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Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse, February 28th, 2018


Sanat Kumara

via Mia Lighthouse

February 28th, 2018


Sanat Kumara:

Dear Ones,

All of you have different dramas, different experiences, different insights, different unique gifts to share. All of you are unique pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of the gigantic whole. You have chosen to be born in this time where you believed/were convinced you could contribute to this ongoing enormous event. It is now happening, although it cannot be seen that easily. You must train your ability to see. Many of you are still looking with your 3D-glasses on, you see the world as it was presented to you, as you read about it at school, as it is presented to you in media. I wish to strongly urge you to stop reading/watching the “common” media, like the news, those will surely keep you in the third dimension. Are you worried about totally losing your contact with the “common” world? Well, then do some superficial watching once a month or so, to get a sketchy control. But if something revolutionary were to happen, like a mass-landing or such, yes, I am sure you would very shortly hear about it without having to read one single newspaper. Most importantly, let go of your engagement with the different dramas playing out on various levels in your world and instead, focus on the world you wish to create.

Many of you have discovered that there are other channels of information of the more spiritual kind, telling you about esoteric matters, telling you about higher consciousness, about life after this one, about the powers of the plants, about various approaches of mysticism (such as “”). Well, the fields of knowledge are enormous, the channels are endless – but everything boils down to each and everyone of you; what will you do with all this knowledge? How will you manage this in your daily lives? What do your daily lives look like? My aim is not to criticize, I am trying to make you take a fresh look at the world. Because, time has come for you to live your wisdom, to live that light you are carrying within. Yes, you are doing this, a bit more day by day, this is good. You are listening, you are learning, you understand, you are expanding your senses and your consciousness, everything is a process, and all starts with one step towards your heart and then the next one, and the next one. You have come this far, and you should rejoice for every step you take and if you will not succeed, then don’t despair, but have faith and try again. Realize that mistakes and “failures” are your teachers, as well, they help you develop, they help you see what you want more clearly. I may have sounded somewhat dismissive regarding “the good life”, in my previous channelings, but really, I am not. I understand that many of you wish to experience this, want to learn this, wish to enjoy this, but still, I do point out that you will find real happiness in Nature, in harmony with Mother Earth, with Mother Gaia. So, once more I wish to urge you to spend more time in Nature and just be in Nature, let this be part of your daily life. Go for a walk in the park, sit down on a bench under a tree if you cannot sit down right under the tree, do your meditation there – many of you are meditating in your homes – instead, do your meditation in Nature, this is the way you will increasingly connect with Mother Gaia, will strengthen your ties, will strengthen your roots.

What is important, is that you stay connected with your inner Self, the part of you that is your true Self, your inner Self that now needs to grow and become what it is meant to be. You all know that you are only using a small part of your potential, the reason being fear – generations of fear – think about how many levels of fear humanity, your ancestors and yourselves in previous lifetimes, have experienced; you carry all that with you in your cell-DNA and all that must now be healed.

At present your evolution is proceeding fast forward, as you have got a conscious connection with Source, because there are that many of you having this connection, mostly on a permanent basis. Previously, mostly Himalayan yogis or “mystics” of various spiritual traditions, had this connection, now there are great numbers of you and day by day and those numbers are growing, as humanity now is so tired of all “misery” that the collective wish has emerged to reconnect with their Source Within.

Many are those who did not consciously realize that wish, but these souls as well, admitted on another level that they can´t make it anymore, they don’t feel like it anymore, they are now longing for another world. But, within their awake ‘everyday Selves’, this insight could be very far away and in some other age they would never reach it, but in this age, it will more or less reach all of you – there will be a collective increase of consciousness. At present, many of you are going through a heavy cleansing process, many emotions and thoughts are emerging from the past– memories you thought you had worked through, wounds you thought were healed – these are now emerging for that last cleansing process, to deeply get healed – but they are also emerging to give you something, maybe you now will understand why you once had to endure all those difficulties? Maybe you learned something? You might now receive that gift of compassion they gave you? It is a gift for yourself to experience something difficult, when you can reach out a helping hand to someone else, because you know, you understand, you can indeed be a comforting shoulder.

Were you a perpetrator? It is important to scrutinize yourself, but also important not to get stuck in guilt – guilt does not help anyone, you must forgive yourself and help those you were hurting, maybe by helping other perpetrators to face themselves, to understand.

The masculine and feminine energies have been greatly damaged and unbalanced all throughout history, now is the time to heal and to heal yourselves – and sometimes even your relationships. There is masculine and feminine in everyone and when balanced, these powers will create a beautiful cosmic dance of joy and creativity. Sexuality is misunderstood and misused. Sexuality is sacred and shall not be exploited and used in that way as is now happening. There are several books written about this and you might explore this field for yourselves, if it feels right for you. But sexuality is the highest love you may show each other and should be used in this way, not like now, as a consumer good, and sometimes worse than that. Yes, most of you reading these words know this, but you might dare to show this to the world, as well, dare to distance yourselves from pornography and other exploitation of this sacred space? This is a question, no request, because as you know, where you have your focus, will be what you draw to yourselves. So really, you should only focus on the world you wish to create, not the world you wish to leave behind. Yes, this is one of many dilemmas in your world, we know it is not easy and that is why we are here, to offer you guidance along your path, to offer you light to shine on your path to make walking easier.

We are not worried anymore that you will not find your way home, now that is only a matter of timing, and so many of you have heard this before and some of you therefore think you can just sit back and wait for the big transformation to happen, but, it will not happen without you taking part! And your partaking might look differently, I have in my channelings with Mia shown a rough description of several of them, and now I wish to summarize these by some simple words;

See the Highest in everything! Let your Heart lead the way! Do not sit down waiting, but go out into the world, with Love in your heart!

With Love and Joy, in Eternity, Amen, Om




Translator from Swedish to English: Aslög


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