Angels of Comfort and Healing via Galaxygirl with video, June 12th, 2020

Angels of Comfort and Healing 6/12/2020
Greetings beloved humans, masters in form. We are the Angels of Comfort and Healing. We see and we feel the muck that is currently being stirred up upon your surface world and within the hearts of humanity. Many, many of you are processing not only past painful occurrences but also processing past ancestral lineage curses and painful memories as well. We see that the statue of Christopher Columbus was decimated. We see the ancestral lineages of societies that were wounded rising up to be remembered for healing. We lovingly remind you that all of you have been every color, every creed, masters of experiences you are. We wish for humanity to band together as one race, the human race, within the womb of Mother God and become birthed into the higher selves that you are destined to become and have always been. You have always been the strong ones, those of you reading these words, and you have chosen every form and gender, every race and creed. Your experiences upon this mighty blue orb are a treasure trove of wonder. We learn from pain. We learn from grief. We expand in our woundings for those are the nooks and crannies that can be filled with yet more light.
We are the Angels of Comfort and Healing. We wish for you to be comforted within these times of change, within the revolution of light, of love, that is permeating your realm of existence with yet further possibilities for expansion. Do not be afraid. Bathe in the light. Welcome the light into all of the painful places of you and of your collective. Humanity is awakening. We see that much comfort and healing is to be processed, to be birthed. Just as a newborn baby cries at the abrupt light shift from the dark, so too are many within your realm acting up and out, crying to be comforted. Many who are not of the light are being removed. We are warriors as well. Angels have many functions and we are well versed at protecting those of the light whose mantles shine like the Christ. Do not be hesitant to be who you are. Do not be afraid of your light. Find your voice, your strength, and your quiet healing will be a medicinal balm of healing truth to the others. Just as a newborn baby longs to be swaddled and loved, so too do we swaddle you with the lightest of robes and hug you tightly with our wings. You must meet the others where they are. Newborn babies do not need a lecture of how their new world works. They experience it. They discover it. (I am seeing parents hold hands of small children walking in fields of light. There is much laughter. Families are everywhere in the field, enjoying each other in this silvery grassy field of light). Yes, you are seeing glimpses of your future upon Nova Gaia where children are to be treasured, loved, supported, where society bends to suit the needs of the all and the voices of the children are an intricate and integral pivot point. A society unbalanced will fall. This is what you are observing. Your society has ben unbalanced, unfair and the “stacked against” mentality is falling now. We see family and love as the new foundation for Nova Gaia where not only the children are supported and loved the but youth are guided and encouraged to explore, to expand, to do what delights them. We envision many great and wonderful things for humankind, for many of us have known you for so long and we are very well aware of your strong capabilities. You are the strong ones, the feisty ones. Your tenacity astonishes the universe, but it does not surprise us. For we know you well, dear warriors. We are aspects of you. Many of you are angelic, galactic, aspects in form. Do not be surprised by these words of wisdom for they are truths that deeply resonate.
We are the Angels of Comfort and Healing. We wish to provide further healing modalities for you. We wish to open further the breath of life. Breathe deeply. Expand your lungs, an apt metaphor for expansion of inner life. Fill your body and mind with spirit, with joy. As you breathe in deeply we are sprinkling your auras with glitter-light of healing and we do hope it will make you smile for we have infused it with joy! We see laughter as the best medicine and it comforts the soul. Laugh, be free! It will heal you. Breath deeply. Expand into the light. Expand into yourselves.
We are the Angels of Comfort and Healing. When you have to wear a mask, smile under it and talk with us, ask us to tickle your spirit and make you feel the light heartedness that is available to you in all circumstances, just as are the heavier hearted choices, for it is all perspective. One can feel the oppression of the mask or one can use it as an opportunity to shine yet more brightly, to laugh, to see those in need of a smile and joke and share that. Spread that kind of light, friends, and watch your world transform even faster. And you, fast-trackers, we are very well aware of how eagerly you wish to sprint ahead. Of course you do. This is the uncomfortable painful part where woundings are being revealed. We see you as whole and complete, as more than capable to face your own painful memories and fill them with light. In turn, fill Gaia with more love and laughter, and comfort will follow you, will find you. You will find yourselves comforted by the generosity of the universe and of our ever presence to support and show you more love.
We are the Angels of Comfort and Healing. No memory is too great for the light to fill it. Perhaps it is time that you let something go and be filled with the light that you are. We blaze your auras with the white light of the Christed ones from our hearts to yours. We see the imminency of global change. If you knew and truly felt the velocity of this transformation of rebirth you too would be astounded. We assure you this is happening. We comfort you. Light warriors of the way, things are progressing fast now. If you feel dizzy or windblown ask us to assist – for we are eager to provide comfort and healing for you. We will be your parachute when you feel as though you are falling. We will be your airbags if you feel energetic collisions. We surround you with our bubble-light filled with all good things, for you. For you are our hearts’ delight. We love you. We are the Angels of Comfort and Healing.
~ galaxygirl