Archangel Faith via Kerstin, January 12th, 2019

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Archangel Faith; Become what you are!

I embrace you and I love you,
I am archangel Faith!
Mirrors will not tell you who you are!
Not even other people, you meet!
Even if you have good friends
it is not always so that they can
give you the knowledge to who you truly are!
Everyone of you, each and every one of you
that inhabit Earth, are miracles!
And there are things about yourselves that you are about to learn!
There is a whole new side to you, that is awakening for every heartbeat
that your heart is making!
How does this really work? And why?
There is a natural rhythm, like a big clock, and the time is here now!
It is the real time to awaken to you new true you!
Your DNA is awakening, and giving you more knowledge about yourself,
for each sunrise!
Embrace every new day!
The beautiful daylight is making a phone call to your DNA!
Every day is newborn, and is giving you new highlights that is vital to your new you!
Like me, like you, we do this together, you are never alone!
If you have any questions ask me anytime!
I love you