Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff, September 10

Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff: Divine Intelligence

Angel of Light - gabriel - marleneBeloved Ones,

I wish to have discourse on the quality of love known as intelligence.

When an individual is open to accessing the abundance that is constantly present in and around them, they receive all that they need from that divine love and intelligence which is the Source from which all things arise.

As an individual taps into this infinite well which is available to all, they find that peace, help, guidance, inspiration and sustenance come to them and everything in their life flows more harmoniously.

The more they align to this divine intelligence, the more they are able to learn and accomplish. They come to understand that they are truly capable of manifesting anything in their life when they are constantly attuned to this Source. They know that everything they desire that is beautiful and good will be accomplished with the direction and guidance from that divine intelligence.

It helps them to do the things they need and to be all that they can be and even more beyond the moment. This divine intelligence brings out the best in them and they become aware that all they need is already there within them, always available from this invisible force of divine love and intelligence which created them.

This divine intelligence is unconditional in its manifestation of life and in its love for its creation. It is supreme love and desires to give love to all of its creation. This love meets all needs and is always healing, positive and uplifting in its impact.

As each person works on their connection with divine love and intelligence, their connection becomes clearer. When they focus the power of their thought and intent on the truth of this connection, they receive great strength and the ability to see, hear and understand more easily. They understand that this connection to divine love and intelligence gives their soul the opportunity to direct them into doing what they are here in this lifetime to do.

They know that they are here to radiate love and to evolve their minds, feelings and bodies so that they can hold all of the loving and illuminating spirit that they truly are. By this activity, they bring their divine essence into their body more fully so that they can live without the limitations and separations that have been a part of the ongoing evolution of humanity to this point in time.

As this connection to divine love and intelligence is further strengthened, more aspects of one’s true nature that was hidden begin to come to the surface of their awareness as talents, gifts, abilities, values and insights. These then need to be anchored and embodied as a part of one’s consciousness.

This connection to divine intelligence also brings about the revelation of one’s buried treasures which abide within them as soul qualities. As one gives attention to them, they become a reality in one’s life. Divine intelligence seeks to communicate through other people, through the events of one’s life, and through one’s emotional and behavioural reactions to them.

By noticing and observing these reactions and learning from them, one grows in their understanding of the lesson being given in order to evolve their consciousness and awareness and the lesson is willingly embraced.

Divine love and intelligence intentionally communicates with each person to convey the key lessons their soul needs to learn. In order to help them realize their destiny and life purpose, they must become attuned to their feelings, perceptions, focus, thoughts and attention. Each lesson learned helps them attain more knowledge, wisdom and understanding which assist them to grow closer to the highest version of themselves.

It provides a current of positive energy from divine intelligence which confirms that one is connected to a force that is good and greater than one’s individual self. A person feels more whole, empowered, enriched and fulfilled and this improves their quality of life. They function at a higher dimension of intelligence which activates the divine qualities and capabilities of their soul’s vast reservoir of wisdom which manifests through them in the form of love, compassion, integrity, joy, creativity and peace.

Divine intelligence operates in one’s life so that they can learn to align their personal will with divine will. When one surrenders their personal will to the divine will, they begin to make wiser choices in their life. They observe their thoughts and feelings and pay attention to them. They begin to understand that there is a deeper meaning to be discerned in the thoughts and feelings they are having and these hold valuable information for them.

One needs to dig beneath the surface to discover the treasure that will uncover an aspect of self that needs healing, acknowledgement or improvement. When one becomes conscious of this, one can own, accept and begin to decipher the messages contained in their thoughts, feelings and reactions to others. They know that divine intelligence is directing them to discover hidden aspects about themselves so that further inner growth and freedom can occur.

By developing a conscious relationship with divine intelligence, one can realize their soul purpose and destiny in an accelerated manner.

May you appreciate this essential truth and understanding so that you come to see everyone in your life as a messenger directed to you by divine intelligence in order to help you claim and live your best life ever!

I AM Archangel Gabriel

© 2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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