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Ashtar via Karen Vivenzio, January 28th, 2019


Ashtar via Karen Vivenzio

Child of light – events are transforming the world that you live in but still remaining out of your sights at this time. Much is occurring behind the scenes and we wish to say that all is well. All is not as it appears dear child. You must trust in your higher power – the power of the universe and all the benevolent beings of light surrounding you now to carry you to higher ground. The vibrations have been very discordant as of late and we see that this is taking its toll on so many of you – increasing the appearance of darkness via all of the elements of earth coming up to be healed – physical, emotional, and yes, spiritual. Many of you are experiencing great fatigue – this is a symptom of the re-birthing that is taking place. DNA being activated – dormant now coming back on line so to speak. It is natural for you to feel weak at this point as you have been on the path now for many centuries, absorbing ever more light with each waking hour and tending to the forces in need while you sleep, for many of you are conduits to a new way of being and we are working with you in your sleep, this is another reason for great fatigue – you have been working wonders while you sleep so that the rest you are accustomed to is indeed disappearing. Soon you will be awake all the time, once all of your DNA is back online – you will not need the rest that you currently require. All will be in continual motion, the world in which you go to when you sleep will be part of your waking hours so there will be no separation and thus no need to travel to any other time and place. All of the dimensions melding into one, all of the discordant realities coming together – timelines collapsing, so collapses separation of many dimensions into one single creation. For now dear child, you must rest. Allow us to help you with that. Allow your prayers to bring you a segment of peace and relaxation – stay centered in your allowance of all you deserve and allow the blessings in store for you to cover this blessed earth. More to come in due time, for now that is much to absorb and we honor you and your blessing of light. Your contribution to the light is not forgotten and we are setting the path to a brighter future for you and all who so deserve.

Blessings dear child, I AM Ashtar and I leave you now for a while.


With Love, Light, and Blessings – Karen

Via Karen Vivenzio,

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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