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Ariadne via Beatrice Madsen, February 15th, 2019


February 15th, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


I, Ariadne, am with you, beloved. You must do the journey yourself, but you can feel faith in the fact that you are holding on to the red line that is guiding you out from the labyrinth eventually.

It is a very very hard journey. You must meet the monster to show her that she does not have any power over you. When you walk in the corridors of the labyrinth there is no light what so ever and you do not know where to go, what you next step should be. The only thing that you know with certainty is that you hold my red line in your hand so that you can find your way out again when you have had your crucial encounter.

You hear his snorting. He has much power and he is cunning as few, but his made of just darkness. His goal is to extinguish you with his darkness and the final encounter becomes a battle between your light and his darkness.

However, I, Ariadne, know that it is your light that he fears. He does not want acknowledge himself as small and afraid – never. It is power and control and the blood of living victims that is his nourishment.

I want you to enter your chamber in the current life that you lead and see within yourself how it develops in the labyrinth. You can from a distance hear my light voice at the same time as you hear the roar of the Minotaurus and the smacking here and there. When you wandered during what feels like an eternity you come face to face with him. Embrace yourself completely with light and then enter as deeply as possible into your dark whole. In the black whole you will meet the eyes of the Minotaurus and tell the monster that you are not afraid. When he notices that you are not afraid he will let you face the shadows you need to meet. This can be people in your life that have hurt you, for instance your Father, your wife, a colleague and so on. Meet them and tell them that these days I love myself and I know where my limits are. You hurt me. The Gestalt in the eyes of monster might try to explain why, or that it was not so. When you are ready and no more people or events appear the Minataurus will amble in a different direction and you can follow the red line back. Once you have arrived I, Ariadne, wait for you with mutton meet, olives and honey sweetened wine. You rest in my arms and I whisper loving your correct name. I am so proud of you.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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