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Helios via Beatrice Madsen, May 15th, 2018


May 15th, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


I come with each ray of the sun and I give birth to the new day, the new era with our beloved Gaia. Gaia and I are like to organs in the large universal body and we cannot be without each other. We belong together and we give birth and nourish you together. I love it when I feel that you dearly rejoice in the touch of my sunshine. I warm up your frozen bodies that so long have lived in the dark and in cell after cell I can open up your dormant codes.

You have growing pains dearest humans. In order to understand each other look at your children. When they are at a certain age they grow so rapidly that it hurts. They need to rest a bit and then they come back with full force. This is also they way it is for you dearest. You grow with leaps and bounds and it hurts, regardless of your age in the new era.

Just as I start up the growth in a tree and it foliage you now emerge into more branches. Old souls as you are you are light green in the new era. You swing gingerly and come out in a song of praise, as this is something already well known, but it was a very long time ago. The new era, the new era may come sings every cell in your tired body and you lift your hands, your body and your face towards me Helios who comes with blessed warmth and blessed light towards you from my large light body. Do not be afraid of me as you never want to create injuries. Yes, I might burn sometimes and I collaborate with Gaia who can choose the expressions she desires to clean house, for instances floods and inundations. We do this sometimes in order to sweep clean the old, what is hard and that which no longer has any place in the new era. We need to show the way as science as master and without spirit or heart never can survive. We promote a larger power that so, a force where all life has a place and everybody should breathe with ease.

Let the wind sweep you clean and strengthen the new color and growth. You tremble sometimes as the asp tree and sometimes you stand steady as the oak and daily you feel lonely as the proud oak.

Some of you can sense cleanliness in the air that you not previously have felt. The colors are clear and stars in the heaven shine more brightly. If you still have not felt be sure that you will. The next few years it will be a lot windier than you are used to. It is the new times that the wind is sweeping clean. It sweeps away all old dross and it prepares for the new times. Volcanos will erupt to prepare new ground. Water will pour what needs to be cleaned in order to bring new thought.

Eventually there will appear a new color, who’s energy is so high that it is waiting for a rise in your soul in order to be seen. It is right now as a background noise with an angle like tone in its vibration.

Gaia and Helios carry you on our wings into the new era. Place yourself comfortably in the new wagon and let my divine horses meld into the new era.

Warmest greetings from Helios



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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