Love is our new reality

Archangel Gabriel via Genoveva Coyle, November 11th, 2018


You are asked to walk a very thin line on Earth, but not everything that you find is your responsibility to correct or to change. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! I AM Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Lilly of love and Trumpet of the Truth, Messenger of the One, in service to the Mother and to you all!

I come here today to bring love and joy, to uplift your spirits and to speak to you about your responsibilities. The ones I am speaking to, yes, all of you in this forum, are working this quest of finding who you are and wanting to anchor the totality of who you are firmly and clearly on planet Earth. This is the way you understand what your mission of love is, your promise to the Mother and to the human collective and your beloved Archangel Gianna. And this is truth for the most part, but not quite accurate, for you see, you are infinite beings and there is so much more of you, you can’t even imagine.

Dear hearts, you are asked to walk a very thin line on Earth, for not all that you see, and it really matters not whether you are witnessing events and encounters in your daytime state or in a dreaming state, for not everything that you find is your responsibility to correct or to change. It is true that you are connected with everything and everyone.

It is true that whenever there is some emotional trigger within yourselves, then there is something within your being that needs to be pondered about and looked into deeper or else you wouldn’t resonate with it. But not everything out there that is not of love – as your mental body shows and tells you – is for you to take responsibility for, or to engage in its demolition, or to take any corrective action.

By all means, send loving intentions and support to those whos’ missions are to work on restorations of this piece of the puzzle. But if this is upsetting, lowering your vibrations, and therefore distracting you from your own work, then it is not recommended to do so.

You are learning to travel inter-dimensionally, to see now how much more there is for you to witness, explore, and even learn from. There are parts of you that you did not clearly see before. And, of course, parts of others and completely new forms of life that you were oblivious to.

Endeavor to observe and to be objective and non-judgmental about what it is that you see. Learn to sit back and stand still without intervening, while allowing others to live and learn, to explore their choices and options for expansion, even when what you see are bleed-throughs of your other parallel selves and realities.

Just because you are connected with many and all, it doesn’t mean that you need to work on their behalf, and rush or push everyone to do as you feel is the right and loving way to behave. Dear ones, that wouldn’t be of love for anyone involved, would it be? And it is not your job or your duty to do so!

You have that clear knowing that working on your selves and opening your hearts deeper and wider for the love flow to come through continuously, is the only work you need to do! Honor it and do not allow distractions to take you off your straight path!

Stay in peace, stay in love and joy! Farewell!

By permission.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.