Love is our new reality

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Archangel Gabriel via Carina Davidsson, March 1st, 2018

Dear humans,

We are approaching the time of year called the spring equinox. You have been through it many times before and you have during many and long periods been aware of the innate power that this time of year brings with cleansing and then rebirth. That makes many of you fear the coming days of intense clearing of the experiences of low vibrations from your past. But if you feel the least bit uneasy or hesitant during this period, please leave all these emotions in my hands and I will eliminate them once and for all.

Being aware of your cleansing phases is very good for you. It makes it easier for you to understand the experience isn’t meant to hurt or be of to your detriment. You know before you enter a time of clearing cleansing energies that you have all that it takes to enter the next phase of energy. Don’t give your power away out of fear that will make your journey uncomfortable and rough instead of peacefully comfortable and recognizing the old familiar.

Dear humans of this cleansing time, let me hand over all the love my arms can carry and let me give you the success you so rightfully deserve. To let yourself go to the frequency of this new time can bring you to new heights of understanding of energy so let us now together open the gate of light in front of you. It is a time of miracles coming and it is you who, each of you in your individual way, choose to go into this new time of fantastic frequency of life on earth. When the door of light slightly opens up you will feel the most well intentioned and fantastic feeling of love flowing towards you. You will feel strong and uplifted in a way you never thought possible. The energy of this new time is loving and merciful. It gives you courage and the strength to change in a way that was never before possible. You have given yourselves a promise – A promise of love. To let all of the old stuff go and to replace it with the new way of being, thinking and feeling.

Live in the vibrations of this new time and you will never be lost. You can no longer fail with anything that you do and you can no longer make decisions that will go against yourself. To live in love not only has the meaning that you have imagined in the lower vibrations. To live in perfect love has only been the privilege of a few on this earth and these people have during long periods lived outside of eternal togetherness of the social connection. The people who have chosen to live in their own love have previously not been able to live in the true 3D world, but have been forced to isolate their energies in one way or another.

Daring to recognize yourself as a new thinking person has previously taken courage that few of you had. I have talked to you about being who you truly are. Perhaps the true self hasn’t remained the same over time. Perhaps your true self is the part that you are right now and is changing due to you and others around changing due to rising vibrations. Daring to be the one you truly are right now no longer takes an immense amount of courage. It is part of this new time that you all start accepting yourselves and each other as individuals on the same boat with the same destination as a goal. You slowly start understanding that everyone needs to be different in order for the boat to sail forward. You would never think that everyone could be rowing the same oar while nobody was in the galley making food for everyone. To for a second think that it would be possible to sail a boat with identical people, same abilities and temperament – it is not likely that any of you would think this. It is the same thing on this beautiful planet. All of you on this earthly vessel are needed right now exactly the way you are in order to make it continue sailing in the right direction.

So, dear people on this earth, look at everyone around you as a resource in this ascension. Look at how everyone, even when you cannot understand it, are playing an important role in this crew of beings gathered here on earth to slowly bring the vessel Gaia in to the new vibration of time. Let’s once and for all understand that none of you beings have been put here by mistake or doesn’t have an important place to fill. No, live knowing that you right now and forever are a beautiful thread in the eternal energy carpet being woven of the energy of earth and is so important in order to let the universe continue to develop in its ongoing evolution. Commend and praise yourselves for choosing to come here and be a part of this mission that you are now on together with so many others on this earth. You are all amazing beings and you are all very brave. Let us who are with you in the parallel energy help you continue on your way and fulfill your good intentions to become a loving person of high frequency on this earth.

With all the love of my heart I give you my thanks.

Archangel Gabriel


Translator from Swedish to English: Lina


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