Love is our new reality

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Father God, Friday, May 15

Channel Ann Dahlberg


I am your Father and I am there with you forever and ever. You are all my beloved children big or small, long or short, you all look different and you have all been given different gifts. Each one of you has come from pure love energy, and therefore you can only be love. Everything else is an illusion.

You will come out of that illusion now dear children and return to the loving creatures as you once were created to be. Each of you has received a gift that can help you forward on this path. The gifts will simultaneously help others find their paths. There will be a multitude of colors that shine in many different ways, when you move towards the 5th dimension.

My heart is flooded with love when I see you fight your way step by step. Alas, my brave children, understand that I am with you in every breath you take. All your victories over the darkness have made you glorious and there are many who will salute you now. All your experiences will be shared by many in the universe. This galaxy will become a model for many other galaxies. There is much learning to be gathered from your entire journey that has lasted for eons.

The expectation up here to come down and assist you the last bit towards the goal is great. It is not far to go, we are all so proud of you. The angels sing and play all the time to give you the courage to continue to keep the light high. I’m your father, do not doubt your courage. I know in my heart that you will soon be home.

I embrace you lovingly and whisper how you best can find your way home to your source. The source that is filled with pure love and all that is. Now, breathe with me and drink water from my vessel and see and understand that you are in an energy of love that’s you, that’s me, that’s all there is.

You are all my beloved children and I am your loving Father.