Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Pallas Athena, August 18

The End of the Beginning!

August 18 2015

Transcribed by Pallas Athena

I Am Ashtar, Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation Fleets, who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.
My Beloved Family, we come to you with good news! The wave is upon your world in full blast.

We all, as well as you, know that this is one of the greatest events in the history of your Universe. Humanity is now ready to go into Love and Peace. You all have worked very hard for lifetime after lifetime. You all are ready for the energies that are being sent from the Great Central Sun. Your bodies are changing into light bodies… cells and all!

What I am saying is: you are turning inside out, so to speak! Do you not feel lighter? – So light you feel like you are floating? – Well, Dear Ones, it won’t be much longer before you will be doing just that!


Looking from our perspective, you are the first humans to accomplish something that has never happened before in all creation!  And our Creator is so proud of you… for coming from on High, to this great experience, veiled… and still came to the Light Love against all challenges… and all tests… and still came to the Light!!  Remembering somehow, through your souls, from lifetime after lifetime, to come thus far to LOVE. What is soo wonderful… you never gave up! And now, you have come through your experiences and kept your promise to win!! … Dear Ones, you came out smelling like a rose … so to speak!!


We are, all trillion of ships, overjoyed seeing how you all came through with flying colors!!


There are no words to express the feeling of joy your Creator feels for your faithfulness and fortitude and patience to travel to the level you have, in gaining your glory!!


Dear Ones, in the next phase, which is near and upon your world, Mother Gaia,  is a great event where every creature and plant will rise up to Abundance never seen before! A gift earned and promised since the world began.


This message was prompted to me from our brother, Sananda, for He never gave up His promise to come and be with you again. He is much closer to and with you, as He has always said He would be; not to say He hasn’t always been with you, but there will be many challenges ahead. He will have His hands on your shoulders and be whispering in your ear to comfort and lead you to finish your journey to your Ascension!!


Blessed be to you, those of the 144,000, who were chosen and have been faithful servants to the end… the end of the beginning! 

Hallelujah!!!  Hallelujah!!!

Your Loving Brother Ashtar
Thank you Ashtar
Pallas Athena