Love is our new reality

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Aramda via James McConnell, July 9th, 2017


Yes and I AM Aramda. Greetings.

It is wonderful to be with you here, as well, in all these times that we can share. And as I have

spoken to this group before where we have shared many experiences previously, some long time

ago in your understanding of time but in the new understanding of time it was only a moment ago.

And we are going to be here again together.

I, representing the Galactics now. Those of us that are here to assist in our many different ways

with our ships preparing being ready to amplify the energies as they come through into this planet,

into your consciousness as a collective. We are all here ready, willing, and waiting for that moment

to be given, that signal to be given, the green light if you will. Because when that green light has

been given — and it is only steps away now for that — when that green light is given we will all

move into action finally freed from the binds that have held us back because of the Prime Directive

where we cannot interfere unless it is asked for directly or unless it is important that we do so in

that moment.

Many things come into play here and I cannot go into all of this and how this works. But know that

there are many councils that meet daily in your understanding of time. Daily, many councils. Many

coming to all different kinds of decisions through the process that is involved here. We all have our

part to play just as you all have your parts to play. And play it we all are, for as has been said

many times this process cannot be stopped any longer.

There will not be a partial disclosure. There will be a full disclosure when that moment arrives.

Mankind will forever change in that moment. I ask you now on behalf of all of my brothers and

sisters from up here in the heavens you might say I ask you all now to prepare for those moments

prepare for that changeover because it is quite imminent now for many small events to begin; as

Sananda said, for many events to begin to trigger now. And what you have heard many times as

the dominoes beginning to fall and fall they shall.

All of my peace and love be with all of you. I as Aramda, your brother, your friend in love and light.


Channel: James McConnell
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