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Anna von Reitz Update, June 28th

Anna von Reitz Update “Good-Bye Federal Reserve” – June 28, 2016

·  Anna von Reitz
Greetings to Everyone, Coast to Coast, Pole to Pole—
I am very tired after a long day, so I will make this short;

1. As of four o’clock this afternoon, June 27, 2016, Alaska Standard Time, we have confirmed the necessary (and in many cases more than sufficient) number of claimants who are “grandfathered in” as American State Nationals and heirs of the Republic to prove up on our claim to secure the land jurisdiction of every one of fifty nation-states. Thank you to all those who have answered this call for help and special thanks to the “Mormon Miracle Workers” who worked so hard to confirm and secure the public records and documents needed.

2. As of six o’clock this evening, 165 Americans held for a variety of non-violent crimes in federal prisons and work camps (that I know of and only God knows how many total) have been released to their families as a result of using the Habeas Corpus paperwork pioneered by our Living Law Firm. Thank you, all of you who have sent donations in support of our Non-Bar legal team and their continuing effort in behalf of all of us. I think that the importance of what they have done and what they aspire to do is now becoming apparent.

3. As of ten o’clock this evening, the first paperwork establishing the American States and Nations Bank in practical terms took effect. Within the next several weeks our American sovereign bank will open on all platforms worldwide. You and your family can say good-bye to the Federal Reserve and the IMF and vote with your feet for a new banking system that guarantees privacy and peace of mind and a bank account that will keep on chugging when the lights go out. Worried about “bail outs” and “bail ins” and “bank holidays” and “asset confiscation” and the constant gnawing unseen tax of inflation stealing the value of your money 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Kiss that dilemma good-bye and remember the name— “American States and Nations Bank”— because this bank is hand-tailored to protect you, protect your assets, protect your privacy, and give you the keys to a brand new world.

Just another Happy Monday here in the Great Land of Alaska. Thank you all, each and every one, for the prayers and the information and the donations that are making this progress possible. Those 390 million little “raindrops” out there are beginning to make a lake, and before you know it, there will be an ocean of people righting the wrongs and addressing the evils and cleaning out the halls of justice and doing all the many things that need to be done.

Those of you who have read my book, “Disclosure 101”, have a good sense of just how helpless and alone I felt in those early days—- when I wrote my letter to friends and family and sent it off and asked them for help getting the word out about our nation’s actual history and the corruption overtaking us. Just want you all to know, I don’t feel alone anymore. Thank you more than I can say.


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