Love is our new reality

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Father God via ocean potato, August 31

Yes dear children.
As there is so much activity around the fact that we are all one,
I wish to remind you of just how unique each and every one of
You are. All are unique, and as children at play in the vast
playground of all that is. Having everything at your disposal
each facet exploring, experiencing, discovering and playing.

Please dear precious children know that you are ever in my
loving embrace. I wish for you all to see yourselves as I see
you. Perfect, beautiful, playful and wonder filled. This experience
you are sharing upon our mighty and splendid Earth, is miraculous
to behold. Having elected the trials, and well on the way to triumph.
Each and all finding beauty through any and all the struggles
a playground of apparent separation has to offer. You are all bringing
about the changes within each individual of the whole. And as you
each in your own special ways brings into your consciousness this
change or remembrance, so the unified whole benefits. There is
not a single one of you beings in existence that is exactly like any
other. Positive uplifting change is subtle and it is happening all
around you. Still clinging to entitlement, and so called wealth, power,
and manipulation of beings and surroundings, is to be trapped in
ones ego. Now let me share with you of how ego is not a “bad,”
thing. When a being is in balance. Off balance is what has been
“played” with here. Ego is part of what makes all unique, and when
this uniqueness is in balance and blended if you will, with the truth
that all are equal and beautiful sparks ever connected to the whole,
it can be realized. You are brilliant unique and whole.
Boring it would be, would it not if not for the individual? Take a
look at that word again. In-divid-ual. Yes dear children, another
paradox. How beautiful you are. Unique in all existence, in and
through all experience. Yet we are one, all uniqueness together
as one. There is not one “other” in all creation exactly like nor
any more beautiful as YOU.

Mind Heart Body Soul, and yes the gift of ego too.
Go fourth and play my children, and bring ascension to this realm.
Your Mother is smiling, and so Am I.

Now know you are ever in my arms, special perfect all one.

Message free to all.