Love is our new reality

The Legions of Light via Karen Vivenzio, May 30th, 2023


Holy children of the heavenly realms –

We wish to connect with you and provide some encouragement as we see so many of you are disheartened with the lack of change you see before you.

We wish to tell you that there so much happening that you cannot see, you can feel it can you not? The changes in the air – the heaviness, the fatigue, that is just you blasting your energy through the final barriers of the change you wish to see. There is so much happening, so much you must know within your soul. The changes you wish to see in this world are closer than ever before, close to fruition dear child. Just another walk, just another mile and you will steadfastly see change sweeping over thee.

For in your hearts you know, you can feel the changes all around you and yet you are wondering when you will be able to see sweet change walking in front of thee. The illusions you hold are about to fall. This is the eye of the storm dear child.

Hold onto your hats and keep your heart balance, that is the mission we are giving you in this time before the storm surges forward and breaks through the walls erected around you.

This is the light calling to you to keep going, keep on moving forward, allow your souls a brief rest and then it is time to move up and onward. To continue the shining of your own inner light, allowing the walls around you to fall and to give birth to everlasting light. The light of life that never ends, the shoulders bending in sorrow never again, for you have come to claim your birthright, to set the record straight and to bathe in starlight.

For you are one with the cosmos, divine in your own right and the world we are creating together will shine brighter than bright. For the dreams you have sowed thus far are only a tiny, miniscule fraction of who you are and what you are capable of.

We know your souls long for the day where freedom and blessings are flowing like rain. And let us show you, let us carry you, the rest of the way.

For we know you are weary but now is the time to keep on moving forward. Allow us one more step toward the light of the lamp well lit, over the threshold into infinite bliss.

This is what you came here for, the birth of the brand new world. It is already born and already here waiting for you – simply take one more step.

Breathe and release and know that change is on your doorstep.


We are the Legions of Light and we are honored to connect with you – the human angelic tribe, keep on moving toward the light & in synchronicity the changes will shine bright.

Blessings – Karen, in union with my higher self


Karen Vivenzio, Author –

Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light and

The Rebirth of Heaven on Earth: Messages to Awaken Peace, Hope, and Joy in the Midst of Monumental Change