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The Goddess via Beatrice Madsen, April 29th, 2018

The Goddess

April 29th, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen

I am the Goddess. I am the feminine, the highest principle of womanhood. I am present and have a healing character. I embrace everything and impregnate it with the divine feminine. My time is NOW. I AM and the light is my victory. I love you all dearly and totally. Gaia is my divine daughter and I embrace her in a passion of love. She has been bleeding and is injured, just as you dear children of humans, but she and you have come through the worst of the crisis. She needs her unconditional care and when you heal her you also heal yourselves. If you give her what she needs in an unselfish way and look out for her best you will get back many times over. Trust this. You are part of her body. It is time to realize this fully.

My goddess energy makes no difference between large and small, old or young, strong or weak, well educated or uneducated, dark or light. Everybody is needed and all are allowed to exist. In particular I embrace the weak and the injured, who need to be healed and loved.

I love the masculine and feminine principles. We have no antagonism between us. On the contrary we are an eternal dancing couple. Through our reunion we create in the Universe and All that we Are. Our differences attract and enrich. The dance of life, cosmos and the Universe is our joint nourishment. Ask for my support and I am right there. As a spiral of light I embrace you and show you my presence in the most discreet and extensive ways. I am also within the men and many, many men recognize my existence and take good care of the goddess within them.

I want to give a practice that might make a difference. If a large number of people would do this exercise during one month we would see how miracles are born and the ascension of Gaia is speeding up.



Put yourself in a meditative state at least one a week (10 minutes) during one month. Close your eyes and see with your mind’s eye your inner man and your inner woman. Look carefully how they look and how they are doing. Maybe your inner woman feels worse than your inner man. Send her then cascades of healing goddess energies. Then let the inner man and woman turn towards each other and look into each other’s eyes. They can see each other’s long struggles in life after life. They honor and revere each other and they send a ray of love from one heart to the other. They take each other’s hands and then give each other a long and heartfelt embrace. They then take each other’s hands and turn the gaze forward and walk with a joint feeling of love with a solid gaze focused in the light, walking forward.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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