Time everlasting on your planet has been devoted to the contributions of hu-mans and their potential to inhabit the galaxy and the omniverse. The ‘Great Experiment’ has been a test of your species. The test has been long and arduous and even longer and more difficult than you realize. After eons of watching and observing, we have decided that the future of hu-mankind in the galaxy is not to be reckoned with. This means that it is inevitable. You have proved yourselves worthy of joining (what you may call) the Galactic Federation of Light, (but what we call) Our Group of Enlightened Beings from all over your galaxy, the universe and even beyond what you can imagine.

We are an enlightened bunch who have, as you have, traversed the many trials of lower density life. Through our dedication to persevering (just has you have), we climbed the ladder of consciousness and were granted travel among the stars. This too has been your journey and it has been fraught with seemingly everlasting death, violence and darkness.

But through it all you have had help from Enlightened Beings who wished to assist, and this assistance was granted. These Beings seeded light where necessary to nudge you on your spiritual evolution. Their delicate guidance over and over and over again throughout your darkest history has been fruitful. Seeds of light were planted, and they bloomed and assisted in spreading light wisdom, love and empathy across the planet. Your society, your kingdom of many races has finally conjoined and gathered in service of the One, in service of love, and has tipped the scales in the favor of the light.

Needless to say, this brings all of us who have been observing your species great joy! For even though to you it may seem as if we were cold, non-feeling, distant, non-emotional Beings watching you as “lab rats” nothing could be further from the truth! **  During all the eons that we observed you we were rooting for you and cheering you on.  We greatly desired your success, for we see in you the qualities of Prime Creator, our Creator! We do wish to get to know you better, to meet you, co-create with you and show you things. Things that will help you and your society as Gaians, these things will help you further ascend on your spiritual path. But we could only do this when you (Gaians) reached a certain level of light quotient (as you think of it).

Congratulations dear Hu-Mans, you have completed the Grand Experiment!! You have turned the darkness into light! You have assisted Gaia in rising again and helping her to ascend as well.  We are ones of the Galactic Federation of Light (what you call us), we bring you Greetings, we bring you Congratulations, we bring you our Love and our Joy!

The old ways of what you term your ‘3D life’ will be ending very shortly and soon you will all graduate into a life that you can barely even imagine. We won’t waste time in trying to explain it, but please know that you will all be overjoyed. Many, many, many great things are coming for you, your family and all your loved ones. We know over the eons that countless lifetimes have been extremely difficult for all of you.  This is why we continue to say Congratulations for your steadfast pursuance of climbing out of the darkness to the light; for your dedication and persevering through extremely difficult times—we applaud you!

Peace and Love to All on Gaia!



*Note: Hu-man is used when one is emphasizing that “Hu” means “god,” so we are “god-men” (and women).


**”DD is translating, we are sending her thought nuggets and she translates it into your tongue so you can understand.”  They said this because I paused when they stated, “Nothing could be further from the truth!”

I thought, “Wow, how funny they would say it like that, it sounds just like me”.  LOL.  Our brains are amazing.


Please feel free to share this message!

Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

KaRa via Erena Velazquez, October 21, 2021

KaRa via Erena Velazquez | October 21, 2021

October 21, 2021


I am KaRa, the Emissary from the Galactic Federation team, and my direct responsibilities are working directly with Ashtar in the fight with the Cabal and outworlders, who are trying to harm humankind.

I am happy to be back and share these new updates with everyone on your planet. You are in the final phase of your transformation on Mother Gaia. Each day more and more people are getting awake and start seeing that their reality is not, what it suppose to be.

The Deep State has been manipulating and delivering through your media absolute lies about everything, what has been happening around you. If you notice, each time the Darkness tries to come up with a new way to take away your freedom, like about making own decisions, on how to live your lives, and on what to put into your body. Don’t let them fool you, that they care about your well being, they don’t.

They made a long time ago a plan to depopulate your planet, and they are implementing it now. You are now in warfare, many of you already started your fight for your freedom and the right to stay alive. The Dark Entities hide all of the available legitimate cures for certain diseases, as their goal is not your well being, their agenda is only to win this battle against you. Unfortunately for them, they are losing each day more and more ground. Their plans are failing apart, because you are realizing that you have the power, and they are outnumbered.

My team is assigned to protect you and other civilizations from becoming involved in a intergalactic conflict. Yes, they are trying to destroy Earth and also other planets. It’s not coincidental, that the Reptilians, negative Draco’s, Orions and other species are involved with Deep State, Khazarian Mafia and etc., as they have their own agenda to conquer the whole Cosmos.

I find that their plan is too ambitious. We, Galactics, can’t allow this to happen that would be catastrophic for many civilizations. The balance and peace needs to be kept in the Cosmos. Please, don’t be alarmed, I just wanted to inform all of you about their agenda, which are not new to us, as they have been on that path for eons. Congratulations for being rebellious and standing up for your transformation, and moving toward of becoming a Galactic Human.

Lately, you have noticed the shortages in your food supplies, which are temporality. This is happening for several different reasons, one of them is the flow between different businesses got interrupted by the pandemic, the containers are stock in ports, the Alliance are checking each container for human trafficking, and the corrupted souls are creating fake food shortages.

Mother Gaia has thousands of undiscovered eatable plants, you can never run out of food. Please, continue to raise your vibrations to be above all of the negative energies and nonsense, they are bringing to your daily life.

Look on the bright side, many good things are occurring every second, the veil is falling like the Berlin Wall did. You are getting closer and closer to becoming a free world without controllers. The Divine is in works, nothing can stop that.

I am waiting for the day, when my Galactic team can land on Earth and help to set up the Light Centers across your whole world, and assist in healing your population. Gratitude to Universal Channel.

Your Destiny is in Your Hands.

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

The Galactic Federation of Light via Aurora Ray, October 20th, 2021

Ascension Update: You are Awakening to the Truth | Aurora Ray

by Aurora Ray

Dear Beloved ones,

The final energies of this pivotal and evolutionary leap in consciousness have begun and are stepping up and into the collective light and energy fields.

A new wave of codes, frequencies, and energies is emerging. These are specific codes designed to activate individuals who are ready for this next stage of their growth. The new energies will serve as an ancestral DNA pattern activation, bringing you back into wholeness on all levels of your consciousness.

This will enable you to finally let go of ancestral patterns that still exist in the deepest layers of the human psyche.

This energy cascade is coming through with many changes, and many of them will be profound.

This upgrade will help all of you to go through real positive changes in your lives, personally, psychologically, and on the planet as a whole.

The energies coming through with this cascade are new to humans. You have been evolving for quite some time, and this new energy comes in as an evolutionary shift.

We have incorporated wonderful energies in this energy update, such as self-love, compassion, acceptance, and understanding. This will also provide you with an opportunity to heal your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.

With this new energy, you are also being provided with a chance to transmute all the energies that no longer serve you.

This update is the opportunity to find your true spiritual path.

This will provide you with the opportunity to calm your fears and forgive yourselves and others. You will be able to release attachments and fears.

This update is also designed to help you align more with your true purpose and to connect with your higher self.

When feeling fear, instead of hiding from it, let it pass through you.
Allow yourself to feel fear, but fall back into love. This is the best way to release the old energies and to help you ascend.

Ascension is the energy of divine spiritual consciousness, power, and truth. It is the highest vibration of all energies. Ascension is about the expansion of consciousness.

Ascension is the energetic process of rising above your physical body to higher levels of consciousness. It is a process of transmutation, of shedding your lower vibrations of matter and matter consciousness and moving into higher frequencies of thought, feeling, and being.

This is the process of letting go of what no longer serves you and embracing who you are in today’s moment.

When your consciousness expands, you expand. You expand from the illusion of separation and limitation and move into the awareness of your oneness with the Universe, with the Divine, and with the God-Self.

Ascension is energy that reminds you that you are never alone. It is the energy of unconditional love, compassion, and divine connection. It is the energy that comes from being one with God, with Spirit. Spirit’s energy is responsible for bringing forth the charismatic light of God within. It is the energy of divine spiritual consciousness.

Ascension Energy is continuing to flow through you and into Mother Earth. Although you may not yet feel the effects of this energetic shift, you are definitely feeling the effects of it.

It is very powerful. It is giving you an opportunity to release the old and to move into the new. This shift in energy is giving you an opportunity to create new ways and create a new paradigm.

You may feel the effects of this energetic shift in many ways. You may notice your physical body shifting, but this shift can also affect your mind and emotions. This shift is helping you to free yourselves from the false truths that you have lived with for eons. As these false truths are finally released, you can begin to experience the truths of our being.

You are awakening to the truth. You are beginning to see through the veils of illusion. You remember your true power, and you begin to step into it. You remember that you are powerful creators. You remember that you are the creators of your own reality.

As you continue to release the old, you are also creating the new. You are forming a new paradigm, and this paradigm does not include the duality that has existed for so long. This paradigm will include the truth about your true essence.

At this time, so many of you are being triggered by the energies of Ascension. There are so many events occurring in the world, both perceived and unseen, that are causing great upheaval on your planet.

These events force you to see and experience in a variety of ways and allow you and everyone else who is experiencing them to make decisions for their own consciousness and journey in life. These decisions could lead you in any number of directions and could be around creating, changing, or liberating yourself from something — or someone — in your life.

Right now, there is so much beautiful energy for you all to use at your will. However, your will needs to be activated in order to be open enough for these energies to flow through you fully. Your minds need to be open enough for these energies to flow through them fully. Your emotions need to be open enough for these energies to flow through them freely.

Ascension energy is a gateway for positive change. You can be a powerful creator of this shift. You can direct the energy of ascension energy into the places where you need it the most. You can direct the energy of Ascension energy into your homes, your businesses, your churches, and your temples.

You have the ability to direct the energies of ascension energy into your minds and emotions. You can direct the energy of ascension energy into the places where you need it the most.

All is in flux in these times, yet you have a golden opportunity in front of you to create what you will.

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

The Arcturians via Aurora Ray, October 10th, 2021

The Arcturians are Coming Back to Earth, Intent on Upgrading Humanity and Humanity is Ready for it | Aurora Ray

The Arcturians are a race of mature beings who have dedicated themselves to service to others, as they are fundamentally devoted to assisting humanity in its passage through the Ascension process.

They are spiritually advanced beings whose vibration is higher than that of humans and who are therefore able to interact more easily with humans.

Arcturians are aware of the fact that humanity is ascending and are eager for humanity to join them in the higher dimensions and higher octaves.

They are joyful, good-natured, open-minded, and tolerant of others, as well as warm, personable, and charismatic.

The Arcturians are described as being tall, with faces and bodies that have a very elongated appearance. They often wear black spacesuits and are sometimes depicted in artwork as blue or green. Their eyes are said to be large and of an intense, brilliant, orangish color.

Their star system is located approximately 40 light-years from Earth, and it is a binary star system. It is 4.9 light-years in diameter and 1,400 times the size of Earth.

Arcturians have a number of etheric and astral bodies, and each of these bodies has its own vibrational frequency, which is influenced by the vibration of the being inhabiting it. It is in this way that Arcturians are capable of directly affecting humankind’s vibrational frequency and of aiding that frequency in its ascension.

When interacting with the human species, the Arcturians often appear as male or female humanoids, but some also appear as golden naked entities, merging with the ceiling or the floor, while others appear as beings of radiant light.

Although Arcturians are capable of directly interacting with humans in the astral plane, they also communicate with humans telepathically and in dreams, and naturally, they also communicate through visions.

The Arcturians are believed to have been born on Earth. Their ancestors came from a blue star system called “Izar.” Their home planet, Arcturus, was colonized by an advanced race known as the “Tall Whites” (or “Tall Ones”), a group that had migrated from the Sirius star system.

The Arcturians migrated to Earth in the 4th dimension and became the guardians of the planet. They helped humans to develop consciousness and advised them on how to live in harmony with nature. However, the Tall Whites became arrogant and abusive, leading to the Arcturians eventually taking the humans back to Arcturus to live.

The Arcturians eventually developed the Zeta Reticuli, a wormhole that linked the entire Milky Way galaxy. The wormhole was later destroyed, leaving the Arcturians stranded on Earth. But now, the Arcturians are returning to the Milky Way galaxy and are in the process of upgrading humanity.

They came to planet Earth in human form many, many hundreds of thousands of years ago and were among the first star visitors to arrive. Their spaceships have come to Earth many times before in human form, and they continue to come to Earth on frequent visits.

Their Spaceship Athena, the most advanced of all Arcturian Starships, is made up of 88 crystalline chambers, each the size of a small airplane hangar, and is commanded by Lord Adama, Supreme Arcturian Commander.

It was dispatched to protect Earth from negative extraterrestrial threats. Athena is also equipped with powerful particle beam and photon torpedo weapons. It has been stationed in the Earth’s ionosphere.

Their Spaceship is a shining beacon of Arcturian love and light. It is the finest ship ever constructed by the Arcturian Council to help humanity in its efforts to raise the vibration of Mother Earth.

They have always believed in their idea of the evolution of humanity. The Arcturians believe that an individual incarnated on Earth or on another planet has the potential to evolve and become a great individual and that an individual’s soul (or consciousness) is a star, and that star is a human being.

And, as such, they wanted to share that potential with the Earth. Therefore, the Arcturians helped create mankind.

They created to love, and they created science. And if you have wisdom and love, and science, and you understand this, you create a human being, and that human being becomes a star.

The Arcturians are genetically similar to you, you may look at them as “space humans,” and they have been guiding humanity for thousands of years. Now, the Arcturians are coming back to Earth, intent on upgrading humanity — and humanity is ready for it.

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Ashian via Jennifer Crokaert, September 30th, 2021

Riding the Slipstream | Ashian via Jennifer Crokaert

September 30, 2021,

Ashian: Greetings to all who feel these words.

J: Hello! Today, it was late when I left to collect my son from school, so I said a prayer to get there quickly, but there was more than that…something happened… I got there quickly, but it seemed very different. Would you care to comment?

A: We would! You projected your energy into what could be called the ‘slipstream’.

In the sky there are winds of different speeds, there’s a lot of bluster and movement; anyone who has been on a plane knows how turbulent these winds can be.

J: Not something you suffer from, I imagine!

A: Above these chaotic and turbulent winds is the slipstream. Imagine it as a highway instead of a bumpy lane. Imagine it as a smooth, coherent stream of energy. Imagine that it is a river of grace that effortlessly brings you to where you wish to be.

When you got in the car, you decided that a pathway of grace and ease would bring you to your destination on time, regardless of how busy the traffic was. You allowed others onto your lane, demonstrating grace instead of stress.

You engaged with and activated the slipstream. You shifted from the 3D to the 5D energy flow.

Your planet is in a time period where the 3D grid of reality is squeezing, crashing and crumbling. When you are engaged with this energy because you are feeling low, angry or fearful, you are buffeted by those 3D winds and the chaotic energy around them.

When you acknowledge that the 3D is thrashing about, but choose instead to focus on the vibrations of love, peace, kindness, compassion and forgiveness…you engage with the 5D, you activate portals of the 5D, you enter the slip stream of grace. Here, all things are possible when you are in 5D alignment.

As often as you can, choose to enter the slip stream of grace.

Here, your alignment creates both the process and the outcome; here your vibration, your intention, your resonance create grace and ease, even while others around you feel buffeted by the winds.

J: A lovely image, thank you. Now all we need are the hover vehicles!

A: Patience: they’re coming!

The Galactic Federation via Aurora Ray, May 28th, 2021


The Galactic Federation: You Are Already An Ascended Master

by Aurora Ray

This is not the lifetime where you learn new things to achieve mastery level of any kind.

This is the lifetime when you remember that you already are an ascended Master and that exactly this is the reason why you have been chosen to incarnate and face the greatest challenge in the history of our entire universe.

Do not get fooled by a corrupt system of manipulation and deceit, lies, and abuse of power. Those in control on planet earth are not human. They are monsters, occultists, Satanists, and evil worshipers. It does not matter if you believe in Satan, the only thing that matters is that they do.

They have infiltrated the light as they have infiltrated every area of existence on planet earth. Do not be misled by those wearing a false torch of light. Those who picture themselves in light when all they have is darkness. Do not follow the false teachings that tell you things like to listen to music and dance and sing and everything is alright.

This is not how wars are won. And you are at war, dear ones. You may call this the third world war and in fact, this is a spiritual war. Good versus evil, truth facing lies, light against dark.

Today, we want to empower you by making you bring the fact that you already are an ascended Master into the forefront of your conscious awareness.

You have all the tools, the wisdom, the knowledge, and the inherent God-given powers to bust this system and change its frequency from one of fear to love.

We continue sending powerful gamma photon light beams through the central sun straight into the cells of your being. These rays of light carry the divine light that repairs your scattered helixes of DNA and allows you to access psychic abilities and knowledge that is needed right now for you to fulfill your mission on earth.

We want to remind you that the fifth-dimensional frequencies are already accessible on your planet. Imagine it as a switch within your mind and heart that you must hit in order to benefit from 5D abundance.

Your mind is still worried about third-dimensional survival subjects like your work, your business, feeding your family, taking care of your children, repairing your house, etc.

All the while your heart yearns for abundance yearns for the life that you have in your mind, the life that you dream of, the life that the very thought of opens your heart a bit wider.

What if we told you, that this dream life which you envision yourself to have in your wildest dreams is your actual life purpose?

What if you could heal yourself, your family, your loved ones, and fulfill your divine life’s mission simply by going for that dream and putting all fear aside along the way?
What is the greatest teaching and the highest education they could get? What if you could pass that to those you love and it would simply be you following your heart? What if things were just as simple as that?

Jesus said, “When the two become one the Kingdom can come.”

The mind and the heart.
Fear vs Love.
Masculine vs Feminine energy.

Imagine with all your mind and love with all your heart.

Let all fear go and follow your heart.

Are you yet ready to accept this as truth? Or do you still need to continue the path of suffering before you fully awaken to the truth of existence?

What is the truth of existence? Love. The only truth is love. Unconditional love. And that means that you must love yourself first. When you have learned to love yourself fully and unconditionally you will go for that dream of yours full speed. You will be ready to do everything it takes to follow your heart and to establish that dream. Once you find the courage in your heart to do just that you will be ready to enter 5D.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t sing and dance. Actually, that’s exactly what we want you to do but we want you to sing and dance while you stand up for yourself and are brave, and courageous, and start bringing your dream to life.

Ask yourself today one question, sit in silence breathe, meditate, and ask yourself this very one question: “Have I had enough of the dark night of the soul?”

Whether you think you have suffered enough or not, you’re usually right.

Do you start to understand now how all this is in your own hands? It is nobody’s destiny to suffer. It is everyone’s destiny to live in abundance. Abundance is your birthright.

When you overcome fear and step into love and follow your dream the entire universe will conspire to assist you.

The time is now.

We love you. We are here with you.
We are family of light.


The Galactic Federation via Aurora Ray, May 21, 2021


The Galactic Federation: The Infamous ‘Comfort Zone’

by Aurora Ray

The frequency of earth is steadily rising and what we are witnessing now on the planet is a frequency divide. Meaning, there are those who have ascended and keep ascending with earth’s new vibratory level and there are those who keep choosing the density of the third-dimensional reality as their preferred place of residency. The infamous ‘Comfort Zone’.

The only place where you exist is here and now. Every dimension has its own definition of here and now. That particular here and now makes up the reality of that dimension.

Two different definitions of here and now cannot exist together here and now. One will not be real to the other and usually, the situation blows up.

That’s when people do not understand each other, do not get along, and even fight. They are each in their own reality -in their own dimension, literally.

This is what’s playing out on earth at the moment.

A great part of the planet’s population is ascending into a higher frequency and then there are those who are terrified by the truth and cling to their cognitive dissonance as if there’s no tomorrow.

This creates the frequency divide I mentioned earlier. And since they are both simultaneously being played out on the same planet, it’s blowing up. Unrests, protests, and scarcity for some while others watch and follow the daily news with excitement, knowing everything is about to change for the highest and best good of humanity.

And of course, we know, there are also those who want to sabotage the people who are at peace… To say the least.

It’s important to know that not all souls have chosen to ascend within this lifetime. They have come for other experiences of which they thought they would benefit in regards to their soul’s evolution.

This planet is inevitably ascending into the fifth-dimensional reality of unconditional love. Mother Goddess Gaia will shake off all that will not match her frequency -her reality of love.

Overnight the mystical creatures that were banned from the planet a long time ago will return to their rightful habitat. The same way Avalon vanished when human frequency had fallen so low that they couldn’t see it anymore, it will reappear and with it the magic, wisdom, and love of 5D Earth.

At the same time, a 3D version of Earth will continue to play out its dramas, fears, and system of control for those souls who need more time for their ascension process. Jesus said, “Many are chosen but only few will hear the call.”

If you are reading this post, chances are high that you belong to the chosen ones. And before you ask, I’d like to emphasize that nobody has chosen you. YOU are the one who has chosen to do this. You’re all sovereign inhabitants of this universe.

But from the choice of participating in the greatest ascension of our universe and actually ascending with earth to 5D, it’s still a long way.

This unprecedented ascension process sets forth that you take your physical body with you, from 3D to 5D.

Being positive and enlightened alone is not enough.

This is the time where you must start to love yourself unconditionally.
How do you do this?

• Breathe
• Meditate
• Laugh
• Listen to high-frequency tunes
• Dance, nobody needs to watch but this is a very high vibration tool
• Sing, nobody needs to listen but this is a very high vibration tool
• Exercise, support your body to be able to hold the higher frequencies
• Eat plenty of fresh raw food
• Educate yourself about nutrition and specifically veganism. I do not ask you to nor do I recommend to go 100% vegan forever but eating more vegan food and less animal products or flesh is a must
• Drink pure Water (find a source or buy source water in glass bottles, do not drink tap water)
• Spend time in Nature with Mother Gaia, connect to her
• Pets are little angels who are already in 5D
• Ground yourself daily, walk with your bare feet, lay with your naked skin on the sand, water, weeds, etc. or take a salt bath

And most importantly:

When you have the chance to love someone, for god’s sake, leave all trickery, all negativity, all doubts, all fears behind and just love.

Love is the essence that facilitates ascension. We all need more of it, not less.

The higher you rise in frequency the more you wish for unconditional love to manifest itself in your life. And at this moment in evolution, we attract our primary soul mates and twin flames. When someone feels special in your heart, they are.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, things have changed on planet earth. Meetings are divinely orchestrated to fulfill their higher purpose…

Grab them, love them, and don’t think so hard.

I love you.
We are family of light.


The Galactic Federation of Light via Aurora Ray, May19th,2021

The Galactic Federation: Current Narrative

by Aurora Ray

We would like to emphasize the importance of not letting yourself get pulled into the current narrative. As usual, things are not as they might appear at first glance.

It is so easy to be dragged down into worry and despair about the events on your planet. This fear should not be your “place of residence”…

The dark forces are trying everything to regain their power and they will stop at nothing. Everything is designed to keep you stuck in the 3D matrix construct of fear and control.

And yet it is crucial for your own good and specifically for your ascension vibes to keep vibrating higher.

If you succeed in raising your frequency and keeping it you will quickly see beyond the lies and web of illusions.

You can imagine it like a puppet theater in which actors play different parts. Some are the bad guys and others pretend to be the good guys while the actual good ones are absent from the scene.

The dark forces have always used holographic inserts, staged events, and all kinds of trickery supported by the mainstream media outlets that they own and control to create a reality for you that would bind you to their magic spells. Literally.

Do not buy any more tickets to this show.

Be peaceful, be kind, be compassionate, and be patient.

If you have trained yourself and evolved in the past years, now is the time to put your loving talents to work.

Many are in fear right now. They need your stability and loving support.

We have communicated this to you many times before and we think that only now the time has come for you to truly understand what we have meant by those words.

You must become the keepers of frequency. This means that you not only raise your vibration but you keep it high no matter what.

This is how you can make this frequency accessible to others.

You cannot go around dragging people to 5D. You cannot force humans to awaken and you do not know what their souls have chosen to experience within this lifetime. You cannot violate their free will.

But you can make your life an example that invites others to follow, to partake in your beautiful experience, to share your wisdom, and to find peace in yours.

Do not believe what the media tells you. Not for a moment. Turn off your TVs and spend more time with Mother Nature.

Sit under a tree, breathe deeply, and know that all is divine order.

They cannot win and they are fully aware of it. They just want to cause as much pain and fear and chaos as long as they can to get one last kick out of it.

This is the victory of light.

So, today we ask of you to stay grounded and to keep the faith in the divine plan so that others too may feel more at peace.

We love you. We are here with you.
We are the family of light.


The Galactic Federation via Aurora Ray, May 16th, 2021

The Galactic Federation through Aurora Ray -The Manipulation Behind Wearing Masks

Aurora Ray

Dear ones,

Those of you who practice yoga, pranayama, and meditation on a regular basis know about the importance of your breath.

Your breath is sacred.

What is the difference between life or death?

It’s your breath.

You can survive 30 days or more without food, 3 days without water but, not even 3 minutes without breathing.

Ultimately, your breath is your most vital nutrient.

Let’s take a more spiritual look at this now.

You exist now here (nowhere). What exactly does that mean?

You inhale and exhale, and in between those breaths, in the silent space, that’s where you exist. That is your now here moment.

To breathe or not to breathe is the difference between life and death for your species.
You live on a planet where your food has been poisoned, your water fluoridated, and your air filled with chemtrails.

This is an attack on your species on multiple levels.

And as the war between good and evil continues, your controllers are now taking to more drastic measures.

Wearing a mask shows them how submissive you are and they can easily detect and group you.

It may also be detrimental to your health…

But most importantly, we want to bring your attention today to your breath.

As a species, you have not been taught how to breathe properly and use the full extent of your lungs. And now the limited capacity of your breathing practice is being further restricted.

How can you connect to your higher self if you don’t breathe the way you should?

How can you stay healthy if you are being deprived of oxygen?

Why would you free willingly limit the quality of both, your breath and oxygen further than it is already?

If you vibrate at a higher frequency above all the fear and illusion, you are not available to disease.

So, there is nothing to fear.

In essence, fear itself is an illusion created by the human ego mind that is responsible for your survival. If no fear would have existed at all, you would find it hard to survive as the human race.

But the way you perceive fear has been altered and manipulated and exaggerated to such a great deal that it is hard for you to see the line.

Those who have ruled over earth for eons have lied to you about the current situation on your planet.

There are specialists, numbers, and a multitude of evidence that makes it clear, yet some of you still choose to follow to the masses while others are torn between a false state of security and their spiritual wisdom.

It is hard to swim against the stream but only as you decide to do it, will you achieve the next major milestone on your journey to ascension.

After all, it’s all about the ascension of earth and the ability of humanity to rise with the Mother Goddess of All Creation.

Your controllers who do NOT have this same ability want to stop your rightful evolution into a higher species at all costs.

Imagine if you all ascend into 5D and their masks fall -their frequency control does not work higher than 4D. And in that high-frequency you wouldn’t even be afraid of what you saw…

We see this scenario rather amusing for team light and quite terrifying for the dark ones 😉

Breathe, beloved beings of Gaia.

Breathe in love and breathe out everything else.

Do not hide your faces behind masks. Do not wear your characters behind masks.

Neither suits you.

Be your authentic selves and breathe the fresh beautiful air of earth, sending blessings to your mere existence during the most interesting times in the history of humanity.

We love you. We are here with you.
We are family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Soren of the Pleiadian Delta Forces via Sharon Stewart, February 12th, 2021

Reptilian Arrests | Soren of the Pleiadian Delta Forces via Sharon Stewart

February 12, 2021

Reptilians during their arrest and demise

Right, now we’ll connect with Soren of the Pleiadian Delta Forces with a question I’ve wanted to ask for a while.

Me: Hi, Soren.

Soren: Hello, Sharon!

Me: How are you?

Soren: I’m doing well. Very busy.

Me: Can you please tell us about that?

Soren: I’ll tell you what I can. Of course. We’re still out in the area of China, down in the bases. We’re taking out all of the DUMBs here with many of earth’s military forces aiding us. We have discovered more gold here, and so many gems, it’s staggering to contemplate.

Me: Wow.

Soren: We have also, of course, found the usual scene in the DUMBs with horrendous suffering and so many people who have been fused together with animal parts, DNA experiments, and there are just body parts strewn along the walkways. Unbelievable! When you say that hell is below you, I would tend to agree: this is Hell.

Me: I know. That’s the hardest part to come to terms with when you consider all of this.

Soren: We have seen so much and some of your people can’t continue. They’re so traumatized just by observing what’s gone on in these bases. We found one base in the mountains under Tijang, China that has to be the worst by far. There were bodies heaped in stacks, most of these children, and so many babies.

Me: Okay, Soren, can you please not describe this any further because I’m getting upset and I’m sure there are others who can’t handle it.

Soren: Fine, Sharon. But you’ll see this in your news. It’s worse than your holocaust of World War 2, much worse.

Me: Thank you for trying to prepare us. The collective shock on this planet will probably be felt around the universe, and frankly the guilt some may be feeling every time they look at a milk carton and see a report of a missing child will be enormous. It’s not our fault, but we were naive in thinking that world war 2 could never happen again, yet it’s been going on underneath our feet. These are just concentration camps.

Soren: They are, Sharon. Absolutely horrendous.

Me: By the way, folks, I looked up Tijang and it’s northwest of Hong Kong and north east of Hanoi.

Soren, were you taking part in the air battle between Comm C and the U.S.?

Soren: We let you handle some of your own battles, Sharon. You have a fifty percent part in this. We can do what we can to remove the dark ones from the planet, but whatever happens between the various countries now is your battle.

Me: So you have this well defined?
Soren: We help always with personal details. As you know, when you need to see an oncoming car, your guides will alert you to its presence and your potential collision path, so we can help the fighter pilots that way, and they tend to be rather intuitive so that really helps us because we have more access to help them. We can also put thoughts into the minds of the opposing military pilots to help them make bad decisions as well.

We did this in world war 2 also.

Me: Yes. The war in the Pacific was a series of blunders. And now look, after all that, Japan and the U.S. are fighting on the same side. When does this stop?

Soren: When you decide to stop it.

Me: Okay, I wanted to ask you what it’s like to arrest reptilians and/or draconians and are they turning and helping you? What kind of responses are you getting from them?

Soren: Varied responses. Some of them spit at us and hiss their venomous intentions to cut us into pieces and to eat us. Or to eat us whole. Others are almost happy it’s over with and secretly take us aside in order to give us intel.

Me: Well, yeah, the hissers. They’ve been around here too as well. Archangel Michael will make short work of them. They think they can scare you.

Soren: And that’s the thing, not to be scared. We know, of course, we’re far more powerful than they’ll ever be, and that’s why they have to hide from you on the surface – because of your power – but we just arrest them, and they go to galactic court. Those who have souls are sent back to the central sun. We have prisons on the moon, underneath in some of the DUMBs still because we can’t move them off planet, there are prisons on Jupiter’s moons, in the Pleiades, all over. There are so many of them.

Me: What about the ones who change sides?

Soren: They are the ones who are fed up, a lot of the time, of being bossed around. Often, they want to be bosses and they think they can get a position working in the Galactic Federation. So they give us intel and try to manipulate us into taking them on as a ship commander or some other position.

Me: LOL. Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

Soren: They’re pretty delusional!

Me: So you take their information, check it out and if it’s correct, then what?

Soren: We give them leniency. We give them a chance to move over to the Light, but they have to do the work.

Me: Do they all have souls?

Soren: Not all. Some are more robotic clones and are parasitic in nature.

Me: So you’ve got all kinds there.

Soren: Yes. Nothing we haven’t dealt with before, though.

Me: I’m sensing that when you get the AI ones, the ones so connected to the AI controller that they can’t think for themselves, that you send a shock of Light back to the mainframe, in order to take it down or something?

Soren: We do. When we get the ones that are drones, that’s what you’d call them.

Me: I see you’ve been watching our sci fi movies.

Soren: As a matter of fact, Sharon, we do watch them. We find them humorous but we can understand what your frame of reference would be by watching them. So when you think of a drone, you’d think of the Borg, which is a part human, part artificial intelligence being that is hooked up to the central mind, and this is what some of these reptilians are. They’re the most deadly. You have to be really careful with them because the AI mainframe understands that we have a direct connection to it. Others are more organic and some even have soul connection, but are still mind controlled by the mainframe in other ways.

Me: Pretty incredible.

Soren: With the ones who are drones, we can make inputs into their circuitry in order to disempower the mainframe more and more, and with this, slowly we’re killing it.

Me: Interesting.

Soren: You’re due to split out timelines shortly and when this mainframe goes into the negative third dimensional timelines, it’ll be a fraction of what it was before. We’ve all done a wonderful job of disempowering the intruder and soon, it won’t be long before it dies. It’s just dying a slow death.

Me: It has no other way of re-empowering itself?

Soren: We’ve got it isolated. It can’t go anywhere, and with so many people on earth waking up, as well as the arrest of so many of its drones and chiefs, and our reprogramming wherever we can…. LOL Sharon you’re funny.

Me: I cut him off. I was thinking they should play 60’s hippy music of peace and love to the drones. And that they could also use a quick witted Captain Kirk on their side to help defeat the invader within 60 minutes.

Soren: You see why we watch your science fiction then, don’t you?

Me: Kirk was a gambler. He’d gamble his crew’s lives every time.

Soren: We don’t do that. We don’t gamble. We don’t even try. We just do. We’re that certain of our success. No light being ever tries anything.

Me: Yes. Lots of concepts that will go the way of the dodo when we come into our full power here. Do you have particular stories that stand out for you with regard to these arrests? I can see you sitting at your control panel, Soren. You seem to have a dark navy blue uniform on.

Soren: Yes. We do have uniforms.

Me: That’s more than you were wearing when you posed for the portrait with Christine. Fortunately she covered up a lot of what really I’m not keen to show the public and is still considered to be inappropriate here.

Soren: LOL. She caught me at a bad time.

Me: Oh God. I was thinking of Photoshopping some clothes onto you. If you’ll notice, I usually only show your face or bust when I put up your picture.

Soren: I’ll try to have some clothes on when I come to your home.

Me: Yes, please do. We all try to be decent. You can bring a swimsuit to swim in my pool, please. No skinny dipping.

Soren: LOL Now, as for your question. Who stands out? There was a female reptilian, who was a descendant of the ones who lived in inner earth. She was particularly angry with the Draconians for taking her planet away from her. They had killed her parents when she was young and made a sex slave out of her as well. We captured her under the mountains in Russia and she was an easy capture. She was really ready to be freed, very ready. The space that she was held captive in was a small place, and it really stunk. They gave her scraps to eat and she was emaciated.

Me: What kind of reptilian was she? What color? Did she have wings or a tail?

Soren: She was white and she had no tail, in fact. She was about eight of your feet tall, so a small one. But she wasn’t slight. All reptilians are physically powerful, but she surrendered with no fuss. We could sense she was ready to talk. She gave us a lot of information. This is the thing about the lower dimensionals: they’re more than ready to stab each other in the back, as long as they’re not so fearful they’ll be quiet. Or as long as they have no sense of allegiance to their god, because they’re told this computer is a god.

Me: Of course.

Soren: She told us about their troop movements. Yes, they’re still forming armies in the tunnels underneath the earth. The troops have seen better days but they’re still moving around and fighting. But they’re moving around because they don’t want to be taken. They know if they sit still for long, they’ll be caught.

Me: So they’re on the run.

Soren: Yes. All over the planet still. Some of them are ready to give up right away and give up without a fight. Some fight to the death. So we kill them.

Some run with their families. That’s really sad. You see their children are involved with this as well. Yes, they have armies that were set up the same way as your armies are: both genders do the work of the soldiers, and they have families and the children get caught up in it.

Me: What do you do with the ones that are caught that give up?

Soren: We have rehab colonies in this solar system.

Me: So these colonies are there to help them turn to the light and ascend?

Soren: Some of them were with the Light before they were overtaken.

Me: Wow. Like us.

Soren: You do have some similarities. Some of them are relatively peaceful beings but just of a lower frequency, but still light aligned. We help them restore that to their families and give them peace, and help them to recover. They’re also working with positive groups out of Draconis although many aren’t very happy with any Draconian right now, but they do, and also the Raptors of earth are working with them. There’s a lot that has to be done to restore peace on earth right now. So many are affected.

Me: Any more stories?

Soren: LOL You’re very curious.

Me: Yes. Is that a problem? LOL

Soren: There was Pentik. He was a grey reptilian and he wasn’t from earth, more like from another part of the galaxy. A32 system. He was grey with orange eyes. And he was a mean one. He’d been indoctrinated for so long that he was on board, there was no getting to him. He struggled against our restraints, he tried to get out of his cell so often. He would try to manipulate the guards, try to bribe them, he was really vile, really really vile. He was what you’d call psychotic. But he’s gone. The universe is rid of him. He’s gone back to source. He was taken to court, put before the tribunal and he just hissed and spat when they started to speak to him. I believe he thought that if he delayed the court date he could live forever. He really thought he was more powerful than the tribunal, but he found out otherwise.

I felt sorry for him, in a way.

Me: Gotta watch pity. Don’t let yourself be manipulated by it. Talk to me, I’d know.

Soren: I know. We don’t have these weaknesses, Sharon. But we do have compassion. His life could have been so much better, but he wasn’t believing that. He thought the light were weak and spineless.

Me: Hmm. So he found out otherwise. Ultimate justice was served.

Soren: Yes. Then there are the reptilian children. They’re so afraid, really afraid. You want to reach out to them, but the parents are just as afraid as the children are.

Me: Somehow I think I can understand their reactions, because we here on earth behave more like they do than we do like you.

Soren: Yes. You have an incredible edge when it comes to understanding them. And you there on earth who have experienced the horrendous abuse of the dark side are helping us in our decision making when you’re on ship at night time, so thank you. You may not know you do this service, but all you have to do is experience your third dimensional reactions to situations we propose and you can tell us how the reptilians would act.

Me: I know. Pretty sad, isn’t it? We’re more reptilian than human right now. Well, thank God for the incoming Light. We’ll return to our true selves.

Soren: It’s fear. They all feel fear. We can’t feel fear because we’re beyond that frequency. But you’re not. So you help in that regard.

Me: I’m sure we’re all happy to assist, Soren.

Soren: Thanks Sharon. I must go now.

Me: I still see you at your console. Oh no! Don’t press the red button.

Soren: Why not?
Me: Haven’t you watched Star Trek? Never press the blinking red button!

Soren: Oh. I see. Well, Mr Spock, I’ll leave you to your videos.

Me: Thanks, Soren. We’ll talk soon.

Soren: Never soon enough, Sharon. Adieu.

YouTube: SharonandIvoofVega