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Archangel Gabriel via Carina Davidsson, February 11th, 2018


Archangel Gabriel

via Carina Davidsson

February 11, 2018


Let this New Age now be the age that is Your Age. Let us who are on the Other Side of The New Age, be those who assist Your Own Self with accepting all that was so hard, and then releasing it. You have spent many long years manifesting what could be manifested during the time of the Third Dimension. Now that time has passed and has now done its work in Your life as a human being.

You spent eons of time operating in the lower dimensions. As a knight in a battle, You chose to take on the fight with what has been possible to fight for and with. The old pleasures lived for a long time, breathing the Joys, and sometimes frustrations, of the old Times.

You gave yourself a time of experiences! In the Old Time there are endless memories and they are all part of the time You created on earth. You are the one who gives Yourself the memories You intended to create. You are the genetic heredity in Your own body and You have, during all times, gifted Yourself with the best of Yourself. Let Yourself now proudly see You as the beautiful being You have always been. Let Yourself enjoy the fact that You have never been anything but fantastic, and despite shackles of heavy and hard-to-master energy, you gave everything You could to create the best You were capable of. Let Yourself enjoy the truth that is now sounding all through Yourself, and that honors Your ability to be YOU.

The energy of the Old Times has largely been relentless and hard to interpret. You did, with all your might, all you could to sense the good, and to enjoy that. You did with all Your might everything to feel good and enjoy what was there to be enjoyed. But in the Old Times there were energy patterns You were forced to spend time recreating time after time, despite the fact they do not serve You any longer. No worries my Friend, it was by walking in circles that You woke up and discovered that now is the time to leave the Old, and to step into the New.

Let me, just to be helpful, give you a puzzle. “Who is walking and walking, but never gets out of the old energy before it has surrendered and been displaced by the New Age energy?” (Archangel Gabriel gives a broad smile). Yes indeed, so it has been. You HAVE NOT been able to leave the Old Time, under your own steam and by Your own will. You have managed to leave the old behind for a while, to visit the paradise of the higher dimensions, but truly and with your well-intended concern, You have never been able to leave the Old Time behind You for good. Not until now, when the paradise of the higher energies draws in over the earth and displaces the Old Time energy, like a huge hurricane drawing everything in its path.

You gave Yourself the time to surrender, from the Old to the New, to allow Your hearts to get purified at a rate You could manage, both emotionally and physically. The time of circles and the time of walking between goals have been quite necessary to let You understand what is going on and to allow You to choose to go along with the journey. So far You did not make one single choice that You had not managed from the Higher version of Yourselves, even though You were not aware of it during this time where You are living and working right now. All that was until now, was precisely controlled by Your Higher part of Yourself, and not one single mistake occurred, period. Each time You felt like You, here on earth, were sitting in a rocking swing out of control, in a Higher realm You were in full control. Please remember that, because this is important for You.

Give me Your hands, and I will show You how beautiful and active they have been. Each time in Your life, You have used Your hands to do enormous amounts of creating. Now it is important for You, dear humans, to really realise and understand what beautiful creators You have been during all times You have been incarnated here on earth. You have suffered a so-called amnesia and now Your memory is returning. Look at Yourselves as the amazing beings You have been and are. With Your hands You created great meals, You cuddled your children when they were unsettled and could not fall asleep, You loved cleaning your hands after various hard chores and You loved taking Your food and putting it in Your mouth, with Your hands. You loved all that, but You were not quite aware of loving Your hands.

Do You understand this symbolism? You did not only subconsciously create with Your hands, You created with Your thoughts, You created with Your mouths when You were talking or eating food that gave You taste sensations, and You created with Your emotions. You were beautiful, creative beings during Your whole incarnated life here on earth, and what separates the Old Age from the New Age, is that You were not at all aware of the fact that You were creating in the Old Age.

In the Old Age You were sitting on Your chair and were frantically pondering what to create, as You were reading one of our messages to You. You got frustrated, because You never found out what exactly You would create, and in Your frustration due to Your disability, You laid Your computer aside, went to the kitchen and created the most amazing dinner for Your children, at the same time as You in Your House were creating an aromatic atmosphere that in turn created wonderful emotions in Your family. This is how You go on! You are creating with everything You do, but You are frustrated with the fact that You cannot figure out what to create!

(Archangel Gabriel smilingly takes a dramatic pause).

As soon as You open Your beautiful eyes in the morning, You start thinking. You get up, You make breakfast. You wash Yourself. You make sure that the kids get to school along with the right books and clothes for the day. You brush Your teeth and You choose shoes for the day and put them on. You are creating from the moment You wake up until You fall asleep at night, but You never considered that a creation.

You were walking in an energetic haze that was deprogramming You from being aware of what You are doing. Now is the time to start making conscious choices instead of choosing according to the old automatic loops. Suddenly it might strike You that You are quite tired of 20 years of using that toothpaste You always were buying out of old habit. Suddenly You will choose a new toothpaste that gives you a new taste experience and maybe even stronger teeth. And instead of always shopping in the local grocery store You might find out You want to try another store, and there you run into someone You did not see for a long time and who will make you very happy.

You are amazing, but this You never did realise. However, dear friends, now is about time to wake up! Each morning You will wake up and see Your day as a clean page in Your book. A clean page that however You choose to spend Your day, will be well filled with creation when You go to bed at night. You choose what the book will contain.

Most of You take Your day for granted regarding most things. You must get the kids to school. You must get Yourself to work, take old mother to see the doctor, buy food, cook, do the homework and pay the bills. Of course, You must do all that to get by, but among all these given choices You can still choose to create, for instance, thoughts of love or thoughts of fear. When You wake up you might think, “Heavens, how will I manage through my day?” or You might think, “Today could be a bit intensive, but imagine, I’m the mother of two fine kids I did create, and I have a job that allows me to take my dear mum to the doctor”. Both choices are creations and will fill Your book. Whatever version of creation you will choose, it will be Your choice that will get stored in Your book. You understand, in all that is given and what You cannot influence (because there are heaps of that), You can still consciously choose to look at all that is going on with different perspectives.

This is one part of daily conscious creation and I think this is where most of You will have to start. Otherwise it will get too big in Your thoughts and emotions, as You start creating consciously. You cannot start re-structuring Your whole life as You move from non-conscious to conscious creating. If You wish to feel good in this transition from the Old to the New, You cannot start by quitting Your job and start packing your backpack for one year on the other side of the globe, even though this is what You desire while waking up in the morning and You start thinking of consciously creating Your life. You see, You must first of all give Yourselves the chance to affirm Your emotions small-scale, and then step by step turn over to larger and larger projects of conscious choices.

Enjoy Your existence on earth, because now the old times of low frequency are over. Each time you make a statement or give a piece of good advice to someone else, make sure You think that this will be a creation of Your book that not only affects Your book, but also the book of the recipient. It is important for You to be loving towards one another, lifting one another up and viewing one another lovingly. All of You are within the same energy, no one is worse or better than anyone else, and everyone will have to approach the new energies, whether You want it or not. So, assist one another feeling good and let go of all Your fears, soon You will all feel very good.

I love You dearly and I wish You all the happiness in the world. Give me Your hand and I will show You what a beautiful being You are. Thank You so much!

Archangel Gabriel.



Translator from Swedish to English: Aslög Bergman


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