Love is our new reality

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Aramda via James McConnell, November 5th, 2017



And I AM Aramda.

It is wonderful to be with you to have this time, these moments that I can share with you. Those of you that do not know of my name, you will know my name. Just as you know Sananda. Yeshua, Archangel Michael, and so on, you will know my name as well.

And that is not in an ego standing that I speak. It is a standing of understanding of who I Am related to who you are. Many of you have been with me before and I with you. We have shared bread together many times. And yes at times we have even shared the spirit, wine, and others. (St. Germain would certainly attest to that!)

My connection with you is grand and I am in the process now, upon my ship the Amalia, I Am in the process of waiting just as all of us are in that process now of waiting. And you are in that process of waiting.

But do not wait and wait and wait and forsake your lives each day, each moment. Continue to live your life as if it was the last moment here on Earth because at some point it will become the last moment. Not in terms of dying and moving on but the last moment of this reality that you have become accustomed to, that you have somewhat even found as a comfort zone within you. But I tell you now that this comfort zone that you are in now, (some of you that still find it as comfortable,) I tell you that that is going away and it will be replaced by a new comfort zone much more so than it has ever been in this life or in many of the lives you have had before. Even if you found yourself in an earlier lifetime as a King or a Queen or with riches, they will not compare to the riches that you will have as you move into the next heaven of your being. That is what awaits all of you.

All that have gone through this ascension process before have done this, have moved into the higher heavens of their being into higher levels of consciousness, into higher knowing, just as you are all moving into this higher knowing as well. Some of you not so fast. Some of you kicking and screaming even. Not quite ready to leave that comfort that you have felt and that you shy away from change of any kind. But change is coming my dear friends. And it is coming fast. And at times even furious because you cannot hold it back. No one can hold it back anymore.

Change is a part of the expression of life. And just as Sananda said about the Earth moving through her cocoon becoming a butterfly you are now in that stage, in that cocoon, sheltered from the elements around you. But soon, very soon you will be breaking out of that cocoon. Some of you have already begun so and becoming the butterfly, becoming the beauty that you are meant, always meant to be, and have always been.

But not always when you look in the mirror do you see beauty as we see the beauty within you.

We are standing by on all of our ships. All are at a go state, ready, ready to move in a moment’s notice. But just as was said a long time ago no one knows the hour, the moment, the day, but the Father in Heaven. The Source of All knows when to give that signal, the green light so to speak. We are all watching for this now. All anticipating it.

And yes many celebrations have already begun because we know it is quite imminent at this time that you are going to begin to find a great many things beginning to shift in your lives. First as just a trickle, just a simple movement of the snow on a mountainside. But as the frequency rises on that mountainside it begins to shift the snow a little bit more and the snow begins to slide down the mountain. And as it begins to slide down the mountain it gains momentum and it picks up trees and buildings if they are there, and whatever stands in its way. And the avalanche continues down the mounting taking everything within it.

This is what is coming the avalanche. And those of you that are acclimating to these energies will be able to ride this avalanche as if you were on skis or your snowboards. Ride the wave you might say. You can use the same analogy in the ocean of the waves, whatever one works for you. But this is what is coming. And you are a part, a major part, each and every one of you, of this avalanche of truth, this avalanche of love, a tsunami of love, if you will, that is moving across the planet even now. And nothing — just as nothing can hold back an avalanche; nothing can hold back a tidal wave or tsunami — nothing here also can hold this back.

I AM Aramda. I love you dearly and deeply more than you can know at this point. And I will be back with you when you find yourselves at that Advance, that next Advance. And as you find yourself there, those of you there in person and those of you that are on the phone, and yes, even those of you that listen to the recordings after, you will find that you are all a part of this great movement. And you will all feel the energies in that place in those moments when we are all together at this next Advance. Because just as the avalanche coming down the mountain this will be an avalanche as well as it takes all of your old knowing, and yes sometimes even your comfort zones, and begins to scatter them to the very winds and replace them all with the new understandings, the new higher frequencies, and the new consciousness that you are bringing to this world.

I leave you now with all peace and love. And yes, continue to spread the light everywhere that you go, everywhere that you have that opportunity, but never ever take what another says or does personally.