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Why the Galactic Federation Sent You to Earth, February 17, 2024


Why the Galactic Federation Sent You to Earth

by Aurora Ray

You came to Earth at this time with a great and honorable mission.

A long time ago, a call went through the universe by the Galactic Federation, who are the overseers of peace. And they represent the peace, freedom, and liberty that prevail throughout our galaxy.

They made a call, saying the Earth beings are in trouble and they’re asking the heavens for help. ‘Who is willing to go there and volunteer to assist during the shift?’ And you raised your arm and said, ‘I’m gonna go. Earth is in trouble. I want to go.’ That is because you are a being of love and light!

Incarnating to Earth as humans was the only option for helping without violating the free will of humanity.

So, every age has its pioneers, its way-showers, and its renegades. As we are entering a new Earth, who do you think are the builders and the creators and the new thinkers and the healers and the engineers of this new reality?

You are these pioneers of the new Earth because deep within you, you have that calling, you have a mission, you have a coding, and you have a blueprint. You have incarnated into a realm of darkness to bring about the evolution of human consciousness!

Your DNA is being upgraded to fully function with 12 strands. Your physical structure will change from the current carbon-based structure to a crystalline one. This is your true angelic form, as God intended you to be, operating with a light-body vehicle, embodying Christ-consciousness.

The Kundalini is the spark of Christ Consciousness that was gifted to the human race so that if one day, they decided to get closer to God, they would have the ability.

The return of Christ is facilitated within yourself. The only way out is in. The awakening and rising of your Kundalini is what facilitates your 5D ascension.

You are just one frequency away from your desire. Health, wealth, love, and happiness are frequencies. When you commit to discipline, you gain control over your mind. The more you give of yourself to a committed spiritual practice, the more control you gain.

If you obey this universal law, the universe will obey your command. You are not this body. You are a being of unimaginable powers yet to be discovered by you!

There is nothing you aren’t capable of. But you need to practice the correct technology to awaken your inherent God powers. If you practice the correct technology, you can tune into and access any reality you wish to manifest.

There has never been a time more powerful than now! The time is now. Start, and the pressure will dissipate.

Vibrate the Cosmos, and the Cosmos shall clear the path. The key is stored within you. Awaken your Kundalini, and you will ascend beyond the confines of everyday drama in the third-dimensional reality, reaching new heights of spiritual enlightenment and inner peace.

To achieve this, practice Kundalini Technology by breathing, chanting mantras, meditating, and moving your body correctly to generate energy that can elevate your consciousness and instantly change your frequency.

This disciplined approach unlocks your hidden potential, connecting you more deeply with the divine and leading to personal growth. As you harness the power of Kundalini, you awaken to the limitless possibilities of existence, transcending the constraints of the material world and experiencing the fullness of your true spiritual essence!

You are not reading this by chance now. You are one of the volunteers, and it is time for your activation!

I’m taking a handful of new students on a magical Ascension Activation journey, starting on March 4, 2024. I will personally teach you LIVE how to utilize the Kundalini Activation Technique that will be the most powerful and the most fun experience of your entire life. If you’re interested, raise your hand and put your email address on the waitlist: ??‍♀️?

We love you dearly,

We are here with you,

We are your family of light,

We are the Galactic Federation.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation