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Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren, June 20th, 2024

Galactic Federation of Light

With the current developments in the world, we want to warn the population in the United States in particular against severe earthquakes and landslides. In the future, we will also issue warnings about invasions by foreign powers in other countries that intend to introduce Islam as a religion. The political strategy that these countries have is a takeover of the Senate to introduce sharia law that will apply to the population in the future and that also applies to the Arabic language.

We have warned about this before, but now a wave of terrorists via the borders of México has invaded the United States and intends to take over the country. These terrorists are also invading the churches and will ban Christianity as a doctrine. It will be only Islam as a religion that will be accepted in the churches.

Because of this development, there will be huge riots from people who cannot accept that their faith is no longer valid in the country. Many people will die in these severe riots and this is something that will spread to the rest of the world. Europe will also have an attempted invasion from the Muslim countries and in the Balkans there will be terrorists who also want to invade the leaders’ political space with sharia law.

This is a very serious message and is not meant to scare the population, but it is something that is absolutely necessary to make people wake up from their deep sleep to act against what is happening in their countries. In order to put a stop to these terrorist groups that exist in all countries, the population must start acting with their convictions and beliefs to bring about a change in the moral development that has gone completely out of control in most countries.

There will be an explosion of excessive life with the sexual debauchery by all means allowed against women and children among others and which will be completely accepted in society which opposes what Our Lord considers one of the most serious sins in life. Much of what influences this behavior among the population is the use of heavy drugs which numbs all conceivable insight into this development and which becomes a difficult continuation of life in the future. Praying to Our Lord for a change and if possible another development to make the people wake up is something that everyone should start with to spare the population from this terrible development. It will be very difficult in the future if this becomes a development where people do not accept Our Lord but rather see someone else as their Lord to revere.

Many people have begun to wake up as the strong energies come to Earth, but it is also important to understand that this development only leads to the dismantling of all values ​​that were previously a strong reason to stick to a credible morality. What used to be the accepted moral concept in all countries has been dismantled to be replaced by the debauchery of perverted persons in all matters of immorality in the world.

This is a very dangerous development and it is good to be prepared that anything can happen in this time when the battles for people’s souls are fiercer than ever. Feeling grounded in your faith in Our Lord, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is a protection against those who want to turn everyone to the Most High of the dark. Asking for protection from Our Lord is of great importance because He looks after His children with a love that is unconditional.

All beings of light in the Universe who are watching and following the progress of humanity in this time are praying that everyone will come to an awakening about what is happening on their planet and the love for humanity has never been greater. With light, love and may humanity capture its sanity.

Galactic Federation of Light

Many thanks