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Arch Angel Michael and the Legions of Light via Karen Vivenzio, February 14th, 2019



Arch Angel Michael and the Legions of Light via Karen Vivenzio


Dearest children – we are here in your skies and on the ground, surrounding you from all directions for protection and comfort during this period of great transition. We see and hear you and so many of you are learning to communicate with all of us from the other realms. This is a skill you are re-learning on your path to recovering the gift of telepathic communication as was once the modus operandi of how all communications came about before the Fall. So many are ascending back into higher consciousness and as your higher awareness comes back online so too shall the gifts you recover in terms of abilities and skills long forgotten.

This is truly a magical era being entered into, re-entered we shall say, for it is truly a return to the state from which you came.

All time is cyclical and now you are on a journey, path, trajectory to return to the beginning.

A reset

A reboot

Returning to the splendor of life before the fall in consciousness that led you so deep into darkness and separation and the magical gifts of Creation.

Now is the time of return – recovery of the spiritual gifts laying dormant

Within you lie the secrets of Creation

It is time to go within and see what the lights turn on – to see what abilities, thoughts, and perceptions await you in the new dawn.

For so many of you have been travelling for ages – if only time passes in your imagination, for in essence, time has been standing still. It has only been but an instance since the great Fall. Time has wound around you, you, still in the center of your own creation – the higher activations a momentous occasion as you step from the center back onto the wheel of creation.

Winding up the spiral of light that surrounds you now – beckoning the shift, the climb.

Jump onboard the spiral of time, the train of life, and allow the escalator to push you higher and higher, shooting you straight to the top, back to the beginning





  • Arch Angel Michael and the Legions of Light


You just have to jump aboard the train called time, out of the matrix and into new light / life.

All time is an illusion. What if you have been resting / sleeping as the concept of time whirled around you, creating false notions of the passing of time, and what it means for your life?

What if all you had to do to grab onto new life was to jump aboard the train/ the spiral of time and unwind?

Relax and unwind

Wake up

Confines around you dissolve

Whole world changes in the blink of an eye



Onto a higher rung

Closer to Source

Of where it has all begun

In the spirit of fun and love

All space

All time

All continuums

Merge into ONE creation

Collapsing the disparate factions of the ‘alien nation’

In Peace. Love, and Hope we surround you and protect you as your journey evolves into the heart of Great Mother’s love




We love you all, standing and protecting, and hearing your calls for help


With love, peace, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

It’s Time to Embrace the Divine in YOU!