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The Creators via Daniel Scranton, February 15th, 2018

Allow Yourself to Feel the Discomfort ∞The Creators

“So there have been times in your life when you have felt aware of some discomfort in your being-ness. You have taken steps to alleviate this discomfort that is and has been within you. That is your usual m.o. You want to eliminate the source of the discomfort. You do not want to feel it. You do not want it to control you. You want to eliminate it, and you will do whatever it takes to eliminate discomfort in your being-ness.

So some of you have decided that it is necessary for your move, or to leave a relationship, or to go see a doctor. Whatever you do. Quit your job. You do any number of things to relieve yourselves of discomfort in your being-ness. And you see that there are results when you take actions. You are able to minimize or eliminate discomfort. And then what happens is, you go to another situation and you create another scenario to get you to feel discomfort again. And you continue on this path. Perhaps now the discomfort is less severe than it was before, but it is there for you to feel. And when you feel it, you don’t like it and you want to eliminate it once again.

May we suggest that instead of looking for answers, looking for solutions to your discomfort, that you allow yourself to exist in a state of discomfort, to accept yourself as a being who has created discomfort, and to allow the discomfort to be a valid experience for you. Then you can move past the circumstances that keep bringing about the discomfort and you no longer need to create them. This is true no matter what the discomfort is, whether it’s physical, or emotional, or psychological. You have those feelings from time to time, and they do not mean that you have done something wrong. They simply mean that you are human, and you are here to have a human experience — an experience of all facets of life.

And when you accept all of them, then you can no longer create them. You no longer need to create them. You can create them if you wish to. But it is no longer a necessity for you because you will have punched that card, so to speak. And then you can move on to another experience. You can choose your experiences more consciously once you have been through the gamut of all of the various types of experiences. Then you have access to them, and you can conjure them up at will. So that is our message to you today, and we wish for you to enjoy your discomfort and to let it be, to let yourself be. And to live in a world where all experiences are valid.”